Portabellas.com Acquired for Progressive Super Bowl Commercial


During the run up to this evening’s Super Bowl, Progressive Insurance ran a television commercial featuring its “employees” Flo and Jamie in the role as a waiter and waitress at a fictitious restaurant called Portabella’s. The Progressive Super Bowl advertisement caught my attention because of a generic domain name that was featured in it:

Towards the end of the commercial, you can see the Portabellas.com domain name prominently marketed. That caught my attention because I remembered seeing the domain name transfer very recently in my DomainTools Registrant Alert email from January 25, 2019:

From what I could tell, Progressive Insurance acquired the Portabellas.com domain name from Frank Schilling’s company, Name Administration. The domain name was likely acquired using the brokerage services of CSC, a brand protection and domain registration company.

I do not see the domain name listed on NameBio, so I presume the sale price is going to remain private. I did reach out to Uniregistry to see if the price can be shared, but unfortunately I was told the sale price will remain private.

It’s pretty neat to see a generic domain name like Portabellas.com featured in a Super Bowl ad.


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