Recent Purchases… How About You?

I haven’t hand registered many new domain names lately, but I’ve been bidding on quite a few at NameJet as well as buying in private. I want to share some of my recent acquisitions and would be interested in hearing about yours.

Some of the names have been sold already, some have been purchased to flip, and at least one is going to be developed by me.

  • (almost launched)
  • (Google it)
  • (1996 registration date, predates

I don’t really have a specific interest as you can see, but looking more for aged, exact match product or service domain names in .com only.

What have you bought recently?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I picked up ( Google it and click on the “news” tab). I know you are a new yorker so you should know something about this. Also picked up Wouldnt mind flipping both but I am in no rush to sell, for obvious reasons. LOL

  2. Some of the names have been purchased to flip.

  3. My latest acquisitions are (I plan to develop it – looks like it got indexed by bigG after only 4 days) and – both handregistered.

  4. is a cool domain. is head and shoulders above the rest.

    The past month or so I picked up:

  5. recent purchases (several were orig registered during 1997-1999):

  6. Some recent acquisitions that may have involved me (I believe they were all or mostly all hand reg) (and 5 close match, for these bendy ebooks coming out soon!)

    I’m (trying to be) a developer, I dont really buy to flip, as Ive never had very good ROI, when time and hassle is accounted.


  8. I love it when you do this feature.

    Keeping with the season, some recently hand-reg’d

  9. I am more on potential product /service names, recent purchases

    Being a soccer fan myself, I hand-registered this name the day Qatar won the bid to host FIFA 2022 World Cup. Sorry US lost the bid, hope that will not prevent you from experiencing the fun, in sizzling hot desert.

    Flipping is a choice, but it seems I need to keep them for a while.

  10. This is a great thread, thanks Elliot- Im always interested in seeing what kind of thing people are buying.
    In my opinion most of the domains listed here are fairly mundane – some have potential for sure, except which I believe to be in another league to the rest.

  11. Been hand regging way too many since Aug., but am following the Internet TV scuttle scene, so a ‘few’ of the recent regs are –
    and (aftermarket)

  12. Picked up Malayalam(.)ca

    “Malayalam is one of the four major Dravidian languages of southern India. Malayalam originated from ancient Tamil in the 6th century, of which Modern Tamil was also derived.”

  13. I have a slightly different business model than most. So here are my recent acquisitions and registrations:

    CALIFORNEUR.COM * brand for California Entrepreneur
    POOLPON.COM *brand a site to compete with Groupon
    PRILLIANT.COM * brand a site for brilliant web printing

    Plus Hundreds more registered this last week alone.
    Check out our weekly 1000 domain specials at our blog.


  15. – what people do with old snowboards (‘3D game’ in french)

  16. Influenced by FIFA announcements: (in development) (plugged-in an affiliate program)

  17. Why do people buy domains that due to the fact they contain extremely aggressively defended trademarks are completely undevelopable, probably impossible to ‘flip’ and might just cost a lawsuit that makes you lose WAY more money than you ever could have made on them??

  18. Recent South Florida geo acquisitions
    (population / median family income)… (75K / $51K) (23K / $61K) (24K / $96K) (19K / $107K)

    p.s. Thanks for the Jobamatic tip – in just a few days time I already have a few pennies on both &

  19. I’ve picked up a few…some to sit on, some ready for flip

  20. We picked up a lot of local geo Driving School .com domains for my friends new business

    On a personal note I am testing out some .co domains – JobAMatic Site – JobAMatic Site – In progress of development. – In progress of development.


    Mix Buying Group Domains,,,,,,

    All available for sale – Should anyone be interested selling them at domainer to domainer prices.

  21. I was going to put, but realized I have been sitting on it for over a year wondering whether it should be a domaining or real estate site, so it’s not really recent.

  22. (in English 3dTelevision) (in English (in English (in English )

  23. Handicapper.TV
    PrepaidCellphones.TV (will develop this one eventually)

  24. … a sample of recent purchases from the aftermarkets:

    CpBio .com (sold)
    DaytonaTaxi .com (sold)
    FlashDriveDataRecovery .net (sold)

    … and a small sample of recent handregs:

    BuySouthampton .com
    Car-Care .net ( just sold for $800 in auction)
    DaytonaTaxis .com
    DiskDriveDataRecovery .net

  25. Here’s what I bought or had reg recently. (to go with my ( goes well with my

  26. Here are some recent aftermarket and a couple of hand regs…


  27. @Paul: is really nice. Does it really need to be focused on one niche?

    What the heck, here’s my list…

  28. A combination of predictive, keyword based and brandable domains:





  29. EB, solid domain name purchase.

    My recent purchases include the following:

    All are available, but some I may keep to scale.

  30. What a great idea. It’s so interesting to see what people have registered. πŸ™‚ (apartment rentals Berlin)


    BLKFRIDAYSALES.COM (was told is pigeon …,i refuse to think soo)


  34. For what it’s worth, I was just on Dynadot’s site and they are currently offering $12.99 registration on .TV domains (no, I don’t work for Dynadot!).

    That’s not bad considering what the other registrars are charging.

  35. What I find the most interesting about all the domains listed is how much people will want and ask for them, especially the hand-regged names.
    If I’m interested in buying a domain name, most times the owner is selling it for a price nowhere near what I think it is worth, or willing to pay.
    So how many of those names will actually sell?
    Not too many, until the owners either get desperate, or realize the true value of the name, and are willing to take a reasonable price for it.

  36. The vast majority of the names listed will not sell or collect enough traffic to pay reg fees or for your time. Most of my names wont sell either in the short term. Be more selective to save your cash and not piss off your wife.


  38. Mike Mann,

    I agree, most of the domains listed here (80%+ is my guess) will not sell. Each domain I currently hold will be developed into a business eventually. I tried “domaining” for a short while and even made a small profit in the end, but what really turns me on is thinking up new approaches to existing markets. I own two small businesses now and will just keep on building, a little at a time.

    Good luck to all of you.

    – CH

  39. @Elliot

    .pro has real value in service or product related topics. If your want to present yourself as an expert is a good choice.

    Besides, everyother cctld and gtld was taken πŸ˜‰

  40. @Elliot

    I didn’t buy the domain to develop and have already had two 4 figure offers.

    That said, I can’t even think of a well developed .pro domain but could ask the same about .info, .biz or .co.

    I’ve had success with .net, & .us and don’t believe Google cares which gtld you use as they do with cctld’s.

    I think as more gtlds are released, .pro will be better accepted. The registry is also lowering the price to match .com.

  41. There are huge numbers of properly spelled contextual brandable dotcoms for sale for less than their long term value, therefore their is no reason to speculate in lesser quality more risky domain tlds and assets unless they are only the extreme creme de la creme of the tld.




    The first two for development (…one day) and the last one because I could’nt afford to buy SEX.COM πŸ˜‰

  43. @Yitzchok – While I agree that most of the names people have rattled off probably won’t sell, or sell for very high, I don’t know if it’s safe to assume that people are asking top dollar for them.

    Except for a few of the real estate names, which I backordered for friends who are realtors, the names I got (mostly through Namejet, Snap, and a few that I bought off other people) are to sell to end users for between $250-800. I’ve made a few sales in this range, and I don’t think the prices are that unrealistic for (some of) the .coms that are taken in multiple extensions.

    There will always be people who will ask a ridiculous amount like $10K for an undeveloped .CO, but when it comes to run-of-the-mill names, I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the time, people are pricing realistically. A lot of the names I’ve inquired about could be had for under $1500, and many were under the $500 level.

    You’re right that some people will never achieve liquidity until they start pricing correctly…but not everybody asks exorbitant amounts. πŸ™‚

  44. Sad you sold already… is nice, too. Your blog makes for a good read.













  45. @ Elliot

    I meant, itΒ΄s the sort of domain one would not mind to do something nice with… (didnΒ΄t know it was for sale). Good for you and the buyer.

    Do you know if there are development plans, or will it be on Sedo again?


  47. I would like to sell or develop these names that I hand registered and some i won at auction.


  48. @Mircea,

    Too late – already on auction. In my mind, there is no value to be had with a .co domain unless you can flip it quickly to a bigger fool. I made a mistake in buying the five .co’s I picked up.

    The ONLY one I may hang on to just for the heck of it is

  49. The guy who buys something for 20 from a guy who bought it for 10 is only the ‘bigger fool’ until he sells it for 40 πŸ˜‰

    Unrelated – What should I do with WIKILEAKS.FM ?

