Possible Fake GoDaddy Coupon Email


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Just a head’s up that it appears a fake GoDaddy coupon email may be making the rounds. The subject of today’s email is “Get 32% OFF your order – no minimum.” When you hover over the links in the email, you’ll notice a Goo.gl url shortener is used for the redirect instead of a GoDaddy.com url, which would most likely be used if the email was legitimate.

I hesitate to call this a phishing email because it seems that the url takes the visitor to some sort of affiliate page within the GoDaddy website, although I didn’t investigate further. My guess is that it’s someone who is trying to get affiliate credit somehow, although I think it’s pretty shady that the “from” field says “Godaddy.com” and the email address is noreply@godaddy.com. It could also potentially be some sort of phishing email, but again, I didn’t investigate it much.

Aside from the use of the url shortener, there are a couple of other giveaways that this email does not appear to actually be from GoDaddy, but I will refrain from sharing those issues lest I give the sender tips on how to make it look more legitimate.

It’s important that you never click links within emails, especially those that don’t look legitimate. You should also activate two factor authentication on your accounts to add an additional layer of security to protect your account from changes and theft.

I don’t know if there’s a way to stop this kind of activity, but being vigilant is a good way to protect your domain names.

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  1. Not much to worry about these codes have been out for a while just people trying to make a few bucks.

    The big problem comes when and if you click these and it takes you to a dummy page with a fake login and password, at that point they have your login and password at godaddy.

    These codes are not worth doing you expose your account if you click the link. Best thing to always do is just copy the code and not click the link, and make sure you not already logged into godaddy.

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