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Even though my primary focus is on buying quality domain names in the aftermarket, I do spend some time researching new domain names to purchase for registration fee. I use Google’s Keyword Tool, personal knowledge about the subject, current events, and the amount of advertisers who pay for marketing campaigns in search engines.

I think I am most influenced by things happening around me for the registration “inspiration.” I had a friend that spent many hours per week looking things up on Wikipedia (at work) during his spare time. He would receive an email from a friend or see a news article on the BBC, and he’d immediately search Wikipedia for more knowledge.

I am sort of like this with domain names. Instead of searching for more knowledge about a subject of interest, I search for available .com domain names that might have eventual value. Although most of my purchases are speculative, it can be more enjoyable than gambling… well maybe as enjoyable as blackjack πŸ™‚

Here are some of my recent domain registrations:

What have you recently registered?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Recently (2/3 months ago) i’ve registered and

    I haven’t been registering much these days.

  2. I like domains that consist of 2 – 3 keywords at most that deal with very specific topics… E-commerce and biz / service related domains are my favorite.

    Nobody even thought that the domains below were worth reg fee, so we got em for $20 total earlier this month…

    Flipped it for $900 to one company (end user) who obviously liked em and wanted / needed to have em…….

    Plenty of $$$ to be made in the domain biz if you know what to look out for and then what to actually do with the right domains… Yep, gotta have thing this called a “biz plan” too πŸ˜‰

  3. Great post, Elliot. Yes there are many opportunites available week-in week-out > flipping reg fee domains for 50x the price and/or developing them into mini profitable eStores/sites.

    On a daily basis, I also hand register domains. Here are a few from the past few weeks that I managed to land for reg fee:

    … and quite a few more.

  4. All dotcom, most have decent search stats, but a few have none at all.


    MonongahelaIncline – Historic and cool funicular in Pittsburgh, where I live (I’ll develop this one).

    SouthernLakeTahoe – I just had to do it πŸ™‚

  5. Excellent post…registered these after reading this post:

  6. Wow….no offense to all, but I would run as fast as I could from every domain listed by everyone so far here.

    I guess those domains are just not my style, but best of luck to ya’ll on those.

  7. I was looking at your list, and wondering about PorcelainInlay, not understanding that it’s a popular dental procedure.

    When I think of inlay, I think musical instruments because I have a good friend who’s a luthier. Knowing that 2 popular inlays for instruments are abalone and mother of pearl, I checked the whois for AbaloneInlay and MotherOfPearlInlay. They were both available, and I grabbed them – so thanks a lot for posting this!

  8. Sheeeeeeeeee….I better not give out any ideas on my latest domains…

    I was walking on 1st and Pike (Seattle) and saw this sign …LustyLady.–nice place to relax.

    Read that marijuana will be legalized soon and told them that I will be selling online…I got and

    Now…Let Smoke!!!

    Pass the Peace pipe

  9. Although we don’t share the same success, I share your passion for hand registering new domains.
    Some of my recent additions include …

    To paraphrase the NY Lottery tag line, $6.99 and a dream. πŸ™‚

  10. There’s still a few that might be worth more than the registration fee. Here’s a sample of some geo domains I picked up in the last 30 days.

    This late in the game grabbing the full State name geo (California) is unlikely, but there’s still a few nice State abbreviation names (CA for California, FL for Florida, NC for North Carolina, PA for Pennsylvania, WV for West Virginia, NYC for New York City, WI for Wisconsin, MA for Massachusetts, etc.). :


    Times are tough. The market demands cautious, very selective domain speculation. Everyone has their experience and expertise, which is the best foundation for making educated guesses.

    My best to everyone with your “educated guesses”. πŸ˜‰

  11. Hey Elliot,

    This week my fiancΓ©e and I have set up an online store to sell her first clothing collection.
    The main site is (under construction)

    Then I have also bought these domains yesterday and uploaded a really simple site with analytics and photos, then I have linked them to the related product pages on the main site above.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts and anyone esles? As have only been buying domains for a year, if that.

    Can give your wife Elliot a good discount if she likes any of our products πŸ™‚


  12. Elliot, I couldn’t agree with you more. Here are a few of my recent hand regs:

    Keep looking, people. All of the good domains are not yet taken.

  13. I handregistered a few .nets recently, all exact match domains with search volume. Some are to be developed and others to flip hopefully!

    (all .net)


  14. Right on Elliot! The ones i’ve registered are:

  15. Elliot, sorry, but i have to correct myself on my last post; The following names are wrong;

    They should be:


  16. Most recent speculative hand regs are:

    I liked your post a couple of months ago when you purchased several names and resold them in a specific time period. Great rate of return. I buy one or two and try to resell. Same idea smaller scale.

  17. @Elliot

    Thanks πŸ™‚ I will pass the complement onto Alice when she gets home from work. (By the way corsets are 100% Natural Raw Silk). + Free Shipping πŸ™‚ Been discussing things with Jamie Zoch today and think I am going to change the domain name where the online store is placed to and use this as her brand name/url.

    Early days…… 1 physical retail store reseller to date.

  18. @Elliot
    If you wife is interested she is more than welcome to use the contact form as its working and can then have a chat with Alice about sizing and pricing etc. πŸ™‚

  19. You should check out data on the pending delete domains. Apparently, the registry is working with registrars in providing data on all .com names which have reached pending delete status. really cool stuff.

  20. Regged a couple coms recently:
    *I have some ties to Guatemala, I think my friends and family will be excited about this domain/website..

    and a ccTLD


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