Some Hurricane Sandy Humor


I sure am glad I am not in New York City right now… With Hurricane Sandy about to strike, the city appears to be virtually shut down. There were lines out the door at grocery and wine stores yesterday, and people are making sure they are prepared.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve been staying in southern New Hampshire until our house is ready, and it sounds like we are going to avoid a direct hit from Hurricane Sandy. We are still expecting some rough weather (rain and wind), but hopefully it won’t end up being too bad.

Here’s a funny sign advertising ark curtains from the Linen & Shade Bin, a store that sells window treatments in New Hampshire. 🙂

If you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I hope you make it through without any damage.


  1. Lol, EVERYTHING is closed! We’re stuck with hotel coffee and snacks we picked up at a local store. Eerie feeling out here, it’s so quiet. I’m across from Madison Square Garden and there’s normally a lot going on.

    Elliot’s lucky he got out of here when he did! 😉

  2. 18 dead. If that number stays in the low double digits it is a triumph of modern preparedness and the weather station getting the word out.

  3. I just got out of NYC yesterday morning and the city was still in recovery mode. Times square was back to normal, but all subways from Brooklyn to 34th were still closed. Power was out on most of the east side. We took a cab at night from Midtown to JFK and half the drive was pitch black.

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