  50. Thanks Mr Cheeseburger πŸ™‚
    1) Sedo haven’t approved it for sale yet, been pending for 2 days. Ive not sold anything there before so I dont know what the deal is there.
    2) Id rather keep it for the lols than sell it for $60. 99% of my domains are .com and I kinda like .fm – it looks cute in the address bar heh
    3) is listed for 10,000 euros. I think maybe unless someone makes an offer I cant refuse I should wait and see what happens with that one.

  51. These names grabbed my attention:

    packaged with 1-855-FORT-LEE sounds good! in Chinese in Hebrew in Japanese
    FootlongSandwich.Com – wow!

    @ Mike Mann, I know you’re big in domains, but from what I learned over the year, the ones on your lists, they’re not highly searched – I don’t understand. Do you buy based on age? on traffic?

    These are pending delete from my acount:

    If anyone wants them, I could send them for Paypal $20.00 . . .

    Recent hand regs:

  52. Unless someone else has got there first – I’ll take at $20. Deal. Elliot can have his 10% if he wants – no problemo!

  53. Great buy on – both Elliot and whoever he sold it to! Killer name! – congrats!

    Here are some of my recent purchases: (tourism city in Colombia) (as in Domain Shares – I also own (hand reg) (one of my favorite Reggae stars)

    • @ Shameless
      I disagree… I don’t think Playboy will have much of an impact on the .tv space. TNT has a much broader audience and has been using for a while.

  54. @Elliot,

    Just the news that a company as visible as Playboy is actively using a .tv domain is indeed big news. Yes, TNT is big too, but my point is, as more companies MARKET their .tv domains (I guarantee Playboy will) it will dramatically increase the values of many, if not all .tv domains.

    Once the “last mile” issue gets resolved with regards to bandwidth and we’re all watching streaming tv shows, sporting events, and movies on our mobile phone, the sales numbers on .tv domains will absolutely amaze you (and many, many others).

  55. @Elliot,

    Elliot, surely you jest? I respect you and the work you’ve done on this blog, so please forgive me when I say I am absolutely shocked that you are comparing .tv to .mobi.

    I’ll give a chance to retract that statement here and now, and we’ll all forget you said it πŸ™‚

    Seriously, though – .TV is on the cusp of literally exploding. I’ve turned down two low xx,xxx offers on a generic word .tv I own in the past year – I turned them both down without even bothering to counter because I’m going to develop it. Now,, yeah I’ll sell this one since I just hand-reg’d it today!

  56. @Elliot,

    Once mobile streaming becomes mainstream and people start hooking their HD-TV’s directly to the web, some .tv domains will be worth MORE than their .com counterparts…not all, mind you, but some.

    • @ Cheeseburger / Shameless

      I am not comparing .tv to .mobi. I am comparing your rationale about the breakout of .tv to what some people said about .mobi. You can plug away in the comment section of my blogs and other sites, but that isn’t going to move the value up or down. Wishful thinking won’t either πŸ™‚

      I have nothing to gain either way, I am not investing in anything other than .com right now. Too many good .com deals to be had to move onto anything else.

  57. @ Louise – Great stuff thanks, all done I think.

    On the .tv thing, I gotta say I think Im with Elliot on that one, altho I would say that there are certain keyword/extension combinations that will naturally perform fantastically – I think the fact that “” is worth a lot of money is totally irrelevent to whether any other .tv might be worth money for 2 reasons, 1 is the TM – the other is the category killer aspect. Playboy own the sector or at least a huge part of it. is never going to break out, sorry to break it to you.

    @ Elliot – I trust a donation (ref 702f4fbe-8896-4454-b811-6a39706e90f7) to Help for Heroes covers your cut satisfactorily πŸ™‚

  58. My most recent domain purchase was – is it worth more than $25.20 (my expenditure so far)? We shall see…

  59. – Bought for $59 sold for $4,000 less than 45 minutes after acquisition. – Bought for $1,300 sold for $7,000 less than two hours after acquisition.

    SavannahNews.TV – Bought for $21.99 sold for $xx,xxx less than 48 hours after acquisition.

    SavannahRealEstate.TV – Bought for $21.99 sold for $5,000 less than 72 hours after acquisition.

    Jacksonville.TV, Indiana.TV, Charleston.TV, and a few others sold in private or with legal NDA …combined with a couple other .com’s equal $xxx,xxx in revenue.

    Recent acquisitions:

    Cincinnati.TV (turned down $5k) (turned down $3k)
    HollywoodRealEstate.TV (turned down $2k)
    Biloxi.TV (turned down $3k)

    (have a pending offer for the package below) (turned down $2k) (turned down $1k)

    –more names–

    People who say they don’t sell are LYING. πŸ˜‰

    If anyone is interested, let me know…

    Good night.


    One of a number I purchased today.

    I plan to develop it when time allows, though I have a heap of other domains to be developed first!

    I like these threads, it’s really interesting to see what other people are buying. Thanks Elliot!

  61. @Louise,
    Thanks for noticing the idn’s. Personally I think there is a huge opportunity to buy premium idn names in the .com extension.

    Just picked up in Arabic in Portuguese in Arabic in Chinese in Chinese in Chinese
    many others.

  62. @Pat,

    I look at this long, long list of domains that people have spent their hard-earned money on and I shake my head in disbelief. Over 90% of the domains on this list are worthless, will never be developed, and will never be sold or monetized.

    For example, WILL NEVER get a good google ranking unless you’re prepared to outdevelop or outspend,, or Sure, you might make it to Page#2 on google, but who ever looks at page# 2? Not me. Not trying to be negative, but unless you’re buying a highly brandable domain, or one that you personally plan to develop and market, I say save your money.

  63. @Pat,

    I think you’d be quite surprised at what I’ve been offered for Cheeseburger.TV, but I’m not here to brag, so I won’t. I was offering you what I believe to be sound advice.

    Good luck to you.

  64. Enter “eco company” into Google. What’s top of the list?

    Did anyone look at my profiles of .tvs? Dot TV is happening!

    Next, I’m going to profile, , which was offered as the domain on Captain Sully’s televised appeal! Check it out:

    Dot TV isn’t just novelty anymore!

    @ Elliot, Is that you on Fantasy Domaining? You better keep me in my place – I’m right behind you! πŸ˜€ (Learned alot from you this year, didn’t I? LOL.)

  65. @Louise,

    I love your enthusiasm and it’s refreshing to see someone else who gets what .TV will likely turn into someday. What’s amazing to me is how many good .TV’s are still un-reg’d; and by “good”, I mean .TV’s that COULD be reasonably branded into a media/video type business.

    Keep at it!

    – TBC

  66. @Skip – Thanks. I was very happy win, and it’s close to the top of my list to do something with. Good point that it could cover several markets.

    @.TV fans – My hometown is tiny – around 50,000 people – but its best site is on the .tv domain. I was surprised to see my sister’s browser defaulting to it when we visited last month. I have the .me, but haven’t done anything with it because the town is so small. Somehow I expected the local newspaper to be the favorite.

    (I have no .tv domains myself)

  67. @ Louise,
    Thanks, maybe one day.
    I always felt that with more non-english speaking people on the internet the idn market has good potential. While I always try and get the idn.countrycode I also always try to cover my bets with the in case of internal rule changes as with the .cn extension. Even so I still have had no problems with my domains and domains. It’s good to get the .com just in case.
    ps.s if anyone can help develop, partner, I will certainly consider all options. Maybe Mr. Mann might delve into the idn market and help me. πŸ™‚ I was fortunate to receive his book. I would love to contribute some portion of any profits to a good cause, forever. That way everyone can benefit. Best.

  68. Spent all afternoon talking with 17 farmers/land-owners who have their property listed with the MLS & other companies on the web, and based on those conversations and the answers I was given to my questions, I hand-reg’d these today:


    Will have a site up within 4 months – already talking with a developer.

  69. @FFS
    FYI –, and are all available as of this post.

    Maybe you should grab those to catch any confused visitors. Don’t anyone else reg them, that would be not very nice. πŸ™‚

    Best Regards.

  70. @Elliot,

    Since you asked, each of the 17 people I spoke with today (who are already paying $200-$300+ per year for their listings) said they would have paid double if they could have posted a few short video clips of their property and surrounding area along with the basic information. Then I looked up the keyword/adword info and it was a very simple decision. There are 10’s of thousands of farm-for-sale listings on the web, none of which are offering video. When marketing my site to these land-owners, the .TV extension will actually HELP my cause.

    I love .TV πŸ™‚

  71. @Elliot,

    Meant to say thousands of listings out there, not 10’s of thousands.


    Thanks, but I’ll pass on those. FarmForSale.TV stands on it’s own.

    Keep in mind, guys, the average sale of a farm is north of a million-bucks easily. $500-$1,000 to these guys is nothing if it helps them sell the property. I look forward to the challenge πŸ™‚

  72. @Elliot,

    Is that a hint of sarcasm I detect? πŸ™‚ That’s cool – my primary business is a small recruiting firm (6 employees), but I do recognize opportunity when it smacks me in the face.

