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Since the passing of Lonnie Borck, I have been doing my best to spend more time with my family. I find myself waking up earlier, taking the kids to lunch during the day, and just finding the time to have quality time with my wife and our  kids. It feels good to be able to do that, and I find myself  worrying less about less important things. I wish it didn’t take the passing of a friend to get me to focus more on my family.

Here are a few thoughts and updates as we get ready to start a new week. You are welcome to share your own updates in the comment section if you have anything to add.

I have been writing more about UDRP filings and decisions for two reasons. First, I think it is important that people who invest in domain names know that a UDRP can be filed against just about any type of domain name. It’s a risk that should be considered with every purchase. Second, I want to highlight some of the UDRP proceedings that seem to be filed against valuable descriptive domain names. I think the UDRP is a good tool for brand owners, but I also think it is being abused by people and companies who want to get valuable domain names without paying market value.

The New York Times published an interview with GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. It’s worth a read when you have a moment.

Despite all the changes at GoDaddy (executives, marketing strategy, branding…etc), many people still associate the company with founder Bob Parsons. I was at a wedding in San Francisco a few  weeks ago and after mentioning what I do to someone who asked, I was  asked if I do the same thing as GoDaddy. I explained my business and he went on a brief rant about GoDaddy’s “CEO” hunting elephants. I told him how much the company has changed in the last few years, and he was totally uninterested. As far as he was concerned, GoDaddy was a bad company. It kind of goes to show that you can do lots of good, but if you do one (perceived) bad thing, people will never forget and may never forgive.

Morgan Linton published an interesting interview with the  CEO of Pacific Pillows, the company that owns It’s worth a read.

John Mauriello from is brokering the ultra premium two letter domain name, according to a press release I saw. I would imagine this has a high 7 or maybe even an 8 figure price tag. Not sure if it is worth that much, but it’s great domain name.

It’s time to book flights for NamesCon. I think I am headed out there on Saturday and returning home on the redeye on Tuesday.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It’s always fascinating to me the indelible mark some the past activities have left on the GoDaddy reputation. As an employee of GoDaddy who often attends events representing the brand, I find myself having conversations about Bob, elephants, Danica, salacious Super Bowl ads and more.

    The great thing is, I get to share some of the cool things we’ve been working on as a brand, including the change in leadership, endorsements and diversity/inclusiveness programs. Many years ago I was a GoDaddy detractor. I’ve watched closely the changes Blake and team have made and I am proud to have taken a job with the company this year. I’m on a mission to help people understand not only all the services and products we offer, but that we’ve moved beyond our past and looking forward to a phenomenal future.

  2. It’s strange that people judge a whole company by what 1 ex-executive did in his off time – not in his role as CEO and not in any way connected to the products / services offered by that company. Haven’t they ever been employees themselves? If their boss acted like a fool on a Saturday, should their company be boycotted by consumers, causing them to be laid off?

  3. They made changes, but forgot one, I personally, would call it very close to Unfair Business Practice.
    While buying something at Godaddy, a wrong click and you end up with a product you didn’t want.
    Not to mention they aren’t as cheap as they claim.
    By the way. Killing elephants are a despicable act and conduct, including after work hours.
    I left Godaddy as customer long time ago.

  4. @George in Miami,

    “… a wong click and you end up with a product you didn’t want … ” That’s true everywhere. Advice: Don’t click on products you don’t wish to buy; or, if you accidentally do, then click again to remove them from the shopping cart. Otherwise, several clicks later, you will have bought illegal ivory.

  5. @George in Miami,

    Domain Investing Step 1:

    If you find the process of registering domains so bewildering that you can’t make it through GoDaddy without buying the wrong stuff, then maybe this space isn’t for you.

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