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I feel like a city person at heart still, so when I saw this small snake this morning, it freaked me out a little bit. I believe it is a harmless garter snake, which is common in Massachusetts, but it scared the crap out of me. Anyway, here are some updates, thoughts, and ideas I wanted to share with you.

  • The $3 million domain sale was pretty spectacular. In the comment section of that article, someone mentioned that it probably includes the future adult-related TLDs that will be managed by the ICM Registry, which could be a boon to the operators who cited the SEO value as a reason for their purchase. Having additional websites with the same keyword might bode well for them if they do get those when they are released.
  • I wanted to give you a brief gTLD update for my companies. I still only own four gTLD domain names. I have been tempted a few times to register some, but my business strategy is to buy domain names I can monetize / sell in the short term, and I think the new domain names are a long term play.
  • Speaking of the new domain names, I thought Ray Hackney posted an article about new gTLD marketing that is worth reading when you have a moment.
  • Condolences to Daniel Negari on his loss, which he wrote about on Twitter. It must be a terrible feeling to suffer such a loss on the eve of the .xyz availability.
  • It looks like Moniker has relaunched, and it looks pretty slick. I am having trouble logging in to my accounts, and I assume it is related to the re-launch. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch and it will be resolved quickly. Anyone else having issues logging in to Moniker?
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. lots of people are reporting domains missing from their moniker accounts. no way to renew that i can figure out and no way to add payment options…doesn’t bode well.

  2. My moniker names are all there.

    “Condolences to Daniel Negari on his loss, which he wrote about on Twitter. It must be a terrible feeling to suffer such a loss on the eve of the .xyz availability.”

    Does that seem distasteful? Plugging .xyz availablity in a tweet about his grandma’s passing?

  3. I’m transferring out of Moniker. They’ve been on a downward spiral for a while and this is the last straw. If they can be trusted to get their own website right, why should they be trusted with ours?

  4. Diseappeared even the last domain I have on their platform!

    On the other hand there are beautiful banners of 600×800 pixels from google on the landing page instead of the usual crappy links… Why no one, no adv.circuit replace all those crap links with banners, animated banners, large banners, videos….?!? The conversion rate would be at least 20 times higher….

  5. ” it freaked me out a little bit.”

    Don’t feel bad. I grew up in a rural area and I consider myself a country boy. But, they get my attention and respect when I see them. On a farm property I own, Black snakes are plentiful which are not poisonous. A matter of fact, they are considered a farmer’s friend. However they still make my adrenaline kick in.

    • I’ve been out here for almost a year and a half, and it was the first snake I’ve seen… it was pretty long, too. I noticed that it wasn’t any type of rattle snake, so I figured I was probably ok 🙂

  6. More Moniker issues… is anyone else experiencing these?

    1. Had to phone in to support to get my “new account number”. I don’t recall them saying they were going to change it. Wasn’t able to log in until I found this out.

    2. A bunch of my domains in my account have the “unlock” graphic on them… when I go to set the lock it never changes from the “unlocked” state.

    3. When I do a whois lookup on my domains none of my contact info is visible… which also makes it impossible to do any transfers.

    • I had the account number issue when I tried to request a password reset. They had to give that to me over the phone (after verifying that it’s my account). Afterwards, I was able to login, unlock a domain name and request a EPP code for a transfer. I am still waiting for funds to clear escrow, so I won’t know if the transfer is successful until the buyer initiates tomorrow. My fingers are crossed.

  7. I have all my domains. But the new system is not intuitive. You apparently can’t add domains to the shopping cart to renew. You have to generate an invoice, which says wire them month–for the renewal of 5 domains? What?

    There’s a bug when selecting domain names. After selecting a few for renewal or to generate an invoice, I found if I changed my selection with the check all or uncheck all, it wasn’t tracking the changes.

    I have accounts at enom and godady. And have used probably a dozen other registrars for one reason or another over the years. This new system is the worst I’ve seen anywhere.

    Too me 10 minutes to figure out how to change the glue records for domain names. Godaddy here I come…


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