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Speculating on JetBlue Arena Sponsorships


I was watching the Bruins vs. Canucks NHL finals game at the Boston (TD) Garden the other night when I saw a large JetBlue arena sign. The following day, I watched the NBA finals where the Dallas Mavericks play at American Airlines Center and the Miami Heat play at American Airlines Arena.

It got me thinking that JetBlue doesn’t have a stadium or arena naming deal, and I was curious to see if anyone had bought domain names related to a potential sponsorship of this nature, despite there being no rumors about it that I could find. Sure enough, the most likely names are already registered.

Here are a few speculative JetBlue domain registrations I found:

None of these domain names appear to be owned by Jet Blue Airways, although I couldn’t say whether the owners are related to the airline in any way.  I find it a bit strange that people would speculate on names like these because if JetBlue does purchase naming rights for a stadium/arena, they would likely file a UDRP or lawsuit to get the domain names, citing trademark infringement.

I am on vacation for a few days, so comments may not be posted as quickly as usual. I will approve them when I get a chance.

In any case, it’s my opinion that buying names like these without permission from the company is a losing situation and not worth the legal headache that it may bring.

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    I steer clear of domains with any kind of brand name in them. It is generally asking for trouble because they can come after you at any time.

    June 12th, 2011 at 6:21 pm

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