  73. @ FFS

    Yes… sarcasm is right…

    I mean I have and pulling in close to 30k visitors a month (local / targeted traffic) and getting businesses to pay $100/month is like pulling teeth. I have more luck flipping $xx,xxx domain names more often than selling ads to small businesses… and that’s for the keyword .com names.

    I admire your positive attitude and hope you conquer this at a profit.

  74. @Elliot,

    Off the top of my head, you need to do this with

    1. Get a PDF-map to celebrities’ homes on there (yes, tacky, but people are searching for it)

    2. Get a PDF map of LA on there.

    3. You need to GIVE the AMC-theater in Burbank free ad-space for their movie-times with you.

    You do these three things and your traffic will double to triple within 6 months, which will make it EASIER to sell ad-space to every other business in Burbank. Get a forum on there too with local (Burbank) mod’s.

    C’mon, Dude! Grab the bull by the horns!

  75. @FFS
    Best of luck. Many of those farmers have heard of .com and for the $30 I just thought it would cover all bases.
    imo you should grab them. If someone else does you will lose lots of eyeballs.

  76. @Elliot,

    I’m not calling you out here, but why aren’t you actively working That site, given the time and attention it deserves could be a $1million+ in revenue per year.

    News, sports, weather, ads, forums; my goodness, you could really do something with that. Why sell it for xxx,xxx and pay 40% in taxes on that one-time windfall to boot when you could build a whole company around that one domain name?

    I’ve been a business owner for 10+ years, so that’s the lense I view the world through. I think some of you domainers are missing the boat by selling premium domains, especially good geo’s.

    • @ FFS

      I make enough money with my other domain ventures and simply don’t have the time. Fred and his team are responsible for the other things.

      I am not selling it. I am continuing to build it out.

      If you think you can do better and want to make a $xxx,xxx offer, I will be happy to consider it. πŸ™‚

  77. @Elliot,

    No, I don’t want to buy it, but I’m glad to hear you’re not selling it; however, if I had the time, yes I could do better with it :). It’s a very nice domain that could be turned into a sweet biz eventually. Good luck with it.

  78. @Elliot: If you don’t mind me asking, what is the primary objection local businesses have given you for not wanting to sign up as an advertiser? Just wondering if there’s something beyond “can’t afford it”, or simply “not interested”.

  79. @Pat,

    You can hand-reg Cornbread.TV for $12.99 at Dynadot. Since you’re into food domains, I suggest you grab it. Estibot values it at $650, but it’d go for 10x that to the right buyer. I’m not buying it because I only buy domains that I intend to develop.

    NOBODY else grab it until Pat passes or takes it. Elliot, you should email Pat this info.

  80. @ FFS

    If you’re planning to build a high trafficked website, it’s shortsighted not to protect obvious typo names for just $10. Assuming you’re able to get 10,000 visits a month (which would only be fair to the advertisers you plan to charge), you’d have to expect at least a dozen+ people would typo that name. For $10/year, it’s far less expensive than buying the traffic, and you’d prevent someone else from monetizing it. With traffic that will be as specific as yours, it’s probably well worth the inexpensive investment if you actually believe what you are preaching.

  81. Hand regged some .org.uks for uk development:

  82. @Elliot,

    I agree with you, but I don’t see “” as a typo for “FarmsForSale.TV” (which is the domain I’ll be marketing).

    Hey, don’t forget to email Pat that heads-up about Cornbread.TV – that’s a brandable domain.

  83. Two more .TV domains that I don’t have a use for, but that are available to be registered for 13-bucks at Dynadot:


    If anything, one of you domainer pro’s could probably flip them eventually.

    I’m bored today, and have already surpassed my goals for the year, so I’m just looking for decent, un-reg’d domains…it’s kind of like a treasure hunt πŸ™‚
    – CH

  84. @ The owner of – did you know “Shameless” is an extremely popular TV show in UK (and no doubt syndicated globally), been around a few years. Id be hesitant to do any development at at all on that domain since it will get heat from the TV channel / production co’s lawyers AND will be fighting a losing battle against them in the SERPS.

    Do people really buy .tv’s randomly – I mean without them already owning the .com, or having no plan other than to ‘flip’ it to the alleged bigger fool?? I personally would unlikely spend my own money on a .tv unless it was something killer like or matched a media related .com I already owned.

  85. @Linda,

    Shameless is a generic word. As long as Shameless.TV isn’t used to confuse consumers, there won’t be any problems.

    Regarding .TV’s…some believe .TV will become close to the value of .Com for SOME domains that can be used as a media/video type business. The key is to buy generic, memorable, and searched-for keywords – like “cheeseburger” πŸ™‚

  86. Since I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice – my worry would be though that although YOU might believe you were not in the wrong, they may not. They might have a go anyway – it could surely be argued that any use of is by its nature going to confuse people who are looking for shameless tv show. In my opinion the only type of use of this domain that would be clear-cut not TM abuse would be content regarding a shameless Tuvaluan.
    Im not saying its a definite liability, just that it would be WAY above my (and probably most people’s) risk aversity preference.
    As I eluded to earlier, I am also one of those who see the value in .tv’s – but only as an adjunct to the .com .
    Anyone who markets is supplying traffic to straight off the bat. Im even kinda hoping people buy the .tv’s of all the exact match .com’s I own, and make successful businesses on them. Free money for me.

  87. There is a quiet land-rush for .TV’s going on RIGHT NOW. Many domainer-pro’s are being left out in the dark.

    I know a guy who has picked up over 100 (well over) .TV’s in the past 90-days (he’s a domainer). There are still some good .TV’s out there and right now Dynadot charges $12.99 and I heard of some other registrar charging $10.99 (can’t remember the name).

    Point is, .TV has a good chance of being on par with .Com within five years. .Com is for businesses, .TV is for video – it’s so simple and easy that this paradigm shift will catch many pro’s flat-footed.

  88. @TBC

    If there was great money to be made, you’d keep your mouth shut and would be buying and selling all you can. You sound like one of those spam emails I get every morning pumping up a shitty penny stock that is GOING THROUGH THE ROOF!!!!

  89. What I meant to say was “.com is for basic business like eCommerce, information, etc., while .TV is for anything that is video intensive (and that covers ALOT of possibilities).

    .TV even sounds cooler than .com! πŸ™‚

  90. @Elliot,

    I only buy what I plan to develop. Not a domainer, just a bored business owner during the slowest time of year for my main biz πŸ™‚

    I probably enjoy opining more than I should πŸ™‚ HOWEVER, I know I’m right about .TV – time will tell, my friend πŸ™‚

  91. I sent a comment but it got automoderated I think. weird.
    Anyway – Im not quite so down as Elliot on .tv’s I dont think, although all you people spending your kid’s inheritance on .tv’s would probably do well to listen to him, clearly he knows stuff when it comes to domaining!
    .com’s are for business. and ecommerce, information, and EVERYTHING else that is done online. or is for video. Why is forwarded to

    .tv does not sound cooler than .com imo

    I want to make a (legal) radio station on – since I dont think anyone is going to buy it, Ive had no offers and since I cant even seem to get it into the system on sedo I guess its dead in the water.
    I know Im gonna be handing traffic to wikileaks.everything else but its a special case!

  92. @ LindaM

    I am not down on tv. I don’t happen to own any but don’t really look at them negatively, especially if they make sense – like, In general, I just don’t like crap domain names no matter what the extension. I also think it’s a turn off when people pump an extension up as if they are making loads and loads of money.

    As much as I love sharing information, if I found a place that had lots of gold, I wouldn’t post the coordinates until I mined it all. It wouldn’t make any sense to do that. I am always happy to share information about the tools I use and whatnot, but it would put me out of business if I gave everything away, especially for free.

  93. @Elliot. Yep yep I hear ya, maybe ‘down’ was a poor choice of words – ‘cautiously reslistic’ might fit better.
    If I may say – you are remarkably good it seems at navigating that fine line between handing out the coordinates and teaching people how to dig. kudos.

  94. @Elliot,

    As I’ve made abundantly clear, I don’t buy domains with the intention to sell them later – my primary business is in sales, but not digital real estate.

    I was simply sharing what I thought were decent, unregistered domains so that perhaps someone could benefit. I had nothing to gain.

    I will not post another word about available .TV’s that I run across and have no use for, nor will I mention .TV again here.

    My apologies.

