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Looks like it’s going to be a relaxing weekend for me. Hope you have a nice weekend, too. Here are some news updates that might be of interest to you.

If you are owed money by Snapnames as a result of the “Halvarez” shill bidding situation, this is a reminder that the deadline to accept their rebate offer is Friday, November 5, 2010, which is less than a month away. You will need to sign and return the agreement to collect the money owed to you.

I received a news release from a new domain registrar,, that is scheduled to be released on Monday. According to the co-founder Michael Goldfarb, “Our basic concept is to offer the cheapest everyday domain prices on the Internet, simple and straightforward processes, powerful domain management tools and extremely high levels of domain security.” I visited the site and it looks like their pricing is $8.39 for .com names with privacy.

A couple of TRAFFIC-related news bytes from this week. Legendary boxing promoter, Don King, will be making an appearance at TRAFFIC. I am interested to see how it will tie into the conference. Also, Rick announced via email that the ticket price of TRAFFIC will be $1,495 on Monday only. If you haven’t booked your conference ticket yet, Monday is the day to do it.

Lots of news reports about the domain name going up for sale, including articles on non-domain related blogs like I do understand why owning a domain name with “history” like this would be appealing, but I don’t see the high value. Once this hit movie is an afterthought, it probably won’t get much traffic, and it’s doubtful the winning bidder would be able to flip it for more with all the publicity.

If you have any pet related mini-sites and you want to make a little bit more money with them, drop me a note in the comment section. I might have an offer for you to pay you to add an article for me.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thanks for the plug Elliot! Just wanted to follow up on our pricing which is in fact $8.39 for a .com (which includes free privacy, free parking, free DNS, free enhanced security and free API access), but .com domains are also $7.99 when purchasing 50-100, and $7.77 when purchasing more than 100.

  2. Went and tried out the registration process… very quick and easy to use. The domain parking is great with 100% of my own adsense revenue dropped back in my pocket.

    With an easy to manage heads-up display for bulk domain purchases, quick checkout, and domain management that is so streamlined you would think it was designed in a wind tunnel.

    NameSilo is great addition to the domain registrant marketplace.

  3. One BIG event not to be overlooked this weekend.

    October 9 was the official release of 855 phone numbers. Dalayed from the original release October 2 the day saw thousands of 855 tool free numbers reserved.

    We were fortunate to grab some prime 855 domain names and the beauty is that since we owned the names before the toll free numbers were released issues about squatting on trademarks are avoided.

    Still time for domainers to get in on this potentially lucrative nice business opportunity IMO

    Thanks for your blog


  4. Hi, you work too much – relax !
    Im having a slow weekend too and I got to pondering – and Id really love to hear yours or *anyones* input on this :
    One of my more successful websites, what I would call a ‘real world’ website (ie it sells actual stuff that is posted to customers and is an outgrowth of a long established bricks n mortar) is currently growing nicely. Lets call it “” .
    Now then, this website is making some waves in its field and Im currently working to develop it further, it now has an employee and an investor. I was wondering – can I make a move on the 3letter, lets call it “” ? Obviously the asking price will be unaffordable but since my company has been trading under the name for years could I fairly win a UDRP? Currently the name resolves to a search portal and ads (not ours), its whois returns a web media firm in USA that own other plum domains, some parked and some developed. Im sure they would fight tooth and claw to retain the “” domain name.
    Getting the name would give us a shot at world domination, losing a lawsuit could kill us dead. Oh I love Sundays lol. Anyway, have a great day folks!


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