Report: Bob Parsons Out as Go Daddy CEO, Warren Adelman to Become New CEO

Godaddy LogoI was reading up a bit about the Go Daddy partnership and found something interesting on According to the article, after the deal is finalized, “Warren Adelman, Go Daddy’s chief operating officer, becomes CEO.” Bob Parsons, current GoDaddy CEO and founder will then be named as the executive chairman.

Warren Adelman is currently President and Chief Operating Officer of the company. Although he seems like more of a behind the scenes guy with Parsons taking center stage, Adelman appears to be an active customer advocate, at least in my experience. I’ve seen him give out his personal email address, and a good way to get results at the company has generally been to email/contact the office of the president.

A couple of months ago, I had a transfer issue and was having trouble getting it resolved. After speaking with a few people over a couple of days, I sent Adelman an email to see if he could help. Within a couple of hours, my issue was resolved. I don’t know if Adelman personally had anything to do with it, but I can only assume he was responsible for fixing the problem.

The AZCentral news article indicated that Parsons will remain active within the company, and I suspect that’s a big reason he maintains a majority stake in the company (may be the largest shareholder rather owning the majority of the company). He likely could have sold more of his position if he wanted to step aside. While an executive chairman role may sometimes be more ceremonial than day to day management, I would bet Parsons will remain at the forefront of the company, especially with regards to marketing and advertising.

It will be interesting to see how the company transforms without Parsons at the helm.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Totally agree, within years GD, B. Parsons, W. Adelman, built an example of excellent customer services. I am not surprised by the result now, wishing the new owner will keep what makes GD successful, even if B.P leave the commands, he is the guy that deserve a big break… Probably in Asia, am i rigth Bob…? Anyway Cheers Mr Parsons! Th.D

  2. You, Michael Berkins, Rich Schwartz, Andrew Alleman, and Francois drive the domain industry with your blogs! Your and their accounts will absolutely be handled with kid gloves. Don’t compare your your treatment with the average customer.

    • “Your and their accounts will absolutely be handled with kid gloves. Don’t compare your your treatment with the average customer”

      @ Louise

      For the most part, I disagree. As it relates to Go Daddy, I’ve had an executive account since 2004/2005 when Scott Green was my AM. This is 2-3 years before I had my blog. I also have done thousands of dollars of business with the company. Granted it is a low margin product, but it’s still quite a bit of revenue.

      I believe that I am just far more persistent when it comes to getting things done than most people would be. When I was having problems with Verizon Wireless years ago, I didn’t just take no for an answer from two store managers and the call center. I emailed the CMO and he got me a new phone the next day. My wife bought me a $200 swimsuit from a French store for our vacation, and I was upset that she spent so much money on a swimsuit. I learned that they don’t give refunds and the store manager said “sorry” when I asked if I could return it. I found out the person who runs their US operation, sent an email, and she said I could go into their shop when I get a chance and get a full refund. I am nobody special, but I know the way to get things done when dealing with big companies… I also know when it’s appropriate to complain and know how to complain nicely.

      Maybe some domain related companies are more helpful, but it’s likely due to the fact that I know who to ask within those companies, and that’s more from going to conferences and doing business than it is because of my blog.

    • I remember working with you Elliot. I left GoDaddy back in 2006 at the start of the year due to issues with the management team trying to change our directives that I invented when I created the Executive Accounts team. I’m always glad to see folks that I worked with staying involved. Thanks for the mention. I really do miss the good days I had with the company and the legacy of that department which I gave my soul to. I hope they continue to provide the highest levels of service in the domain and hosting industry.

  3. From what I have read, I’m not sure he is the moajority shareholder, but is the single largest shareholder. Big difference. I could wrong, but that’s what I got from what I read.

  4. Notwithstanding your personal success, at this stage, it would be anathema for Godaddy or other major registrars to get on your bad side. GD spends millions on advertising, hand-outs of charitable contributions for damage control for the bad press and to gain good press, and covers its tracks legally by filing Protective Orders for confidentiality to seal evidence of its court cases.

    You have more influence than you think!

  5. @ Elliot

    A $200 French swimsuit for Mr. Silver…. Whoa !

    Was it a Speedo with 24k Gold monogram…. or a diamond-studded Riviera Thong ???

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