    – CH

  95. @ TBC

    You can mention whatever you’d like, but it seems strange that you keep changing your name in the posts, especially when they are sort of spammy looking, and if you have nothing to gain, I don’t understand why you continue to pump and pump. If you aren’t making money selling names, and I assume you aren’t making buckets of money with ppc, and I assume you aren’t passing up big/any offers on your .tv names, I see no reason for the excitement/pumping. I feel like it’s more of a dose of reality… nothing personal, but if you aren’t making money from these names, I don’t want someone to be influenced by illusions of grandeur.

  96. @Elliot,

    Point taken.

    I’ve passed on 2 separate low xx,xxx offers for cheeseburger within the past 3 months (TWO!). I paid $32 for it on April 30, 2010 (Bido). First offer was from a BIG company, the second was through a third party (could have been the same company for all I know – the offer was about 25% higher than the first). I turned them down (didn’t even counter) because I plan to develop the domain and I don’t need the $.

    Anyway, those offers woke me the F-up about the potential of .TV. Perhaps some of you .com-lovers should wake the F-up too πŸ™‚

  97. @ Elliot, For me, watching .TV is about noticing trends. I own only a couple, like,, which will lend itself to video content. I gave away in trade for services to Epik . . .

    On @ Stephen Douglas blog, there are 300 comments on 3D, and it looks like hysteria when people register and match “3D” with words that have nothing to do with 3D entertainment or medical, until real life shows

    are developed websites for Crest and Norelco, respectively.

    Congratulations again on! Check FastCompany’s recent article on using bamboo to fight climate change:

    Were you aware of this? The buyer probably wasn’t . . .

  98. @Melo,

    I like the JekyllIsland.TV domain. Jekyll Island is probably best know as the place where our current Federal Reserve system was planned out in 1913 (I believe that was the year).

    I don’t like the .co domain, but that’s just me – some people love ’em.

  99. @Louise,

    Regarding “3D”:
    Potentially, the biggest thing to come from the term β€œ3d” is that of 3d-printing technology. No, I’m not talking about a 3d photo coming out of your printer, but rather, 3d objects being created, human organs being created from a 3d printer for transplant, and they’re already making jewelry parts on 3d printers…3d printing technology will cause the biggest, single paradigm shift in manufacturing of ALL products over the next twenty years.

    Here’s an article from a couple years ago that I found to be interesting and enlightening:

    I foresee a time in the future when a women gets on her computer device (pc, mobile, etc.), designs her own custom dress at β€œ” for example (eventually the β€œ3d” will be dropped for brevity’s sake), using templates with several personalization options, the dress is then created on an industrial 3d printer and shipped to her house. Perhaps you’ll someday get on β€œ”, buy a license to β€œprint” a Nike shoe or a Reebok, customize it to fit your style, and it’ll be shipped directly to you. Personalization/customization is the future of all industries, which is why β€œ3d printing” will be MONSTER. Read the article, it’s good stuff.

  100. I dont see a massive ‘paradigm shift’ anytime soon with the 3d printing thing. Ive been aware of this tech for several years, I noticed something about it again more recently and was suprised to see how little it had advanced quite honestly.
    To use your dress analogy – do you really think *most* people will have the time, inclination to design their own dress? I sure as hell wouldnt – its much much better to browse the designs of DESIGNERS. I am not a dress designer because they would not sell, because they would be rubbish, and hence I wouldnt want it either.
    For the minority of people who want to design their own dress/other widget – this service is probably already available. I agree the cost of bespoke production will fall, perhaps dramatically – even so I doubt this will change most people’s buying preferences. Maybe you should watch The Devil Wears Prada, specifically the scene about how you dont really choose what you wear, someone else chose it for you years ago. Although people like to think they are independent, the whole basis of ‘fashion’ is built on pretty much going with what everyone else is doing. Mass market is in, bespoke will always be minority. Just my opinion – I hope you do very well out of it πŸ™‚

  101. @Linda,

    I think the younger generation (by your tone, I’d peg you at 45ish) and future generations by virtue of their introduction to technology at an early age, will be more likely to hop on the web at design their own stuff, if the template interfaces were user friendly and if the quality and cost were both in-line…obviously alot of “if’s” there, but it’s just the possibilities of what 3d-printing means for the future that is very interesting to me. I agree, they still have a very long way to go before we collectively realize any benefits from their research.

    – TBC

  102. @Linda,

    Sorry…if you’re not 45, then I’d say you either grew up in Canada or UK. Ok, I’m reaching a bit, but reading people is my specialty…pays my bills πŸ™‚

  103. I grew up on army/RAF bases in various places in the world, Im a British Army brat πŸ˜€ (so your about 1/8 right – good read!)

  104. Hi @ The Big Cheese, Interesting! I noticed, 3Dprint domains are taken, but haloprinting have some available – that tells me something! Halo is more about appearing 3D, then actual 3D. Interesting article. I have to bookmark it. Don’t go to Stephen Douglas’ blog – they (we’re) crazy over there! Just registered, – I’m guilty! πŸ˜€

    This is a lively conversation. @ LindaM, I’m close to 50, so appreciate your mature, balanced perspective on domains and development. Probably because you’re a world traveler, you have a good grasp on reality!

    @ TBC, How about on Andrew Rosener’s latest newsletter for $2900? Sweet for the buyer! Especially in light of @ Elliot’s recent post on relaxing of Adsense restrictions on liquor ads. Maybe that’s what made me register – you’re to blame, @ Elliot!

    On the topic of Fantasy Domaining, dropped to #9 today, but shifted some domains, so we’ll see if I regain ground tomorrow!

  105. lol thanks, although personally I would describe my grasp of reality as tenuous at best. I’m fairly well travelled though yes!
    I regged earlier – was already gone, I’ll bundle it with hehe

  106. .TV is exploding, and for some reason many .com guys have no clue what is happening and are in denial. By the way, I been in this industry since 1997 and own 80% .com. Also, I started buying .tv in 2000 as well.

    However, I might own the best .tv porfolio in the world as well, as many have told me. If I sold my,,,,,,, etc for what I been offered my ROI would blow you guys away. I don’t need to sell and holding out for more. Come in about 3 weeks, I am going to disclose more about .tv that will big news after the new year. All I can say, it what’s going on with me personally in .TV and everybody can have your own opinions but I am seeing the big offers coming in daily for .tv. For those who don’t see this, I will have a lot of fun putting your foot in your mouth very soon;)

    Thanks, Jim

  107. @Elliot, your are 100% correct. I am only buying top category names, the best of the best, but I am only buying in .tv. There are lot’s of XXX,XXX NDA sales going on .tv that most don’t know about.

    I am selling my .coms and buying .tv. Not even looking anywhere else, because the window of opportunity is closing real fast on good .tv. I don’t develop, it’s all about ROI, buy low and sell higher.

  108. @Jim I’d be interested to know if you own the matching .com’s and bundle them along when possible to boost the sale, or in fact whether these bidders/buyers TEND TO ALREADY OWN the .com – people who are making 5/6 figure offers for .tv’s presumably also have the clout to grab the matching premium .com .

    Clearly lots of short highly searched or media related’s ARE worth the investment, I dont think anyone is disputing that – I just cant see how is much of a brand if you dont also own and

    Its my opinion, and my foot is ready to be salted up and placed squarely in my mouth if I am wrong, but I believe .COM will ALWAYS be the premier extension. By a long way. Some exceptions will occur, domain hacks like or whatever etc, TMs like will work, high searched relevent keywords like as elliot said also, of course.’s as well – people always like to see where they are going on holiday to.

    The rest I would be suprised to see much action really – even maybe things like – I mean a) who wants to watch wall to wall shows about creditcards and b) anyone who googles creditcards wants a credit card, and creditcards.COM plus all the banks are gonna be fighting tooth and claw in the SERPS. Unless the owner of owns the matching .com I cant see how they will get any traffic, and therefore how they can possible make any money.

  109. @Linda,

    In the new world of digital media on demand, having the corresponding .com to your .tv is unimportant…utterly unimportant. Make sure your .TV is brandable, marketable, and make sure the end-usage of it is going to be relevant to media (video).

    The .TV’s I own fit all of the above criteria:


    That’s it. I will develop all four of them, for I am not a domainer…I’m a businessman.

    – TBC

  110. Not to be a party p&&per but what happens if the rules change for the TV extension as it could with any country code? Reg, fee increases, country presence requirements, new leaders that want the premiums back. Can you say .cm, .cn, etc? Just thought I’d ponder the potential obstacles.

    Best of luck.

  111. @Jim,

    I hear you on the xxx,xxx .TV sales. Won’t surprise me a bit to see a x,xxx,xxx .TV next year. I’ll be we see it.

