If You Want Something, Ask


I want to share a tip that may help you close sales, get better deals, and potentially improve the products and services offered by industry companies. If you don’t see a product or service offered by a company that you think would help your business, ask them to add it. I have found that many are happy to oblige.

Chances are good that if you think something will help your business, others have the same thought as well. It can be as simple as adding a currency to the checkout option to as complicated as suggesting a deal structure that is atypical. If a company is able to add the product or service in a way that they can monetize profitably, many companies  are willing to consider it.

I have found that some of the largest companies have specific channels for customers to submit suggestions on products and services. Many of the mid-sized companies don’t have an official channel, but they have new business development employees and account representatives who are appreciative of the suggestions.

For a company to consider adding a product or service, it either needs to be something that will make them money right away (either directly from that addition or indirectly because they would lose business without it), or it needs to be something that will make enough money to justify any expenses caused by creating it – either by taking away development/business resources from something else or by causing the company to incur expenses setting it up.

There aren’t a whole lot of changes happening in the domain business, but I think that is due to the nature of the business not changing much rather than people looking to avoid making changes. I have found that companies are receptive to suggestions. In fact, some are very appreciative because they know that if one client is asking for something specific, there will likely be others who want it, too.

The next time you are in the middle of a transaction or deal and think that something might be helpful to your business, ask the company. Most will appreciate your suggestion.


  1. Indeed. I just asked a company I work with to add something good for everyone and easy to implement earlier today. They have liked my feedback before.

    You seem to be on your way to eventually teaching classes in marketing perhaps…

    Case in point: Epik.com just recently added Bitcoin. Nice move.

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