Payoneer Escrow Offering 50% Discount


Payoneer Escrow has a special offer for new clients in conjunction with the Merge Show. I was told that the company is offering 50% off transactions for new customers. The offer is valid on transactions that are started at Payoneer Escrow from now until then end of 2017.

Although this offer is targeting people who have not used Payoneer Escrow before, current customers are able to use the discount if they do a deal with someone who is not a customer. By way of an example, if I (a Payoneer Escrow customer) sell a domain name to a company that has not used Payoneer Escrow before, the discount would be applied. In this case, the new user would start the transaction for the discount to be applied.

This is a nice acquisition tactic that could save a substantial amount of money and get deals going before the end of the year. With the discount, a standard $100,000 domain name sale would cost $450 after the 50% promo code.

To use the discount code, visit the special Merge registration link:

If you have any questions about the promotion, get in touch with Brandon Abbey. For those who care, yes, I did ask for permission to share this special offer on my blog before publishing.


  1. Thanks Elliot,
    Right now it is all about customer acquisition. We have been receiving a lot of accolades but until you actually give us a try you won’t know good we are. Of course, the idea behind this is to build long term relationships. If you have one of those “abbeynormal” transactions contact me directly at
    Good buying and selling,

  2. We are giving our valuable feedback on this company, as civil duty.

    We can not use if their pricing is similar to, because is better established and branded.

    We think, that to compete and acquire market share, needs to permanently slash pricing in half and charge no fees to no parties in a case of transaction cancellation.

    We will not be using anyone other than for a price, similar to what charges.

    • Just to be clear on escrow fees. On a $1,000 transaction Payoneer Escrow charges $15 while charges $32.50. For a $10,000 transaction we would charge $125 to’s $175.50. 40-50% less on the smaller end. We recently processed some in excess of $2,000,000. On a $2,000,000 transaction our fee is $9,900 compared to their $17,800. Please note these are our standard fees, not the 50% off promotional fees for new clients for transactions started from now until 12/31/2017.



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