    And if a certain company that I spoke with a couple months ago happens to stumble across this post, please know this: Cheeseburger is going to be developed by me, and if you hope to own it someday, you’ll need to add a zero to your last offer and then double it – that can be the starting point of our negotiations. No joke.

  112. @ Jim, What do you think about It’s listed on Andrew Rosener’s newsletter for under $3000.00 – it seems like a good price!

    Forgot I registered the other day . . . combines 3D and .tv – the happening domain and extension!

  113. Thanx, @ TBC. @ Jim Holleran doesn’t talk to me . . . I’m the strange one!

    But I’m on the leader-board of Fantasy Domaining!!! πŸ™‚

    Your estimate sounds high, until I checked DNJournal recap of ytd sales: sold for $100,999 for $41,000 for $31,000 for $29,500 for $25,500.

  114. Just bought

    Frank S. owns the .net and it looks like a bunch of ccTLDs are also registered in addition to org, info, us, biz (.ca, .jp, .de,, .fr, .it, .asia, .cn .etc…..)

  115. @Louise, I will always talk to you. BTW, my wife’s name is Louise.

    @Louise, regarding, I own and paid around $1,000 for it and can sell it for a nice ROI. For, $3,000 is a good price but not a great price, it’s still a buyer’s market but not for long. What is really picking up is the market.

    Also, my friend owns, and turned down a $400,000 offer from a major end-user.

    Since getting in this business in 1997, I never been more excited about this era, and it’s all because of .tv. People thought I was crazy in the late 1990’s when I was buying spanish .com back then, but that is the reason why I am semi-retired today and only work 2 hours a day now while hanging out with my twin 3 year olds everyday. For people entering the business today, .tv has IMO the best ROI, but you still need good names. Let everybody else chance other extensions, that is fine with me.

  116. @Elliot,
    Nice buy. I just picked up for $12 on a drop. I’m wasn’t sure if a cycling site or motorcycle site would be the way to go. Will you develop or flip it.

    Also just landed in Korean in Chinese in Japanese.


  117. What about:

  118. Broke one of my rules by picking up a domain without having a specific plan for future development of that domain.

    Hand-reg’d today…quite a few Google searches for that term; but it’s a “.ws”, so I may have wasted a few bucks on it πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  119. “In 2000, Tuvalu negotiated a contract leasing its Internet domain name “.tv” for $50 million in royalties over a 12-year period.[1] The Tuvalu government receives a quarterly payment of US$1 million for use of the top-level domain.”

    What happens when the contract is up? Just thought I’d pose the question as cctld’s can be tricky. .cn, .cm, etc..

  120. @Steve,

    The current Verisign/Tuvalu agreement goes through 2016 – after that, your guess is as good as mine. I only have four .TV’s, so I’m not too concerned. I don’t see the deal failing to get renewed after 2016…we’ll see.

    – TBC

  121. I picked up and – but have no idea what they’re worth or how to go about figuring that out.

    Think it’s cool to have some nice medical name domains tho.

  122. @Elliott – “I don’t think Playboy will have much of an impact on the .tv space. TNT has a much broader audience and has been using for a while.”

    I always tell people to consider .TV on a global scale. You could start by asking people in Europe or Asia what TNT is all about. Most people probably wouldn’t have a clue.

    Then ask the same people about Playboy and most people will tell you about the bunny and Hugh.

    My point is this – Playboy is a global brand, TNT is mostly restricted to the US market. The fact that playboy decided to use .TV for their online video/TV venture is going to have a much bigger impact on .TV and .TV awareness than TNT ever will have (or ever had for that matter).

    More and more content online is all about video, more and more corporations notice the trend and they’re looking at .TV – BMW.TV is another good example.

    Time will tell where .TV is going, but 2010 has been a great year and I think 2011 will be even better.

    Good luck to all of you πŸ™‚

  123. @LindaM – “Clearly lots of short highly searched or media related’s ARE worth the investment, I dont think anyone is disputing that – I just cant see how is much of a brand if you dont also own and”

    I don’t know what it is with all you .com people being so focused on .com only. To build a new brand you don’t need .com to create a GREAT .TV brand. That’s like saying About.ME needs to make it work – that’s clearly NOT the case.

    I don’t know if you live in the US of A where .com always has been king, and sadly probably will be for a long time, but if you move outside of the US borders, times are changing.

    Not everything on this planet evolves around .com. In Germany .de is a lot more popular than .com, in Sweden .se is way more popular, france embrances .fr, spain loves .es and Norway is all about .no. The interesting part is that more and more corporations in those countries are looking at .TV to promote their brands through media and interactive content. I don’t see any of them looking at .com at all. Makes you wonder why, huh?

    If you were right Linda, BMW should be using or but they’re not – they’re using BMW.TV. Playboy is using Playboy.TV not or The ESC should be using but they’re not, they’re using Eurovision.TV.

    The fact that .com’s are way overprices doesn’t put .com in a favorable situation either. I’ve been developing websites since 1993 and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. I’ve bought my share of .TV’s as I’ve slowly reduced my .com portfolio from 900 down to less than 300 domains.

    .TV is on the rise and I’m guessing a lot of you .commers are shaking because you’ve invested too much in your .com portfolios. I’m not saying .com isn’t any good, but I think it’s time that some of you to wake up and face the music. We’re not in the 90’s anymore, this is soon to be 2011 where online video, live media and interactivity is constantly on the rise. Why use a .com for a global brand when .TV is globally recognized?

    If you think .com will be as dominant in 2015 compared as it has been for the last 15 years you better think again.

    Either way, good luck with your ventures πŸ™‚

  124. @ Mr T – Its odd that you would use 2 examples that fall under the same general pre-existing brand awareness exception to bolster or promote the perceived value of – noone is disputing the clear value and utility of this form of .tv – both companies own their respective .com’s, both of which form the company’s primary web presence.

    I’m also well aware of the world outside of .com – while most of my domain holdings are .com, one of my most successful businesses so far by far is on a ccTLD . It should be noted that I also own the .com, and a big percentage of traffic comes through there. If I didnt own the .com I doubt it would be a viable business. Someone else would DEFINITELY have bought it, and would now be making money from my hard work. I’m CONFIDENT that businesses who want growth, whether they be in sweden, uk, usa or mongolia will be well advised to secure their .com domain if they want to do business globally.

    So just to summarize – I think .tv’s can be GREAT for .com owners, in fact if I supply you with a list of my .com’s I would urge you to buy the matching .tv’s and build massively successful businesses on them – failing that I wish you well anyway!

  125. @LindaM – I guess I could use Eurovision.TV or Justin.TV as examples as well. I’m not trying to promote the value of .TV, I’m trying to put some light on the branding possibilities and the future of .TV.

    I totally agree with you on this – if you want to do business on a global scale you should do everything possible to secure the .com. The .com doesn’t have to be put to use, forwarding it is good enough. We mainly grab the .com equivalents (if available) to prevent other people from profiting from our hard work.

    While .com may still be the most used domain extension today, this may change in the future. The change is nothing we’ll be able to control – technology, awareness and branding opportunities will.

    There is no doubt that .com is going to stay, but other extensions like .TV will continue to pick up the pace and gain market shares for video content and media related websites. Like Jim, I’m very excited about the future of .TV and I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for us all.

  126. Eurovision definitely is another brand pre-awareness case, most people *here* in Europe have heard of it many times. is an interesting one, and I must say I find it supporting my theory. I have heard of this brand, in passing – though if you asked me what it was I wouldnt know. If, before I saw the url in your post there, someone has suggested I visited “Justin TV” Im telling you 100% I would have either a)typed into the address bar or b) googled justin tv and clicked the top result.
    Whoever owns (Im sure they own it, without even checking) is getting lots of traffic destined for
    The point is – the old skool .com domainers (and hopefully some of the newer entrants like me) DO NOT CARE if you make money on your .tv, because anything you make will benefit them, without lifting a finger, and without risking a bean.

  127. @LindaM – unfortunately Justin.TV does NOT own

    I’m pretty sure gets quite a few hits from the .TV counterpart. The surge of traffic to probably leads the owner to believe that he’s holding a very valuable domain due to the high traffic he or she is getting thanks to Justin.TV.

    This is a great example why some .com domains are way overpriced.

    Oh well, time will tell where all this is going. Have a great sunday πŸ™‚

  128. @Mr T, you get this 100%.

    There are 3 types of people out there:

    1) People that watch things happen
    2) People that make things happen.
    3) People that want to know what the “hell just happened”

    It’s sad, but so many people are still stuck in .com, and still thinking about the internet being US only. And like I said before, I been in this business since 1997, so I been around the block. I am selling .com’s and only investing in .tv. I still own 80% .com but my goal is to have 50% .com and 50% .tv within 1 year. It will be so fun fun proving people wrong:))

  129. Back to a thread which is fun! The SlipperyElm thread is a downer!

    @ Jim Holleran, thanx for responding! Tell your wife, Louise, Louise from the leaderboard of Fantasy Domaining says, “hi.”

