Recent Acquisitions & Registrations

I haven’t done this in a while, so I thought I would share a few domain names I recently acquired (that I still own) and several that I recently hand registered. I am always buying great domain names at solid prices because my business model requires me to keep buying and selling.

If you’d like, you are welcome to post your aftermarket purchases (auctions or private acquisitions) and hand registrations in the comment section below.

  • – Jewish prayerbook for Passover (acquisition)
  • (acquisition)
  • (acquisition)
  •  (acquisition)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  • (hand registered)
  •  (hand registered)

As always, if you have stellar domain names you are looking to sell for a good price, let me know. I need to buy some more great domain names.

It’s President’s Day here in the US, and I am going to be somewhere I won’t be able to get good reception, so comments may not be approved as quickly as usual.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Recent Acquisitions:

    Recent Hand Registered:

    Thanks for the post Elliot…!

  2. It’s the domains that I missed the ends of auctions that haunt me.

    I forgot to snipe which went for $80 on NameJet last week.

    That was a steal.


  4. My last 10:

    WatchTrailer dot com…..backorder
    BeadedNecklace dot com….drop auction
    LocalLawyer dot us…
    Business dot jp (Japanese IDN) forum auction
    ArtDecoLighting dot com……drop auction
    Watch dot com…. (Japanese IDN) forum auction
    CeilingSpotLights dot com…. private sale
    GardenLanterns dot com…private sale
    SkinExfoliator dot com…..Godaddy auction
    IndoorHottub dot com…..drop auction

  5. I don’t hand reg that much but here are two:

    On the drop…

  6. Registered a couple of gambling words: (word for upscale casino) (what they do in poker)

    Thought I had one sold, but the person never paid. Ricardo teret garcia. Watch out for him. Also read that someone else had a problem with this same person. Was for the domain name:

  7. Hand reg’d

    last year. Wish I had, but these are okay. With the announcement of:

    Samsung Galaxy Note
    LG Vu

    they’re coming mature.

    Only registered one this year:

    . . . Carriers want to put ads on 2nd screen devices which match the tv program you’re watching . . . like Zeebox.

    Samsung releasing phone/tablet hybrid

  8. Yo Elliot the big Man- thanks for this kind of posting .

    I like your posting because you allow small people like us engage in your blog and help us succeed.-not like those big “Shots” rich domainers who cares about their selfish self–you know who you are!!

    Hey, I have an idea for you.

    Do a posting on domains like and post what you have and what we have and let the voters compare

    Next post do gambling or marijuana domains….

    you get the drift now…

  9. I really like…

    I’ve bought about 50 domains since the start of 2012. My favorites are below:


  10. I like yours and everyone else’s here!

    How is it possible & were available for hand reg? Nice going! sounds like a pricey domain.

  11. Rons-

    I am the and the

    I have many more at

    I am the largest marijuana dealer on the internet!!! please don’t tell anyone.

    get lots of offers on my marijuana domains I own .

  12. *Hand Reg* – Increasingly popular cosmetic procedure.


    All for sale at reasonable prices so I welcome offers from Elliot or anyone else.

  13. The encouraging thing about Elliot’s business is he does well with long-tail dot coms. ChestnutHillRealEstate is four words, six syllables. I collect mobile tech domains, which, like PhoneTabletHybrid, by their nature are more specific as longtails.

    Another recent registration is:

    which I’m in the process of building out.

    There aren’t many alternative terms for that specialty . . . There are website templates, which cover the whole gamut. It’s the shortest descriptive term.

  14. Elliot,

    Along the same lines of your dog domains I own which you may be interested in and I am willing to part with at a decent price.

    Recent aquisitions, of which none I think I am personally going to develop include:


    All .com

    Just backordered a beauty that no one else did but don’t want to crack open the fizzy until I get confirmation I got the domain.


  15. Recent Additions: (NJ Doctors) (TV is first screen, mobile or tablet is 2nd)



  16. @ Anthony

    I have no idea what “true bred” means, so I wouldn’t be interested in the domain name – sorry. If you’re talking dog breeds, the term that is commonly used is purebreds.

  17. Yes mate of course.

    Your competition went down a storm and this thread seems to be going the same way.

    I am sure you’ve thought about it before but I am sure you could make a nice bit of change by facilitating deals without acquisition, I realise this isn’t your business model.

    Anyway have a great presidents day.


  18. Hand reg’d 185 one-word .net’s recently, including – advertising banners. – travel, transport, lodgings. – copy and learn. – pricing, quotes. – discount codes. – travel, vacations. – blenders, hand mixers. – property redevelopment. – file sharing. – pc cooling, air con.

    see my blog to view full list…


  19. I hand reg’ed:

    The .com went for $55k in 2008, but I have no idea how to sell a dating site. Exploring options and looking forward to learning a lot.

