Rick Schwartz Gives TRAFFIC Price and Auction Update

I am planning to make my second trip of the year to Las Vegas for the TRAFFIC conference, which will be held May 28 to 31 at the Bellagio. This morning, Rick Schwartz shared a couple of TRAFFIC updates I want to share with you because time is of the essence.

In reference to the cost of attending, Rick announced:

Right now when you sign up for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. it includes 2 nights at the Bellagio for $1495 or 3 nights for $1595. An incredible deal at a 5 star hotel. Save over $500 on 3 nights. The hotel part of the admission is going away at midnight. The price will be $1595 and it will no longer include the hotel rooms at the Bellagio. That was a VERY special offering and ends at midnight. You must book your own room direct with the hotel and then send us your confirmation number so we can properly credit your account.

In reference to the TRAFFIC auction, Rick announced:

“The agenda is now being assembled and TODAY we start taking submissions for the auction. gTLD premium domains direct from the registry have first dibs and the selection process on other domains will be VERY selective and very narrow. We will not have an auction for the sake of having an auction. So all depends on quality and pricing of submitted domains.

Submissions are opened until Wednesday April 9th. The submissions MUST be mailed to domainking@gmail.com for consideration. You will only hear back if your domain is included. So only include the domain name and reserve price if any and up to 10 domains ONLY. Large lists over 10 names will be DISCARDED WITHOUT CONSIDERATION. PERIOD! NONE!”

I am particularly interested in seeing what new gTLD domain names Rick thinks are good enough to be part of the auction. Additionally, it will be interesting to see the reception the new gTLD domain names receive in the auction because domain investors tend to speak louder with their wallets than on blogs and forums.

If you are planning to attend TRAFFIC but haven’t gotten your conference pass yet, today might be a good time to do that.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Wow that .club background hurts my eyes. Seriously. It will be interesting to see if your bounce rate changes because of it. I am not knocking it Elliot but I do think it will make people leave your site faster because it is very hard to focus on anything with that blazing in my eyes.

  2. “gTLD premium domains direct from the registry have first dibs” I am not sure I understand what this means in terms of submitting domains to the auction. Does this mean domains weren’t available to the public and reserved by the registry?

  3. “gTLD premium domains direct from the registry have first dibs” I am not sure I understand what this means in terms of submitting domains to the auction. Does this mean domains weren’t available to the public and reserved by the registry?

    @Gary – I think it really means, – ‘Even though I’ve trashed them and disparaged them endlessly, I guess I need-them/want-them at my conference, because they are the ones spending all the money now.’ …priorities..

  4. What happened you are usually good luck when you at the game. 4 runs in the 9th, damn.

    I agree it will be interesting to see what Rick thinks is a good new gtld for the auction.

    Gary I would imagine, the registry submitting is first priority. So if .Club is willing to put Night.Club up for auction that will take priority over domainers submitting their .coms.

    • If .Club is willing to put Night.Club up for auction than we know the final results can’t be trusted because there is no way on a national stage that they would let one of their premium names sell at what they would consider to be below value.

      This is not just some domainer putting up a domain at auction and if it does well so be it. This is a multi-million dollar company with many lives at stake banking on the success of their product.

      They won’t let it be embarrassed at all costs because embarrassment means potential failure. Bottom line is we won’t be able to trust the credibility of the results. The outcome will be fixed I guarantee it.

    • Oh I agree Todd I was giving that as an example for Gary,its going to be interesting because I would think Rick is going to demand some of the best, if they are average names it makes Rick and TRAFFIC look bad.

  5. How many TRAFFIC conventions is Rick and Howie organizing a year? 4, 5?, With that number I think Rick should offer a frequent deal, Attend 3 conventions a year and get the 4th one Free, or attend 2 conventions a year get the 3rd one for 50% off.. And for domain bloggers who hype GTLD’s so well, they should get at least 25% more off and all-you-can-have lap dances at any of the 3 Crazy Horse saloons, What do you say Rick?

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