    How about that $400,000 offer your friend turned down? I gave away – what did I give away? Just registered, today! That’s a long hold.

    @ Steve, nice IDN’s!

    @ Chris, is nice, and I like, but I’m afraid it’s a trademark. Did anybody used to watch Daria?

    @ Victor I like and

    @ Elliot’s Mom, Louise from the Leaderboard of Fantasy Domaining says, “Hi!”

  130. @ the .tv investors – so I just handregged my one and possibly only .tv – a toe in the water so to speak. – for sale at sedo with no min offer. If I get ANY offers at all I’ll take my shoes and socks off, and get ready for that tasty but satisfying foot sarni.

  131. I’m quite excited that I have only .Co’s left and just dumped them on Ebay auction at no reserve. I see .Co values dropping below that of .info withing 2-3 years (or less). Only .com or .tv for me.

  132. @ Jim Holleran

    i am selling my .coms and buying .tv


    Every one of the above cubicle clowns above
    pushing.TV from there office mcjobs together.


    Just a bunch of 9-5 losers conning Newbies.

    SHAME ON YOU …..

  133. @Like it is,

    BTW, no 9-5 either. I am semi-retired hanging out with my twin 3 years old daily. Your welcome to come out on my 70 foot boat, but I am sure the others will throw your ass to the sharks:))

  134. @Elliot,

    I can find that out real fast, but I can’t disclose that. In one call, I can find that out real quick. I am being very honest here about that. You can send me a PM and I can give you more info.

  135. @Elliott, your not giving away that info and I know that.

    I just decided I am going to teach @Like it is
    a lesson which I will be emailing him direct or somebody on my behalf within a couple of days. After that, he will be so scared, he will be crawling back into his cave:)) I already have his info and know who he is.

  136. @Louise, I don’t know what stands for.

    @”Like it is”, I found out you have threatened others as well. Your in deep, deep, trouble. All I can say, is I have a relative in the FBI and they will be in contact with you. I am very serious about this, no joke!!! You messed with the wrong people, be careful who you do this to, because you never know what people you may cross. Big, Big, MISTAKE!!!

    @Elliott, I am done saying about “Like it Is” on your blog. The authorities have the info and I am sorry to go public on your blog.

  137. @Elliott, it’s not a dumb question. There is way more than meets the eye. He has threatened me not on your blog, but through my contact info through the “whois” on my sites. He has done that to others as well. I just decided it’s now time to take action on behalf of me and others. It’s funny but Rick Schwartz had the same thing happen to him today and posted it on his blog.

    In fact, I am going to post this as well, with the guys name, address, ISP #, phone #, etc, if I get the go ahead from the authorities.

    Thanks, Jim

  138. @Louise, thanks, I also landed idn in Japanese idn to go with idn in Chinese.

    @TVer’s – I bet there are many great 2 word combo’s with the hyphen that are still available. Even with the hyphen they should still get good indexing.
    I just checked and and as of this post they are still available. Send me a rum cake if anyone grabs it. πŸ™‚

  139. @ The Big Cheese, you could develop Russian News! Good news! If you enter, STV, Scottish News using is page one of results.

    @ Jim Holleran, You said, “@Louise, I don’t know what stands for,” so I slapped together a blog in answer to that – nice incentive – thanx! Click on my name.

  140. @Skip,

    Well, Louise’s use of “Bendy” on her site has nothing to do with hair, so what would be the possible “trademark issues” to which Jim referred?

  141. @Simon: You’re right. I went to instead of There are trademarks for beauty related things, hence the (mistaken) comment.

    @Louise: Hope works out for you. I dropped it last year waiting for flexible displays…not patient enough I guess πŸ˜‰

  142. Thanx – I intend to trademark BendyTV. I registered the dot com as a defensive measure, according to what I learned from you people here – thanx! The purpose will be a timeline of news past and present on bendy-related technology.

    My brother is like, “Wha? Bendy? Stick with touch screen,” which I am developing some hyphen dot coms.

    @ Jim Holleran, Thanx for feedback. Did you see on auction at GoDaddy? It was earlier today, but someone must have figured out it was priced low, with starting bids at $1200. Someone commented would have been hot in 1964, but not 2011 . . . goes to show, people don’t “get” dot tv.

  143. Louise,

    I did not see on Godaddy auction but been goofing off with my twins lately and been out of the loop.

    This is a crazy business. A friend of mine sold a .tv name NDA for $15,000 that I would not of even paid $25 for if it was available. You never know. BTW, the top Broker at is Brad Larson. Brad recently brokered the sale of for $570,000 and for $350,000. He is currently buying .tv as well.

    He is really excited about .tv and I talked to him on the phone about it. Look for the top domain brokers, from Sedo, Godaddy, and others getting very involved in .tv in 2011.

  144. I hand-reg’d RussianNews . TV two days ago and posted here (scroll up a bit to see) that same day. I got a call this afternoon from some fellow in NYC, asking if I’d sell it for $300. He must have saw my post from two days ago here and wants to pay me $300 for my $12.99 investment. Anyway, I passed – he was a nice enough guy, but I feel like this domain is worth a minimum of mid-to-high x,xxx in 3-4 years, and I’m not looking to sell anyway.

  145. @ Skip, Flex oled is interesting, so I’ll blog about it . . . who knows when it will be commercially available? There are many topics, you have to focus on the ones you want to develop, like Elliot sets the example! I’m fine-tuning my portfolio, too. Even domains I like I’m going to drop if they don’t get developed, whatever the reason.

    @ Jim, the WhosIs shows was created only back in October of 2010! What? That’s quite a coup for the Registrant to grab that one! He was flipping it for quick cash. Your friend, Brad, must have grabbed it. Why not ask him?

    This is my 2-post limit for Elliot’s blog. Good night! πŸ™‚

  146. Hand-reg’d the following domains today:


    – TBC

  147. What do you’ll think about these DOT TV’s?

  148. @ Victor Paez, does my opinion not matter? I offered feedback, above: Recliners, and I like!

    @ Jim Holleran, that has to be what it is, right? Dropped premium dot tv. How sad for the previous owner! πŸ™

    @ Ron Wells & @ The Big Cheese, you’re treading on @ Jim Holleran’s turf, with the foreclosed homes! Maybe you can all cross-link! How are you going to develop, @ The Big Cheese & @ Ron Wells? Use real estate feeds for video?

    @ Stephen Douglas told me “slow your roll” about registrations, and he’s right. Don’t register what you wouldn’t develop yourself with the idea someone is going to offer you a windfall for the domain. At least @ Elliot Silver develops several of his domains, which gives his salespitch credibility, that the domains are worth developing!

    – Check my, registered a couple days ago. I really posted content there! It’s really developed, but it boggles the mind how much work it could still use!

    Thanx for listening. Will get off my soapbox now!

  149. Hi @ Victor, Thanx anyway. I’m at the limit of domains I own and want to develop – way over limit! I had some success listing some of my domains at BargainDomains for a BIN price of $50.00. BIN is “Buy It Now.” It’s free to list, and Francois charges only 9% commission.

    2nd, could you slap a page on those domains? Might make them easier to sell. Further, it would increase their value. For instance, you could make a page about general recycled items – where to buy them, and post video from YouTube. It’s easy to embed Youtube video! Better yet, post your own video of places to buy recycled items, then upload to and put a link back! become an Amazon affiliate and feature recliners. Recliners are a piece of Americana – maybe there are Youtube videos as well.

    Last but not least, it was mentioned on this and other blogs you could offer them through Premium auction through Afternnic, but I wouldn’t try to get rich off of them, IMO.

    Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  150. Hand-reg’d these today:

    The only one of these that I will develop is Chalkboard.TV; the rest I will try to sell, eventually.

    – TBC

  151. Hand regged today:

    Also, just received an inquiry for a .TV that I just registered about a week ago ( … but don’t know where to start at pricing .TVs.

  152. dot ca on the drop.


  153. @ Ron Wells – that’s exciting news – good job!

    I’m validated! My feedback was “@ Ron Wells, those are AMAZING!!!” about and . . . I was right! No surprise you got an offer already on My opinion is: don’t go below $1000.00.

  154. @ Steve

    Those are some great .CA domain names… congrats. I like the marble names especially. Perhaps you should reach out to Rick Silver who has developed a number of great .CA domain names.

