Acquired by Walmart


It looks like Walmart acquired a, ahem, sexy domain name. According to Whois records, is now registered to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.. The domain name is registered at MarkMonitor, the brand protection registrar the company uses for its domain name management. had previously been registered under privacy proxy at Moniker.

The acquisition of was reported in a tweet from Jamie Zoch:

From what I can tell, had been a fully developed business that was owned by Bareweb, Inc. According to a blog post on the Walmart corporate website, Walmart acquired Bare Necessities in 2018. I presume this acquisition was a part of that deal. now forwards to rather than being used for a standalone website as it had been before.

Walmart owns quite a few exceptional domain names in its portfolio, primarily through acquisitions. Walmart owns,,,, and I am sure I am overlooking some that are registered to entities operated by Walmart.


  1. There’s some kind of problem with your site because I cleared cache and all that and it only goes to 12/27 on the homepage. This post was only reached via a news service.

    • It was some sort of issue with the W3 caching plugin – thank you for the head’s up.

      I believe the issue is resolved, so please try again.

  2. I cant stand it when large corporations snap up all these premium names. Simpsons own, Disney owns and all of these domain names are just being used to redirect. It sucks.

    • I agree. For large brand companies like Wal-Mart, it’s an insurance policy against online giants like Amazon and traffic/controller Google. They can afford to sit on these great addresses and keep them away from their competitors.

      In my opinion, the ownership consolidation of generic domain names by the S&P 500 is furthering big business’ control of the internet. Likewise, Alphabet Inc has slowly been eroding the natural flow of direct navigation by their platforms like Google for over 10 years. Many small businesses built on direct navigation can no longer compete for that traffic and have to sell.

      The slowing of domain name development is not a symptom of competition and over-saturation, but by design. The proof lies in the fact that these generic domain names are becoming “more” valuable while being purchased by big business platforms, thus taking them out of the competitive marketplace. It mitigates their fear of losing control and is an insurance policy for big companies that have to protect their shareholders investments.

      The huge downside is that once these generics are placed out of reach, the internet no longer is the culmination of freedom for the masses but the sum of its most powerful to redefine the web as it chooses.

  3. I hope they got the typos also because most Walmart customers would have no idea how to spell Lawnjeray, or is it Lonjera, or is it Longjerai, LOL LOL.

    • Let me guess. You’re a smug little know it all liberal who frowns down on everyone in middle America. Congrats!!! You’re an Ahole.

      • Lol. I am middle America and shop at Walmart twice a week. One of the only stores in the world that I can get food, buy a toy, have Mcdonald’s for lunch, grab a pair of socks and get my car’s oil changed all in one fell swoop. I love Walmart! I said “most” Walmart customers can’t spell it not all. I can promise you if you polled one hundred people off the street that 80% would not know the correct spelling of Lawnjeray. 😀

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