How to Report a GoDaddy Phishing Email


If you believe you received a phishing email that was supposedly from GoDaddy, you are encouraged to report the email directly to Go Daddy. Not only will this make the company aware of the phishing email targeting their customers, but it might help them shut down the phishing website.

To report a GoDaddy phishing email, visit the Abuse Report page within GoDaddy’s support center. On the left hand side of the screen, select the phishing option, and a couple of options will appear. Once you select the appropriate option, you will be directed to sign in to your account and provide more information about the phishing attempt. Before signing into your GoDaddy account, be absolutely sure you are on the actual GoDaddy website and that you are signing in with a SSL screen.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a GoDaddy phishing email  making the rounds to domain investors, attempting to take advantage of the new Whois verification requirement. I assume that most people who receive a phishing email simply delete the email to avoid accidentally referencing the email in the future.

Phishing emails from domain registrars are bad for all of us. If you receive an email that is supposedly from Godaddy, you are encouraged to report it to the company so they can take action to stop the phishing website. Even if the email is real, reporting it will get verification from the company that the email was legitimate.

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