.Sucks is Great for Awareness


I understand why trademark holders and their trade organization are upset about .Sucks domain names. Personally, I think the  concern is a bit overstated  considering people can easily register CompanySucks.info, Company-Sucks.com or CompanyIsHorrible.com without the need for a .Sucks domain name, and they can do that right now.

Long after knowing about .Sucks, ICANN recently asked the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to review  .Sucks and have a look to see if there are any legal issues. This move brought a considerable amount of attention to the .Sucks registry

I think this .Sucks controversy is great for helping to bring awareness to the new gTLD registries. It does  not cast domain investors and people in the domain space in a positive light, but it is certainly an issue that is being discussed quite a bit.

Over the weekend, I spent some time with friends at a couple of parties. Two people who have no involvement in the tech sector asked me what I think of .Sucks. The last time people asked me about domain industry news  was when the Ebola.com domain name was in the news everywhere.

With hundreds of articles written about .Sucks domain names and the .Sucks registry Vox Populi, people are hearing about the new extensions. The articles might not be positive, but I am sure there were quite a few people who learned that they can buy non-standard domain name endings. The articles may have had somewhat of an alarmist tone to them given the topic, but I think it’s probably the first time since .XXX was introduced that there has been this much press about domain name extensions.

Frankly, I think the articles aren’t good for people who operate in the domain space, but for those who have a stake in the new extensions, I think the awareness is beneficial.


  1. Most of the general public perceives Domainers in a negative light already so what does it matter?

    As for .sucks, this is actually the most promising GTLD to date IMO, I expect to see a record number of defensive registrations, every company under the sun that knows of it will grab it, especially domainers, bloggers and a particular domain forum that actually DOES SUCK.

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