Poll: Will You Attend NamesCon Global in Austin?

Yesterday, NamesCon announced the dates for the 2020 NamesCon Global conference in Austin, Texas. The annual conference will take place January 26-29. This is the first year NamesCon Global will not be held in Las Vegas, where it has been held since its inception.

I did not buy my conference pass yet, but I plan to do so before the price increases at the end of July. I checked yesterday, and I am able to fly non-stop from Boston to Austin, and airfare seems pretty reasonable right now. I probably won’t book it until I figure out the hotel situation though.

I know we are about seven months out, but do you plan to attend NamesCon Global in Austin? Vote in the poll below.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Dumbest decision ever. Who in their right mind would move any conference from Vegas to Austin and expect it to be successful. Attendee numbers are going to go way down. Vegas was the hook that got people there and sorry but Austin is no hook. Whoever made this decision should be fired in my opinion.

    • I would go either way, but Austin is preferable to me over Las Vegas. I haven’t been to Austin before, and I while I will miss the late night blackjack, I can use a break from Las Vegas.

      • The regulars will go no matter where it’s held. What builds these conferences are those that have never gone but want to but the conference isn’t a big enough draw by itself so they put them in places that are big hooks like Vegas. This is how year after year attendance grows and grows. Those that are on the fence eventually give in because its more than a conference but its Vegas. Easy to say yes when there is more to offer then just a conference. I may be wrong but I don’t see attendance increasing in Austin even though it is a tech city.

  2. I respectfully disagree. Austin is a huge tech hub (where there is still places to have fun and a lot to do) where Las Vegas is known more as a party hub. The move to Austin will be a nice different atmosphere for the conference. They’ve done nothing wrong by moving the conference. Some people that may have gone while in Vegas may not go to the Austin conference, while some people that may go to the Austin conference may not have gone to Vegas, so it’ll all even out in my opinion.

  3. I made a suggestion that management time this event to coincide with South X Southwest (either just before that event or just after), this would have brought fresh audience, media attention and spillover audience to Namescon. Doing it in in Austin in the cold of winter assures few will attend and that the conference will ultimately get moved. Wed will go but with far fewer people (and likely shorter)

    • Too bad that NamesCon never coincided with LeadsCon in Las Vegas. Both conferences share very similar audiences. Domains and lead generation go hand-in-hand. Lots of potential business deals by attendees at both venues.

  4. Las Vegas and Austin both have plenty to offer if you’re there for several days. For those who go to Namescon to get business done, Austin will be just fine as a venue.

  5. No VIP tickets (with lunch and extra sessions etc) this time, yet they seem to have kept it at the VIP pricing 🙁

    It’s in the incubator not the (very good) Austin convention centre, guesing the expectation is fewer attendees than vegas.

    Will the attempt to “reposition” it as something more than a 2ndary domain eventwork – time will tell, I’m open to be going but will only order tickets and flights etc once I see a proper agenda

  6. I agree with Frank – if the conference was before, during, or after SXSW that would be a huge win for the NamesCon conference and the domaining industry due to the traffic generated from the art, music, and tech festival.


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