Rightside Announces “Connecting the Dots” Webinar Series


Rightside GroupEducating prospective buyers is an important aspect of marketing the new domain names. Rightside announced a new educational webinar series called “Connecting the Dots,” to help educate people about the new domain extensions and how to use them.

In a blog post this afternoon, the company announced the first seminar in the series will take place on November 16, 2016. The title of the first seminar is “Everything You Need to Know About Buying Domains.” This will be a 30 minute session that starts at 10am Pacific time on the 16th. Rightside’s Sean Ottey and Jebidiah Burnett will lead this webinar.

The live event is limited to 50 participants, although a  video of the webinar will be made available following the seminar (uploaded by the 21st). The webinar is free to attend and it is open to anyone. Rightside has asked that attendees sign up in advance to participate, and there will be time for questions if anyone has them.

The company plans to host two of these webinars this year, and I understand there are plans for additional webinars next years.

From my perspective, it will be important for the company to non-domain industry prospective buyers know about this series more than domain investors and others who are active in the business. The end users are those who are most likely to use these domain names, and they would be the primary target audience. I would not be surprised to see Enom and Name.com marketing this webinar series to their clients in order to notify them.

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