Poll: Series or e-Book?


I want to share more details regarding the url change from ElliotsBlog.com to DomainInvesting.com. I plan to discuss everything from the logo and design process to the hosting change, and everything in between. I’ve been debating between writing a series of blog posts and creating a (free) e-book, and I’d like your feedback. Please vote in the poll below, and I will use that as guidance.

Series of articles pros and cons:

With a series of articles, readers will be able to comment on each topic, share feedback, and ask questions. It may create a good discussion of things I did correctly and areas where I may have erred. This would benefit those who find it interesting. The downside is that not many people undertake a rebranding effort, and these posts may not be of interest to the majority. That said, at some point in time, they may interest someone who is uninterested now.

Free e-book pros and cons:

I won’t be able to invite questions or comments if I post this as an e-book. As much as I would love to have the time to individually discuss various aspects of my blog’s rebranding, I don’t have that time. If I write an e-book and update a chapter to fix an error, add insight, or share an alternative strategy, anyone who previously downloaded the e-book would miss out.

I will leave this up to you. Please vote in the poll below and feel free to share your feedback. I learned quite a bit from my experience changing my blog’s url, and I am happy to share insight.



  1. I would suggest first go for series of articles where others can discuss and you can also update the articles based on discussions/comments.

    After the series is done, you can use one of the tools that will automatically create an ebook using those articles.

  2. Elliot,

    what percent of your rebranding articles will relate to A) WordPress B) Decision to Upgrade Domain name.

    If any article relate to WordPress…. Then WordPress articles are for ElliotBlog followers…. which means.. forget the WP process.

    It’s time to pivot into Domain Investing, your articles now should weigh in on your new direction.

    Your domain name should “Say what it does and Do what it say”…


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