  20. To be honest, I have just begun the process of trying to put together a comprehensive understanding of its worth!

    I know what I paid for it a year ago, and I know what it produces (albeit a minor effort at best)….but as far as what I am asking…to be honest, I’ve been “going by my gut”…and at this point have not received an offer I was willing to consider very highly. In fact, at this point I have a couple organizations anxiously waiting for my answer to the very same question…my terms for sale.

    Thoughts…value estimates….suggestions…or offers?

    Would love to hear them all!

  21. Hand registered this group. (nice idiom)
    And one long tail 🙂

  22. Recently Hand Registered

    Go to
    Send offers if interested. Thanks

  23. I sold lately….and hand reg

    Other new collection include: (window shopping with mobile phones QR code)

  24. hand reg’s auction np forum np forum

  25. Recent acquisitions:

    RESETTLE.COM Back Order
    BUYINGUP.COM Hand Reg’ed
    DENTFREE.COM Back Order
    ICONSIDER.COM Back Order
    GINGERED.COM Back Order
    MURAL.CO Hand Reg’ed
    MURALS.CO Hand Reg’ed
    BOBBLEHEAD.CO Hand Reg’ed
    BOBBLEHEADS.CO Hand Reg’ed


  27. Recently aquired

    iRefinanceMortgage .com
    WeRefinanceMortgage .com
    isportstream .com
    isportsstream .com

    NageldesignShop .com (NailDesignShop in German)
    SchokoMuffins .com (ChocolateMuffins in German)
    Stammzellentransplantation .com (StemcellTransplants in German)
    PagueraMallorca .com

  28. Just handregs starting with ‘S’ and on:

  29. Hi Elliot,

    A really nice, useful and genuine site – wish you more success 🙂

    I’ve registered interesting domains over the years that I wanted to develop but am new to domaining as a business. I’ve occasionally enjoyed articles on your blog over the years but have never posted – since I read your site more regularly now I thought I definitely should get your help regarding my domain portfolio.

    It would be great if you could value / tell me your opinion of the following few domains [all hand registered .COMs and for sale if offered a good price – spaces used for readability & if not mentioned registered in 2011/2012]:

    WEB BIDDY [2009] – Idea was of a user-friendly bidding site or flippa type site
    WEBBY HUB [2008]
    AWE FILLED – Kids or career advice site for youngsters from pros who love their careers
    AWE BUDDY – Idea was of an app to share awesome stuff we come across
    5 FORK – food related website
    1000 ODD – online shop or recommendations site
    PERFZ – Online Shop or Brand Name – Only good sounding 5 letter word to describe stuff that’s perfect (perfs is a bit odd to me)
    RAW GUT – idea was of a video site or uncensored website viewable only by friends
    B2C HUB [2010]
    JOB SEEKER HUB [2010]
    BEST DESIGNS HUB [2010] (and more similar…)
    INKORNER – printing or tattoo site
    FAB WEBBY – design or development firm brand name
    NAMERRY – idea was of a domains related site
    OPPORTUNATE – coined word, idea was of a community to share opportunities they came across with each other
    CUT 2 DA CHASE – Short and to the point answers website
    NATURAEL – possible brand name for health or beauty industry
    PERFECT 10 WEB – idea was of a rating/community site for websites
    PERFECT 10 HUB – idea was of a rating/community site for products

    Remember all are .COM without any dashes. I have the skill and resources to develop these but am very short of time with two kids and my web design business so want to consolidate my domain assets by selling off some of them but for good prices.

    If interested please email me your best offers – anita at

    Thanks and warmest regards,
    – Anita

  30. I acquired an aged premium domain name in the relationship niche that I am taking offers for:

    I placed a mini-site on it rather than just leave it parked.

  31. Hi,
    I really like reading your blog. Thanks for letting us post here.

    I registered (via Godaddy backorder) (sedo’s price suggestion $3700) The traffic is picking up….:-) (hand registered) (hand registered) (hand registered) (sedo’s price suggestion $620) (sedo’s price suggestion $800)

    All of the domains are for sale @sedo 🙂 priced at a much cheaper fixed price
    In the past I sold a few domain names. The sales price was always low, but at least made a few dollars 🙂 My last sale was bestcloudprovider dot com ($60).
    Have a great day.

  32. OMG! Vanity thread! I sure am late but let me share my new acquision too:

    IndianJewelry (.net)
    Chromes (.net)


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