Sedo Refutes Frank Schilling’s Assertion that DNS is #1

On Monday morning, I had a conversation with Frank Schilling, and he told me that Domain Name Sales recently “became the largest parking/sales company both in traffic and name count.”  Frank let me know that Domain Name Sales now has over 2.5 million domain names on its parking platform, including .com, .net, .org, and ccTLD domain names.

Yesterday afternoon, I had lunch with Sedo broker Dave Evanson, and we briefly spoke about the article I had published the prior day. Dave let me know that he believes Sedo has more than 2.5 million active domain names on its platform, which would make it the largest parking company. I asked if the company could share some details about the total number of names parked with Sedo, and I received additional information from Norman Hamel, Sedo’s Director of Sales and Operations in North America.

According to Norman:

“Based on the report for January, Sedo has 1,610,103 domain names parked with our platform.  These are only CNOBI Domains parked via DNS.  The information on the source you used previously,, shows similar numbers.

If we take into account all domains parked with our platform, which would include the above names plus all ccTLD and CNAME parked domains, the number of parked domains that receive traffic on our platform is 4,373,462 domain names.  To generate the number of parked domains at Sedo, we have counted only those parked domains that received traffic in a specific time frame (in this case the time frame was the month December). This means none of them are expiring or resolving to others.”

Based on this updated information provided by Sedo, it would appear to me that Sedo is the largest parking company based on domain names on the parking platform. There could be a larger parking company, but based on the information I’ve seen, I can’t seem to find one larger. Sedo also appears to be the largest domain name re-sale marketplace with over 18 million domain names listed for sale on the platform.

Some might argue that the number of domain names on a parking platform doesn’t matter all that much, but to these companies, it is a matter of pride.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It should be a question of quality versus quantity.
    We know Frank does not want junk domains on his platform.
    I speculate the major owners of quality domains do not use Sedo parking.

    How many “JoeWatchingPaintDry .biz” type domains are included in Sedo’s numbers?

    Sedo serves a purpose. And, a company can not be everything to everyone.

    Usually Frank doesn’t get into “who is bigger” discussions. He use to prefer to keep a low profile.

    Personally, I don’t care who is the biggest. I only care what is best for my company.

  2. Hats off to Frank Shilling…I am looking forward to changing from Sedo to DNS…..because I want to stay positive, I will not comment on Sedo, but I remain very enthusiastic about switching.

  3. That’s a really great comment Meyer and my original remark to Elliot was merely one of internal pride as our collective name server count rolled over on the weekend in – I’m never too old to learn though. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  4. Well I sure would rather own the domain names in Franks portfolio of 2.5 million than Sedo. Both do serve a purpose though. You can find great deals at Sedo and then put them on Franks system.:)

  5. When it comes to quality names, end users want to own, hands down DNS takes the cake. You can have 1,000,000 piegeon sh*t type names, it does not make a difference. Anyone in this business knows it has always been about quality, not quantity.

  6. “he believes Sedo has more than 2.5 million active domain names on its platform”

    Believing and actually having are two different things, but regardless, Sedo sucks, not just for parking but for brokering domains.

  7. Hate Sedo as well but sadly my puny portfolio doesn’t qualify for DNS. Not really interested in parking there but would love to be on the sales platform.

  8. Why don’t you offer CNAME parking at DNS Frank (like Sedo does)?

    It allows to park a domain while still being able to use email addresses associated to the domain name.

  9. I think a good percentage of the names parked on Sedo are actually expired. I just hand-regged two that I later discovered are still parked on Sedo by previous owners. I think this must happen a lot, so it skews the numbers considerably.

    • Perhaps the 18 million number, but based on Sedo’s comments, it wouldn’t likely apply to the parked domain count:

      “To generate the number of parked domains at Sedo, we have counted only those parked domains that received traffic in a specific time frame (in this case the time frame was the month December). This means none of them are expiring or resolving to others.”

  10. My only response to that is the obvious. If I’d known there was no traffic to the parked domains, I may have thought twice before regging. LOL One was itsy dot info. I just liked the way it rolled of the tongue and dot infos seem to finding their place again — less spammy. I may develop it as soon as I can come up with a theme of some sort. Itsy suggests small bytes of information, so that may not be Google-friendly. If done well, however, it could be. Sorry for the thread drift.

  11. Im sure that Sedo proably does have more actual names parked but Im
    guessing Frank likely has the edge in the quality names. Sedo has
    undergone alot of changes in recent years, but they are still good
    in my book.

    Both of the above companies are very respectable, but for what its
    worth oddly my favorite parking company is actually BODIS. They dont
    have the best marketplace, but their parking platform is rock solid.


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