Radix Job Opportunity: Brand Manager

Radix is the largest new gTLD registry operator with over 5 million domain names under management. The India-based company is looking to hire a Brand Manager for one or more of the extensions the company operates. The job opportunity was posted on LinkedIn about three weeks ago, and I noticed it this morning. This job might be of interest to someone with domain industry experience who lives in India. The job will be based out of Mumbai, where Radix is located.

Here’s an excerpt from the job listing describing what the job entails:

“We are looking for a dynamic and passionate leader to grow and steer the global business operations, strategy and business development initiatives for a top-level domain (TLD) brand. As Brand Manager, your goal will be to make sure that the TLD becomes the domain name of choice for the target audience worldwide. You will be managing growth while keeping a keen eye on visibility, consumer adoption and profitability.

From my quick read of this job opening, the right candidate will essentially have ownership over at least one of the company’s extensions and be responsible for the growth and adoption of the extension. It does not look like domain industry expertise or experience is required. I would imagine having domain industry experience could be a benefit for someone who already has brand management experience.

At the time of publication, fewer than 25 people have applied for this job via LinkedIn.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Maybe they thought it would look hypocritical if they spent $50K on a.com domain name when they are telling others that .com is not necessary.

    • Yes, but the .COM should be the 1st choice when reasonably available.

      And when that option doesn’t exist, then it makes sense to suggest alternate TLD’s.

      • “who wants to pay $48,000 for a domain name?”

        Thousands of domain names change hands each year in the five plus figure range. Here’s one example of a person who was very happy to spend much more than $48k on the perfect domain name for his growing brand: https://www.mediaoptions.com/domain-names/on-the-record-the-domain-story-of-extend-com.html

        As I said earlier, I think it would have looked a bit hypocritical for Radix to have spent $48k on a .com domain name when their marketing is essentially built around telling other companies they do not need to have a .com domain name.

        • I don’t see how they would be hypocritical as they even own http://www.RadixRegistry.com since 2011 and are obviously renewing it every year since.

          They are using it as a redirect to their main site because they are clearly concerned about losing valuable traffic.

        • Yes, I believe the company hand registered RadixRegistry.com but they use Radix.website for their company. Had they acquired Radix.com for almost $50k, this is how my article about the acquisition may have looked:

          “Radix Acquires Radix.com for $48,000

          Radix, the largest new new gTLD operator with nine new gTLD domain extensions and 5 million new gTLD domain names under management, has acquired its brand match .com domain name for $48,000. The seller was….etc.

          While the company touts its new domain extensions to startups and established brands, its nearly $50k acquisition shows the importance it places on a brand match .com domain name. The company did not need to spend $48,000 on the brand match .com domain name, but the fact that it spent that much money shows the importance it places on owning a brand match .com domain name.”


          I think it would have been wise to buy Radix.com because I believe brand match .com domain names are very important and $50k for a brand match .com is short money for a company like this. Radix, for better or worse, has to take an opposing stance to sell its non .com assets. I think it would have looked hypocritical to publicly spend that money on the .com domain name and an article like the one referenced above would likely have been referenced by naysayers.

          In this particular case, I think the acquisition would have resulted in a net negative for the company that is trying to educate people about the .com domain name not being necessary.

          Just my opinion – and of course we will never know.

        • They could have acquired Radix.com and asked that the price not be published, right?

          Also, they made the effort to activate forwarding of http://www.RadixRegistry.com to their main site and are renewing the domain every year which demonstrates that they believe valuable traffic is going there.

        • Quite possibly, but I would have still written about it when I saw it transfer because it would be newsworthy.

          I believe the asking price was $100k, so I probably would have speculated that the price was actually higher than the $48k they paid.

          BTW, I appreciate having a good discussion like this.

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