Stat Counter Upgrades Are Helpful


Stat CounterI’ve been using Stat Counter on many of my websites, in addition to Google Analytics. I pay a total of $49 each quarter for unlimited websites, and I am given a log of 25,000 pageviews in addition to my free 500 pageviews per project log quota. This means I have records of the last 25,000 pageviews, which is very helpful when it comes to watching traffic trends.

Stat Counter recently released an updated version, and the thing I like the most is the search engine traffic analyzer. Instead of simply telling me the entrance keywords for search engine traffic, it actually tells me the position my article is in when the person clicked through to my site. For instance, I saw that I rank #2 in Google for the search “iCloud domain sale.”

I’ve always liked how easy it is to track my visitors’ paths, IP addresses, recent page views…etc, but the new upgrades on StatCounter are impressive to me, and they didn’t even raise the price.

If you operate one or more websites, I recommend you check out and install the free edition of Stat Counter to get the 500 previous pageview logs. You can always upgrade down the road if your usage dictates it, and it’s well worth it for the information that’s given and the easy of accessing the information.


  1. I’ve been using SC for about two years and I have to say I’m very satisfied with it. I agree with you on the upgrade, particularly the search engine position feature, it’s very useful.

  2. I agree Elliot. StatCounter is a great tool to locate many trends. The actual keywords and search position # provide good insight.

    However, Google Panda is killing my best sites. Three of my top sites went from averaging 23,000 unique per month to 50 unique visitors.

    Using StatCounter, I immediately discovered the exact moment when Google Panda eliminated my traffic. StatCounter provides real-time traffic while GA delays data. Thanks.

  3. I only used google analytics until now but reading this post made me curious about statcounter . I’m seriously thinking that buying it might reduce the costs of monitoring traffic for my site . thanks for the review

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