Poll: Have You Pre-Registered New gTLDs?

I am curious whether you’ve pre-registered, pre-reserved, or registered any new gTLD domain names. I agree with Andrew that new gTLD registries are going to rely upon domain investor (and even non-domain investor) speculation to pad their numbers. I shared that I have not done any pre-registering, and Mike Berkens announced his first new gTLD registrations.

If I was a betting person (which I am), I would guess that I will end up buying at least a few new gTLD domain names, although I will be sure that I am getting something saleable, something with a fixed and known renewal fee, and something that I feel is at a fair price. I don’t have any idea what I’d buy, but I am just being honest about not being opposed to speculating.

As of right now, have you pre-registered or purchased any new gTLD domain names? Please vote in the poll below. Also, feel free to let other people know how your opinion has changed (if it has) over time.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I have some one word exact match domains in country codes and other extensions. They have been proven to be almost “worthless”, as they are very hard to sell. I just don’t see it, but for those that do, good luck! If you are on the fence, I suggest listening to Rick Shwartz.

  2. *

    I just can’t see pre-registering anything.

    Too up in the air right now, with all this confusing pricing and lack of regulation.

    It’s truly Wild West territory.

    I expect that the registrars will be making a boatload of money, but not from me.



  3. I tried to run a few thru the searches, they all came up premium, or reserved, only a few names in most extensions are worth registering, and these guys know they are worth more than reg fee and will not give them up for less. I think I was just bored as it was a light day in my buying side, I feel that domainers paying $50+ for renewals will feel the wrath of a large portfolio as CPC is going to be very slow…

    • I searched for a domain I am selling on GoDaddy. Fixed price of $1,500. Example.. JustExample.com

      The Just.Example TLD is $5,000 and I think that is per year. Why are you paying more to own a nTLD extension per year than you can to buy the .com? It makes no sense.

    • I am not getting any of these things. I just saw this MindsAndMachines.com was selling them so I went to see how much something like Vegan.Cooking or French.Cooking was, they were taken of course and I was shocked to see they were trying to get €5,999.95 for a domain like KeyLimePie.Cooking, I didn’t think up Key Lime Pie it was suggested for me. In my opinion this is absolutely .nuts…

  4. I must be missing something yet I keep banging my head and still don’t see it. Can someone puuulease explain to me why anyone who gets it would want a gtld? Ummm… not kidding. I see no usefulness whatSOever!

    I have zero desire to get anthingintheworld.tattoo or .xyx or .horse or .lol. What word would I even put in front of those to make sense? Ink.tattoo? Race.horse? Abc.xyz? Joke.lol? No, thanks. I’ll pass.

    This whole discussion is a waste of time. It’s a no-brainier they will all soon be .RIP

    • The greatest opportunities in business arise when you’ve successfully surfed the first few big trend waves that have come to shore and you turn and look out to the sea and see even more heading in. That’s when you kick it in high gear and get back on the board and paddle out to find the kick ass waves that will be just as great a ride as the first you rode. And they’re always out there until the sea goes calm. Then you know it’s time to go home and enjoy your money.

      I didn’t think much of the whole gTLD’s tsunami until I thought deeply and creatively, and brainstormed about strategies to profit. Then I was watching TV one night and saw this brilliant piece ….. and

      isawthe.light 🙂

      Surfs UP $$$!

  5. Mike Berkens is just promoting new TLD`s. He is involved in .club so want to encourage people (by showing that he is registering new TLDs) to pre-registration.

    • Mike probably also owns well over 50,000 .com domain names as well.

      He’s made it clear that his company consults and works with gTLD registries. It’s not like he’s hiding anything or being deceptive.

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  6. A better question overall would be “what are the best nTLD domains you have registered and for what price?” This would be very interesting.

  7. I think many of the new TLDs will be used for throw-away limited life direct marketing or time sensitive promotional sites that will run their course of 1-2 years and then be dropped.

  8. What’s most impressive about this thread is that “Aaron Strong” got 112+ likes for his post. It’s usually an accomplishment just to break even on the like/dislike with so many lurking cyberhaters. Is that some kind of record?

    • The reason for that Many LIKES, is that Those many likes = people , who have INVESTED heavily in other Extensions for best keyword domains, BUT THEY COULD NOT SELL OR COULD make their investment back.

      Hence, those people are LIKING that comment. Infact you can CALL IT A RECORD OF FAILURES of investing in other extensions or GTLDS.

      So Hope it makes sense to you now.

    • There must be some kind of glitch, or someone is intentionally abusing the system somehow. As I said in the past, I don’t know how to track the lights in the dislikes, so I don’t know how to look into it.

    • Wow, all the “likes” just as I am announcing my new blog featuring the bust of .whatever’s…..Just kidding.

      In all seriousness, if it’s the case that “someone is intentionally abusing the system”, it is NOT me. I mention, because I would be an obvious beneficiary and I have nothing do with it. I would not operate with or condone such behavior. I say this because character really counts. Seriously.

      By method of deduction Rick would be the next beneficiary…..Just kidding. Have a good weekend!


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