FlashCards.com Sells for $250,000 via Sedo


According to a tweet this morning (embedded above), Sedo broker Dave Evanson  has brokered the sale of FlashCards.com for $250,000.  FlashCards.com has been registered under privacy protection at Fabulous since 2009, so I am unable to share information about the buyer or the seller. I will attempt to reach out to the company that owned the name back in 2009 to see if they were the sellers and if they can provide any details.

I reached out to Dave Evanson to see if he could share any additional information about the sale, and he was unable to do so. He  let me know that the buyer is an end user buyer, so I would assume this domain name will be used at some point in the future. As of this morning, the domain name is still parked, but perhaps the usage of the domain name will shed light on who bought it.

$250,000 seems like an excellent price for this domain name. In February of 2009, Ron Jackson reported that FlashCards.com sold for $40,200 at a NameJet auction. After the sales commission was paid (assuming the owner was the NameJet buyer), somewhere around $175,000 in profit was made between the original purchase and this sale, not including pay per click revenue  that was earned or renewal costs during the last few years.

Congratulations to the parties in this transaction.


  1. That’s a great sale – and just proves how far out the Estibot valuations etc can be. The interesting thing for me is how much a private domain investor might have asked for this / held out for, compared to the price which Dave has driven from an agency environment. I dare say not many would have been able to hold their nerve beyond $100k these days – although maybe I am mistaken?

    Given type-in traffic for the name appears to be circa 2500 uniques a month, I’d say that should offer the new owner fair pay back in reasonable time for a simple e-commerce store.

  2. I agree….A terrific sales price for this domain – tho, if its an end user buyer, it may prove to be small beer if they build a successful business on it.

    @ Dan…

    You wrote:

    “…I dare say not many would have been able to hold their nerve beyond $100k these days – although maybe I am mistaken?…”

    This isn’t the case, Dan…I, for one, regularly turn down good six-figure offers on several domains I own….And, I think there are more folks that do this – regularly – than you may think.


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