Sunday Update


I’m out of town this weekend, and I hope you are enjoying some time off from work. Big week coming up.

A few people have posted comments asking for   rationale for some of my domain names’ asking prices. It’s a combination of gut instinct, comps, and even market saturation. Sometimes I want to sell a name quickly, and will price it accordingly. Other times, a rapid sale isn’t necessary, so I will price a name on the high side and slowly reduce the price, letting buyers figure out a fair price between my listed price and bottom price.   I don’t always sell names at the list price, but I sell a lot of domain names.

Just to give you an idea of my company’s domain sales for 2010, the average sales price for me has been $2,616.36. This includes everything from selling names as cheaply as “6 hand registered names for $100 total” to a number of large sales.

I have a great restaurant recommendation for you for the next time you’re in Paris. You’ll want to visit Le Hide near Champs Elysees. Not only will you have a great dinner, but you won’t break the bank either.

Thanks to Fairytale Brownies of & for the box of awesome brownies they sent me. I let them know that wasn’t resolving anywhere, and I hope the DNS fix will bring them additional business this holiday season.

If you like drinking good beer, I have a suggestion for a beer you might want to try. The other night, I had a bottle of Supplication from the Russian River Brewing Company. It was the most expensive beer I’ve had ($22 for a 12.7 oz), but it was great. You can probably get it in stores for $10/beer, and it’s worth a try.


    • @ Michael Carter

      I will pass on the Schaefers like I would pass on a Big Mac. If I start hating my life and just want to get smashed so I forget my name, I will think about buying a $10.00 30 pack… although I would probably upgrade to PBR.

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