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Washington, May 22, 2009 – The Internet Commerce Association (ICA) today announced that Thought Convergence, Inc. the owner and operator of the popular Domain Roundtable conference, taking place June 14-17 in Washington, DC, has graciously offered time during the premium domain auction to sell domains donated to the ICA by members and those wishing to support the advocacy group. The auction will be held during the conference on June 16th at 4p.m.EDT until 7p.m. EDT.

The ICA, a non-profit organization, is encouraging the domain community to donate domain names for this auction event. Applicants can submit their domains to the ICA by email to All of the proceeds from the domains sold in auction will go directly to supporting upcoming ICA initiatives, such as lobbying for domain owner rights in Washington and with ICANN. The domain donors who participate will receive a personal “thank you” on the ICA website and will receive an email from the ICA, confirming the amount received from the sale of their donated domain for tax purposes.

“The ICA was founded to protect and defend the rights of domain owners and developers. By participating in our first live auction event, each domain professional has the chance to directly affect the level of protection and pull that they have in Washington,” said Jeremiah Johnston, president of the ICA. “With the support of the Domain Roundtable organizers and those in the domain community who contribute, the ICA board is confident that a successful auction will help strengthen our resources and further our political progress.”

For those not attending Domain Roundtable, but who are interested in participating in the ICA Auction, offers an online platform, where potential buyers can register to bid. The ICA is also accepting private donations to support initiatives such as its Legal Defense Fund and the amicus briefs filed on behalf of its members’ interests. Donations can be made online at or by check payable to Internet Commerce Association at:

Internet Commerce Association
1301 Pennyslvania Ave., NW
Suite 500
Washington, DC 20004

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The Internet Commerce Association, a trade group comprised of members who own, develop and operate domain names for the purposes of online commerce, is a leading voice for domain owners to ensure their rights are not affected by the politics of Washington, the policies of ICANN, or wherever threats to our membership exist. For additional information, please visit

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