  155. @Elliot
    Yes I met Rick at DomainConvergence in Toronto last year. Great guy, great energy with an awesome platform at n49. It just seemed like he was very busy with his own names. I have dozens of killer .ca domains. Maybe I should say hello again.
    Thanks for the enthusiasm. It’s fun watching this thread.
    Some other ca’s
    ….. oops maybe I should stop. πŸ™‚

  156. Development Projects:

    The above are all mine; commissioned the graphics and posted them, decided the tabs, and composed the blurb for homepage and tabs – all original. That’s why I slapped a copyright notice in light ink under each. My sites won’t be de-indexed by Google. <== did that earlier <== in construction until I post the terms. <== Registered on the 12th; slapped up WP 3.03 and hacked the masthead, added ten posts, then pointed all Bendy domains to it. So far, the secondary domains are indexed:,, etc., but not That might take a while. That is why I slapped content on there right away.

    What are some of the development projects you-all are doing? Did you develop any of your recent acquisitions? πŸ™‚

  157. @Louise – Glad you asked about projects! I accidentally wiped out 24 of my ministes last week (switched database user names, then updated to WP 3.0x right after – didn’t know there was a big delay in the user name changes). Anyway, I used it as an opportunity to build 1 out as a real site: – IM Links – an Internet Marketing directory

    I spent most of the week adding 849 of my bookmarks to it & would love any feedback + relevant submissions – I’m sure I have missed many great sites.

    No real SEO activity yet, well until this comment πŸ™‚

  158. for sale on Newsletter for $100.00 – that’s not bad! What do you think, @ Ron Wells?

    BTW, Newsletter is another outlet to list dot TV names.

  159. @Louise, not bad.

    Here’s one of my new hand regs for the day: (.TV)


    (I like this one for horse racing … 135,000 exact global and $1.35 cpc)

  160. @ Ron Wells, why don’t you try for You could create an alternative site to for people to upload their storm chaser pics and videos! It’s popular.

    RacingResults – nice, if it has footage of racing. Those are pretty much locked up by the networks, right? was available for hand reg a month ago. Since I don’t want to develop it, I didn’t register it. Now, it’s taken! Real time gold price charts are popular among investors.

    @ Elliot, I never said, your list above it top notch!

    Here is a nice article about Alternative Cold Remedies which highlights Slippery Elm:,0,5204297.photogallery

    Okay, sorry so long. Want to stay within 2-post limit!

  161. @ Paul, is great! That’s what I’m talking about! You really developed it. The look of it is nice, and it offers practical content for marketers! It is professional-looking, it’s social-enabled, and there’s a disclaimer at the bottom. Is the login at the top for the user? Same as the login on the right side? I looked up the CMS software – pretty reasonable!

    Everybody, look at IM Links .com for a great example of developed site!

    Nice job, @ Paul! You go!

  162. @Louise – Thank you for your positive comments. I removed the extra login and (hopefully) clarified the purpose of the remaining one.

    PHP Link Directory is excellent, and I think definitely worth the $30 or $80 price tag – if you want a fully fledged directory. I can also recommend the WordPress “Link Library” plugin as a free alternative, especially if a directory is only one part of a site.

  163. Thanx – bookmarked Link Library as well!

    Just hand-regged Firefox put me in a loop with Moniker, so I got sent to a select payment page over and over. I took screenshots and emailed them in to support – 15 screenshots, and spoke with Glenda in support. It was glitchy in Firefox, so I switched to IE6, the other browser on my desktop, and finally registered it! What got into me?

    Now that Norelco and Crest posted websites on 3DShave and 3DWhite, I was tempted to register a commercial application of 3D for the cosmetics industry.

  164. The thread that won’t die. πŸ™‚

    One more for me.

    Today I visited the Lionel pop up store in Manhattan
    at 41st street and Avenue of the Americas. It sure
    brought back some old memories, and a new hand registration –

  165. Some of my latest hand regs. (currently in development) also)

  166. @ Elliot, Would you begin a thread for people to post their development projects? I want to see how Registrants are going to develop their registrations. All these registrations are making me crazy!

  167. @ The Big Cheese, I like

    @ Elliot, how about sponsoring a contest of the best development of recent registrations, and readers can vote? It doesn’t have to be something formal or serious, no prize; just recognition. You could announce it in advance, and give people a month to develop, like fantasy domaining.

  168. Elliot,
    What does the development of a site like cost? I have several domains that need a home, but not a lot of cash to develop them.


  169. @ Jason

    Not really sure since it’s the same site essentially as and there have been a lot of additions/changes with varying costs during the last year. Would probably be between $5-10k when all is said and done, but that’s if you spend the hours doing the work yourself after paying for development.

  170. Elliot,
    A month or so ago, you blogged about a site you developed, maybe a landing page, I thought you said it cost you about $200.00 ? Can you direct me back to that post please? I cannot find it.

  171. Just hand-reg’d FrontDoor.TV for a future company, “Front Door Productions” – It’ll be a Business Motivation Video site produced for a primarily Christian audience…everyone is welcome though.

    I have no idea when it’ll launch – likely after 2014…I’m very busy πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  172. Louise,

    If you plan on developing it, it’s can work. I don’t develop so I like 1 word category names in english, and spanish. There are still a lot of great names out there especially in spanish but the spanish market usually is about 3 years behind the english market.

  173. @ LindaM pummeled me to a finish to register another dot tv:

    so I just caved, despite my resolve to not register any more domains.

    Thanx, Linda! No, really, it’s a smart complement to

    so, it was a worthwhile investment.

    But, @ lindaM, you KNOW, all those nice, $11.99 dot tv registrations, and me, $12.99, are going to turn into $32.00 renewals? You are aware of that, right? You should email the Registrar you secured them at, and ask.

    Big renewals coming next year!

  174. For the reason I know the people, I appreciate Moniker, but its search function is a compromise, because checking the boxes of the extensions seems to help filter data of what keywords and what extensions are searched, for the big boys: Verisign and the large Registrars. Not only did Moniker update its site design, but it updated its search feature.

    Here’s what happened: as per my hobby, I searched some dot tvs the day before yesterday and noticed a great one available, which I emailed a friend. When I didn’t hear back, I emailed MHB, and checked before I sent the email, and it was taken. It was: registered through Name dot com. But it is backdated to November 30th, 2010. That makes me think nefarious conduct is involved, as the Registrar would go to the trouble to cover its tracks by backdating! The same Registrant listed is the same one who picked up the “drop” of, and he has in his dot tv portfolio:
    and a slew of 3 and 4-character. He sure seemed to get the jump on those!

    Here is the screenshot I took of the 3DBroadcast dot tv listing on Sedo. It had one visitor in 31 days – me, because it was registered and uploaded to Sedo on the same day: 01-15-11.

    It’s a parked page which is not yet indexed by Google, either.

    What is the point, you may ask. Do I advocate tangling with the mafia? No. Just don’t do your dot tv searches on Moniker, that’s all I’m saying!

  175. Correction: Yesterday was 01-14-11. Whew! Used up my two comments on Elliot’s Blog with the correction, so I can’t respond before tomorrow . . .

  176. 3dDesktopPrinter(s) dot net saw the news item about the new home manufacturing systems for around 1200. couldn’t resist. back away from the keyboard!!!

  177. You know, I thought I’d be friendly and leave: on the table, when I checked it a couple days ago, on Friday. All the extensions were available.

    Now, the dot com, dot net, dot org, dot info, dot co dot uk, and dot org dot uk taken, all registrations backdated to March 23rd, 2010, except dot info. That one was backdated to July. If dot info had been taken when I checked, the other extensions would have been taken.

    Check it out: the creation date of

    3DSConsole dot com
    3DSConsole dot net
    3DSConsole dot org
    3DSConsole dot co dot uk
    3DSConsole dot org dot uk

    are identical on March 23rd, spread out over four different registrars. Only dot net and dot org were both registered at Godaddy.

    This is good: what I’m doing. I am the first to post reigstrations are being backdated. The mob is sloppy and arrogant. Please, and thank you, @ Elliot to leave this comment, and the other one live.

    Last week I hand regged:

    3DSPhone dot com
    3DSPhones dot com
    3DSCamcorder dot com
    3DSCamcorders dot com

    Almost it’s scary to be the Registrant on some great domains. I’m happy it’s Moniker: Carla, Jonathan, Howard, Glenda, Bari, Mr. Kupeitzky, David. I’m just a poor, destitute woman, who hopes some good will come out of some value registrations, to not be a burden on her parents and society.

  178. We finally broke down and accepted advertisers to our landing page πŸ™ We didn’t want to do this, as we’re in the process of developing multiple web-properties, but traffic has exploded since Jan. 1 (now getting 2,000+ hits per day). Percentage-wise, we’ve seen the biggest jumps in:


    We made $300 in affiliate cash over the weekend (just turned the ads on Sat.), so this may work out well ’til we get the sites up and running πŸ™‚

    – TBC

  179. Just as surely as 3dsPhone and 3dsCamcorder were available and I registered the dot coms of those and their plurals, 3dsconsole – which is arguably a less valuable name – was available in all extensions two days ago!

