Saturday Weekend Update


One of the best things about being a domain investor is that I can work from virtually anywhere. As long as my location has an Internet connection, I am able to get my work done. I also have a Blackberry, allowing me to work even when I don’t have access to an Internet connection.

This isn’t always a good thing, though. Even when I am suppose to be on vacation, I am generally working. I respond to emails, monitor auctions, approve directory listings, negotiate purchases and sales…etc. I guess it’s the biggest downside to being a domain investor, since the business doesn’t stop when I need a break.

That being said, I am going away for an extended “vacation” until almost the end of July. I will still be working, but will probably be slower to answer emails and approve blog comments. I will still be blogging pretty much as usual since I will continue to run my business, but I may not be as engaging as usual and I probably won’t respond to emails nearly as quickly.

If you’re in the US, I wish you a happy Independence Day weekend… enjoy it and stay safe.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    Best thing about being self-employed, run your own show, even better being self-employed and in a technology industry, work from anywhere in the world, your own hours, run your own show. This was what was probably the main driver that brought me to the industry…the freedom!

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