Sell a Domain Name to the Domain King


It looks like “Domain King” Rick Schwartz has invited people to submit domain names for his purchase consideration via Twitter. If you have a good, non-new gTLD domain name for sale for $5,000 or below, Rick will give it consideration.

I presume all submissions should be made via Twitter, and if you submit a domain name to Rick for consideration, he asked for the right of first refusal for four hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that the domain name should be worth much more than $5k (at least from Rick’s perspective). He later added that he buys domain names that he believes has at least 10x upside. Put simply, a domain name that Rick will buy for $5k should be able to be sold at some point in the future for at least $50k.

Rick did not say whether he will definitely buy a domain name or not, but this is a good way for him (and others) to see what’s on the market in that price range. My guess is he will be inundated with bad domain names, but maybe he will find something good.


  1. Anyone that participates in that requset is an absolute FOOL. Why would a domainer give away a great domain with that potential kind of upside? And selling out of desperation is no good either, why even bother domaining…

    • It happens every day, it’s called: the reseller market. There, domains are generally sold for less than 5% of end user value, 10% for the greatest ones. Everybody cannot hold domains long time and may need at a moment some liquidity (including me).

    • Okay, here is a better idea. Why don’t you just write a nice fat check to Rick and forget the Domain…it’s the same thing here. I love Rick but he is a KILLER and absolutely ruthless when it comes to Business. If anyone in the world knows what qualifies as a great domain name with lots of potential it is going to be him. He is going to buy HIGH quality only! And being the great businessman that he is, he is not going to pay premium prices. Free $$$$ for Rick, the seller will LOSE big-time.

    • Hi Robert, I wouldn’t go as far to say that *anyone that participates in that request is an absolute FOOL*. You may be making the foolish assumption that a domainer is actually submitting their portfolio’s best name. 😉 I agree that a domainer shouldn’t submit their best name to pad the pockets of the Domain King himself. However, I see this as an opportunity to build a case for future sales using social networking.

  2. Someone on Twitter offered Rick, hope they understood that is “5,000 USD max” … LOL! 😀
    I’m sure Rick would take it at 5k. 🙂

  3. Hey guys, not on twitter, if Rick reads this here I will sell these below. 5K
    ManufacturerCloseoutcom 3K (Movie in Spanish) 5K Music Download in Spanish)-5K

    Thanks, Jim

  4. Hello Rick,

    Not on twitter so I emailed you these names, if interested please email me: 5K
    ManufacturerCloseoutcom 3K (Movie in Spanish) 5K Music Download in Spanish)-5K

    Thanks, Jim

  5. Not on Twitter are some I am selling: (virtual reality inc.) or (voice recognition inc.)

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