    The fact that six extensions are now registered through five different Registrars – five of them on the same date, March 23rd – a back date of yesterday’s registrations, in different countries by different stooges – er, people – concretely demonstrates organized criminal activity by ICANN, Verisign, and the Registrars of scrambling evidence of frontrunning. That is to put it bluntly, @ TBC – hope that answers your question!

    Backdating registrations by the Registrars is what I suspected for a long time. There are many “similar” registration dates on valuable domains – now I have proof!

    In case these dates change again tomorrow, here are the screenshots:

    co dot uk
    org dot uk

    Soldiers are dying, and my life isn’t worth too much to expose – or, attempt to expose, the criminal activity.

  180. @Louise: If you wanted when it was available, then why didn’t you simply go ahead and register it?

    If it’s criminal to register a domain before someone else then guys like Rick Schwartz would be on death row by now…

  181. @SL. How about fiddling with the dates at the zone level? It’s okay?

    Newest Registration: <== in anticipation of Sprint announcement.

  182. @Elliot,

    Please don’t laugh at my newbie question, but how would you rate a CTR of 6.4% for banners ads?


    – TBC

  183. @Louise: Try this:

    Open a shell and type ‘whois’. Or use any whois lookup like, it doesn’t matter. The create date for the domain is indeed 2010-03-23.

    So the problem is you don’t trust the registrar’s data? Ok, then copy and paste this exactly:

    See all the March dates? You can probably repeat it for all the other extensions you thought were available. Whatever.

    Then there’s the Namepros post dated 11-30-2010 from the guy saying he hand-regged it (and two others).

    Once again:

    Which matches the whois create date of 11-30-2010.

    If you still think it’s a conspiracy then why not buy the two “backdated” records (May and July) from Domaintools to really understand the data they’ve collected. Hint: It may not mean what you think it means…

    So having said all that, if you do indeed find actual proof of this “criminal” behavior I’m sure Elliot would love to have the exclusive on it πŸ˜‰

  184. Just to be clear, was available for hand ref on the 13th. I emailed LindaM – she has the email, because I recommended it. It was registered by someone on Jan 14th. Domaintools history shows records for 2010 – I think they were invented.

    Today, it’s still Friday the 21st. The public WhosIs of: states the creation date is November 30th, 2010.

    I expect the creation date on the public WhosIs to be updated to May 21st, 2010, according to this predictable criminal-type behavior. You may think, “Boys will be boys. Give them alot of power. They can’t help themselves!” But I view it as wrong to creatively manipulate the zone files.

    3DSConsole was available in all extensions before the 18th. My search was somehow harvested, and several extensions created, then backdated to March 23rd. The whole, entire 2010 record is a creation, as far as I’m concerned. Here is the link, it was broken, above:

    This is my deal to write in the comments, and Elliot better not touch it. It’s scary, depressing stuff.

  185. The links I posted clearly demonstrate the domains were registered last year. Unless of course every reg scraper site (and Google!) is part of the conspiracy too.…/com_march_24_2010_4.php


    And the California guy who owns that crappy .tv domain…he went back in time to write the post on the exact day that it was registered? And the followups in the thread are manufactured also?

    You’re right about one thing…it’s scary.

  186. Hi, Why did you include the 2nd link? The dot tv name hasn’t been indexed by Google.

    Neither has 3DSConsole dot com been indexed by Bing – why? Because it didn’t exist until a few days ago. I checked the code, and it says, meta name=”GOOGLEBOT” content=”index, follow, all” so it’s not because it doesn’t want to be indexed.

    The reason it’s already indexed on Google, is because it’s on a dedicated server that already was indexed and had content. These people know what they’re doing: register a good name, backdate the creation date, register a bunch of extensions and backdate those, and point the dot com to a dedicated server which is already indexed in Google and has content.

  187. Here, I’ll make it even easier and post the direct link to Namepros (post #3593):

    Look at the post date. Then look at the whois date. They match.

    Unless Namepros is in on the conspiracy too.

    The rest of your post is pure nonsense. You really need to learn the basics of how this stuff works.

    First, spiders follow robots.txt, not metaname. It’s Sedo’s standard exclusion file, look at

    Next, the Google cache date is the last update. It doesn’t mean the first spider date. Sedo parking pages creep in and out of Google’s index all the time. And to *expect* Bing to index a parking page is really off the wall.

    Then there’s all those links I gave you. You obviously didn’t check any of them. Every one of the new reg sites says it was registered last March. Not a single one says anything later. And note that each is registered by a different person in a different country.

    The bottom line is that you originally queried the wrong domain and didn’t realize it. Then turned it into a grand conspiracy.

    Finally, simply ask yourself the most obvious question. Why on earth would anyone go through so much trouble for such a crappy name? Especially since the Nintendo 3DS is a live trademark term?

  188. As far as, there must be an arrangement between the registrant and It’s real WhosIs says the creation date is 05-21-09, and the expiration is 05-21-11. – mentioned on the link you sent me to, shows the creation date is 03-30-09 and the expiration is 03-30-11 by a completely different registrant! So how was it created on 03-30-09 and it expires 03-30-11, yet the [im]poster you linked to says he registered it 11-30? Thanx, btw. It adds interest to the puzzle.

    How how how?

    Why why why did strangers from different countries register the stinky domain 3DSConsole in stinky extensions on the exact same date? What was the rush?

  189. My registrations and content have turned to mobile, so after I hand-reg’d the best domain in my portfolio this morning:


    I registered


    to highlight news from each of four mobile tech categories: touch, flexible display (Bendy), 3D, and DTV.

  190. recent acquisitions, – DFG -DFG – DFG


  192. @ Elliot, Just noticed your acquisitions – congratulations! RealEstateAttorney sounds category killer. Nice names, @ Steve (RetiringEarly) and @ BFitz (! Good job, all!

  193. Only registered one this month! I’m in developer mode! Finally! Here are the last 3 I hand reg’d for a long time . . . Now I’m working on renewals:

  194. In the past two weeks:

    – TBC

    and a few others are great domains. Here are a few I picked up this past month:

    and a few others……

  196. purchase recently

    Please Check the news about mobile payments and mobile wallet at google. I think it’s a good investment what do you think guys ? google, apple, visa, mastercard, starbucks are on it , and big telco’s

  197. @BigCheese: That’s interesting. What kind of insurance offers are you planning to target to the Chagos islands? Since there aren’t any roads and only 4000 residents, are you thinking flood or homeowner’s insurance?

  198. @SL,

    That’s funny. I suppose MLB.TV is targeting Tuvalu? And Bahamas.Co is targeting Columbia? I could go on and on, but why?

    ccTLD’s will rank in Bing and Google. As an example, 4G.VC and 5G.VC are already indexed by Bing, and we just registered them a couple weeks ago.

    You .com-lovers really should wake up to the new reality, which is this…ccTLD’s are being bought, marketed, and used by companies worldwide and this trend looks to continue. Go look at DNjournal and some of the ccTLD sales over the past three months – a definite uptick in volume of domains and price.

    Good luck to you.

    – TBC

  199. @SL,

    Check out – I’ve heard rumors about this company – it’s going to be HUGE…and built around a .io domain…hmmm…

    – TBC

  200. @SL,

    Check out (the .io registry). They’ve recently rebranded the registry to serve the “social internet”. There are things going on the world-’round that you obviously are unaware of.

    Bottom line, strong-keyword-ccTLD’s offer a much higher potential ROI than gTLD’s. To argue this against this point only proves your ignorance.

    – TBC

  201. Elliot, you have some very sweet names, congrats πŸ™‚

    I don’t tend to do the whole bidding war thingy, out of my league lol

    A few names I recently picked up… – GoDaddy closeout – Hand Reg. – I know, I know a .ws, couldn’t resist lol – Hand Reg. – Hand Reg., currently for sale @ $25

  202. I have found some great names in the “trash” lately.
    and a few other….many that I have decided after the fact really were junk. Live and learn.

  203. Hi, So relieved dot tv worked out for you, @LindaM!!! For a while, I thought, “What have I done – I created a monster!” after the commenters here changed your mind on the advantages of dot tv and you went into it full tilt, even though you sold one a respectable over four figures, I was a little worried. Now you could say it was all worth it – good going!!!

  204. It’s been a year since anyone posted on this thread, so I might as well chime in:

    registered two days ago!

    Before that I registered my last domain of 2011 on December 31st, 2011.


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