Please Be The Judge


The winner has been selected! The Top Notch Domains, LLC website will be undergoing some redevelopment, and it should be relaunched soon. Thank you very much for all your feedback!!

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  1. Couldn’t vote due to a cookie issue (the cookie does not originate from the domain of your site, so my browser rejects it). Out of the four choices, I like Threat’s design the best, since it’s the simplest and least busy design. I am not sure I would place the logo on both sides of the business card though.


    Thanks Frank! I agree about not putting it on both sides.

  2. Nice designs…

    I prefer the one from Pegatinas.

    The one from Threat is my second choice.
    The only thing that is wrong with this last one is the width/height ratio. Depending where shown you will be obligated to shrink too much the width (can become unreadable) to can accomodate the height.

    If you remove the .com, the problem is resolved and I take the one from Threat.


    Thanks – and great job on by the way.

  3. Threat is my choice, although nice efforts from the others. The desing is clean, simple, and gets the point across. I agree with Frank as well, One Sided.

  4. I voted for threat. I’m also a logo designer (and it’s a shame I missed your contest).

    But threat’s logo is really of high quality. I would select it.

  5. I’m not too sure what on I would choose! All I know is you should pick the design that best represents your company’s image.

    Good luck with the decision 🙂 I still voted tho 🙂

  6. I prefer Reubenhauser as I think it has the most impact. All are nice though.

    Your pole might be skewed as I read the pole box before reading the description above it. I clicked on the Jeco link thinking it would show me the design but instead it cast my vote. Others might have made the same impatient mistake as me.

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