Special Thanks to Domain Boardroom


A few years back, I was accepted as a member of Rick Schwartz’ private domain forum, and I felt that it was a huge accomplishment. Some of the most highly respected domain investors (who didn’t necessarily prefer to stay under the radar) were members, and it was a great place to learn and share.

After Rick’s Board closed a couple of years ago, a new private domain forum was started by Donna Mahony at DomainBoardroom.com. Today, it’s my favorite place to learn and share with  like minded  people, which includes well-known domain investors, SEOs, web designers, lawyers, marketers, webmasters, and other complementary professionals.

DBR is very lightly moderated, and it’s a place where some of the smartest minds involved with the domain industry meet and talk “shop” as well as socialize.

I am  privileged to be a member at Domain Boardroom, as I have learned a considerable amount from its members and met a number of people with whom I am friends and do business. There’s very little BS that’s often seen on the public forums, and it’s a great venue for learning. I appreciate all that Donna has done and continues to do daily, especially with her busy schedule caring for horses and other animals.

Because of some comments recently on a marketer’s blog about DBR (who is not a member), I wanted to show my appreciation with a public blog post.

I do hesitate to post this if only because I know it will invariably lead to additional membership requests, although I warn you that there is a strict membership policy (need to be trusted, known and vouched for by a few members, and a professional that gets along with the membership – which may be just as important as the other aspects of membership).

I was honored when Rick Schwartz accepted me among his peers on his private forum, and I am proud to be a contributing member of Domain Boardroom, which in my opinion, is the best place to learn and share in a supportive environment.


  1. Rick’s board was an important part of our lives
    for many years.

    The public forums were a great place to learn the
    basics. But, Rick’s board was like attending
    graduate school. A lot of the best and well known
    domainers considered Rick’s board part of their
    daily activity.

    DBR started while Rick’s board was still around.
    I can’t tell you anything good or bad about DBR.

    But, I DO MISS Rick’s board.

  2. @ Meyer

    That is true, although since Rick’s original board closed down, DBR has really taken off.

    I agree with what you’re saying and have similar feelings about DBR.

  3. Thank you so much, Elliot! It’s nice to be appreciated. Yes, lots of new apps now…too many using handles instead of real names though. I check out each application individually so as much info as you can provide is helpful and I do have a backlog of apps, so please be patient! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays…best wishes for the new year to everyone.

  4. DBR is a wonderful place in cyber space…..and award winning Elliot’s Blog is pretty darn good too.

    Happy New Year to ya’ll !

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