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Still Registering New Names


Even though my primary focus is on buying quality domain names in the aftermarket, I do spend some time researching new domain names to purchase for registration fee. I use Google's Keyword Tool, personal knowledge about the subject, current events, and the amount of advertisers who pay for marketing campaigns in search engines.

I think I am most influenced by things happening around me for the registration "inspiration." I had a friend that spent many hours per week looking things up on Wikipedia (at work) during his spare time. He would receive an email from a friend or see a news article on the BBC, and he'd immediately search Wikipedia for more knowledge.

I am sort of like this with domain names. Instead of searching for more knowledge about a subject of interest, I search for available .com domain names that might have eventual value. Although most of my purchases are speculative, it can be more enjoyable than gambling... well maybe as enjoyable as blackjack :)

Here are some of my recent domain registrations:
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