Rick Schwartz Sells $750k Domain Name


On his blog today, Rick Schwartz announced that he recently completed a $750,000 domain deal. The deal will be announced on DNJournal’s Weekly Sales Report in the next week or two. This is great, as most large non-auction sales do not get reported. I believe the more public sales we see reported, the better for the domain industry, as outsiders frequently use completed sales as a means to evaluate the health of the industry.
I am currently in Lowell, Massachusetts taking pictures and doing research for my Lowell.com website. I had a great day exploring the city, and I hope to write more about it on Monday.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. I think it’s telecom.com. DomainNameNews reported yesterday that Deutsche Telekom bought telecom.com recently for about $700K.

    I don’t think Rick owned this one before.

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