My Sunday Updates, Thoughts, and Tips

I’m on my way to NamesCon this morning. I have a bunch of meetings planned, and I am sure the event will be as good as I expect. I understand that there are close to 900 attendees registered, so it will probably go down as the largest domain industry conference.

Here are some updates and thoughts this weekend. Here’s to a great week.

  • If you are at NamesCon, please say hello to me.
  • I like how NamesCon is using Sched, which emails attendees the daily schedule. One enhancement for Sched would be if I could log in and add my own meetings to the schedule (that only I could see).
  • Looks like Amazon was able to get the domain name. It doesn’t look like it is being used at the moment. It would seem like a good idea to forward the domain name since Amazon is such a general website that even typo traffic might convert.
  • Comments like the one made by Todd are one of the best aspects about blogging. I wrote an article with some advice about the timing of sales emails, and Todd added value by sharing additional advice. I appreciate when people do that, and I think it’s helpful to all of us. I encourage you to share your thoughts, even (maybe especially) if they differ from mine. I don’t have all the answers and that’s how we all learn.
  • It looks like the Right of the Dot auction is off to a very good start. Kudos to Monte and Mike for their marketing efforts. I’ve seen quite a few articles, tweets, press releases and emails about the auction. I assume they are also getting the message out to end user prospective buyers, too.
  • Yesterday evening, I went to Foxwoods for a friend’s birthday party. Because of the timing, I had to listen to quite a bit of the Patriots playoff game on the radio. I don’t typically listen to the radio broadcast, but I thought it was great. Scott Zolak (a former Pats player) makes the broadcast fun.
  • Jeff Gabriel is doing a domain sales Q&A panel, and I have 3 questions for him:
    • 1) What is the best way to induce an offer from a reluctant prospective buyer?
    • 2) For domain names that don’t earn much PPC revenue, is it recommended to use an inquiry form or a standard PPC page with the orange bar at the top)?
    • 3) Are the new gTLD domain names seeing a substantial number of end user inquiries, and are the offers notable?
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hey Sir Elliot and folks-

    You guys will be on TV tonite on CSI Las Vegas….

    there will be a murder scene as usual, a sexy blonde hair gal got drugged and murdered in the Domaining party and all of you are prime suspects.

    Here the punch line:
    CSI agent Stokes interrogates one of you guys- what the hell is Domains?

    Is this namecon conference an orgy party?

    that how the story goes….

  2. Elliot, please recap as much as you can about Namescon! I agree that the auction looks exciting. But let me ask you, can you honestly say with a straight face that some of those Non-dotcoms are worth anything? Seriously?

    Mike Maillet
    Twitter: @MichaelMaillet

  3. You should branch out, Elliot. For events like this, you should do a video report, post it on YouTube and embed it here on the blog. Holding a microphone with a foam top cover and doing some interviewing of people are practically de rigueur of course. That may be the first time I have ever used “de rigueur” in my entire life.

    • There is significantly more value to me in private meetings than walking around with a camera and microphone.

      I don’t think I’ve used “de rigueur” in a sentence before now 🙂 I will make sure I do soon though!

  4. @Elliot,

    What would you do with your domain website once you decide to stop writing about domains? Would you sell it? Just leave the website online to give domain investors information and continue to make revenue?

    Have you ever thought about this? What if domains start to get boring and you want to enjoy your life with your family? I always wondered what owners of high revenue generating websites do once they decide to move on.

    I run a revenue generating website and know a ton about this space. I can answer any question directed toward this industry. However, this is not my passion. I have one dream and feel I need this website to keep performing to drive me forward.

    What would you do if you get bored and don’t want to run your domain investing website anymore? Is it possible you can get bored and just want to put this website on the backburner? Or is the revenue too good to think about this right now?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Since Elliot is probably in bed now, I’ll answer for him here, paragraph by paragraph and in order:

      1. Elliot is not really thinking that far in advance about that possibility, although that doesn’t mean it’s never crossed his mind. But yes, he would certainly be willing to sell this valuable property if that day ever came.

      2. Yes, he has thought about it, but he certainly does not dwell on it. The truth is, he is already enjoying life with his family and being able to spend far more time enjoying life with them that he would if he were conducting most other kinds of businesses or if he had a conventional job or career. As for whether this is a “high” revenue website, the revenue is certainly enough to keep him interested and motivated to continue, and he would not continue with it otherwise, but it is also not necessarily “high” in the sense one might normally think. Furthermore, he also doesn’t even charge completely as much as he probably could in some cases for revenue producing services here to begin with.

      3. Almost sounds like you’re angling to take over here if Elliot does “get bored.” Well, never say never, and perhaps if Elliot were convinced you are what you say you are and could represent the DI brand well, he might one day even contemplate the thought of a revenue sharing arrangement and allowing you to take over the bulk of the day to day responsibilities.

      4. Pretty much already covered above. Anything is possible, but right now he’s happy enough with the way things are, more or less. More like more than less.

    • DISCLAIMER: I’m not really answering for Elliot, but it’s fun to joke that way. 😀 However, I’m confident I did a decent job of saying things he would agree with or say in his own way. Also, while #3 is theoretically possible, it would seem extremely unlikely.

      lol. 🙂


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