2011 Will Be a Big Year for Mike Berkens & WorldWide Media, Inc.

WWMII was checking out Facebook yesterday, and I saw that Mike Berkens had updated his website information on his profile. Now listed on Berkens’ profile is  WWMI.com, the recently launched corporate website for Berkens’ WorldWide Media, Inc.

I had a chance to speak with Mike, and it looks like his company is gearing up for a big year. “WWMI will be part of a new company that will be announced early in January that will specialize in helping those seeking new extensions into making their extension successful.”

With the introduction of gTLD domain names expected in the next couple of years, Berkens will be in a great position to offer his professional advice in this area.

Berkens was able to offer some additional insight into his company’s gTLD consulting business.

Generally  the new gTLD consulting will be a big story next year as hundreds of millions maybe billions of dollar will pour into the domain channel to obtain, market and sell domains ending in hundreds of different extensions,” said Berkens. “Up to now domains have all been about left of the dot, that is all the keywords that precede the extension.  After the new gTLD process is approved there will be huge money pouring into developing out extensions, brands and concepts all to the right of the dot. The truly exciting part is much of this activity will come from those that haven’t invested heavily into the domain channel before.  This will credit a lot of new interest in the domain industry in general.”

Corporate domain consulting and domain sales will also play a prominent role in Berkens’ business in 2011. His experience and expertise will certainly be beneficial to clients looking to acquire high value domain names or sell them.  WWMI will “broker third party owned domains and advise companies on domain acquisition and sale strategies,” said Berkens.

WWMI owns close to 80,000 domain names, has sold over ten millions of dollars worth of domain names, and has one of the most popular domain name media outlets in  TheDomains.com. With the launch of WWMI.com, Berkens is positioning his company for some big moves in 2011 and beyond.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @Jim

    I’ve always liked dot TV (Tuvalu) and MB is a very smart businessman. It is somewhat of a gamble though since the dot tv ccTLD comes up for contract renewal in 2016. They are great names to flip but long term players have got to be aware of building a brand on dot tv may not be secure after 2016. Dot TV should have been a gTLD but it is a ccTLD and in there lies its long term weakness.

    Here is an old article but shines some light on the island’s dealings: http://www.radioaustralia.net.au/pacbeat/stories/201007/s2948537.htm

    Tuvalu a soverign state and can pretty much do whatever it wants but I do love the sound of Hollywood.tv

  2. Michael the contract does expire 12/16 but Tuvalu is in no position to run the extension themselves. They may open the bidding with Verisign being right there and other companies competing which should lower reg fees. Actually way back when Microsoft was one of the companies that lost out to the original DOT TV Corp.

    Tuvalu makes more off of .tv then everything else combined and I doubt they will mess with the golden goose. I am pretty sure there is no one who has spent more time on this extension and am not worried about the contract but more about adoption with a lot of new extensions coming down the road.

  3. Hope MHB educates his clients, because there are so many “fringe” domainers – I guess I would be of that category! – who might like to unload domains that are not a good value. They are eager to supply any kind of demand, because they haven’t made a success of it. I didn’t make a success of it. I snailmailed, emailed, and phoned and spoke with higher ups asking high prices on domains that maybe weren’t worth what I was asking for.

  4. WWMI will definitely change the domain industry’s outlook in the near future. Many companies purchase quality domains, but there are many more that don’t have a clue on how domains will fit into their business plans.

    WWMI recently acquired TheDomain.com, which contains better keyword stats than his blog TheDomains.com.

    Cool article

  5. “I’ve always liked dot TV (Tuvalu) and MB is a very smart businessman. It is somewhat of a gamble though”

    I’ll take a back handed compliment for $200 Alex.

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