Pitch.com Acquired “to take on Powerpoint”


In a tweet in late September, Andrew Rosener mentioned that the Pitch.com domain name had apparently been sold over the Summer:

Sedo broker Dave Evanson responded to Andrew’s tweet to confirm that the domain name was sold for an undisclosed price:

I reached out to Dave this morning, and he privately confirmed that he brokered the sale of the Pitch.com domain name, although I am not sure which party he represented in the deal or if the domain name had been publicly listed for sale via Sedo before the acquisition. As mentioned in his tweet, the purchase price of Pitch.com is not being shared.

This morning, TechCrunch published an article about a startup called Pitch, which was the entity that acquired the brand match domain name. Here’s an excerpt from the article describing the offering from Pitch as well as the funding the startup received:

“Microsoft’s Powerpoint today has over 1 billion installs, 500 million users, and some 95 percent market share, making it the most ubiquitous presentation software in the world. But that doesn’t make it the most loved. Now, a new startup out of Berlin called Pitch is emerging from stealth with plans to challenge it, by making what CEO and co-founder Christian Reber describes as ‘a presentation tool for the Slack generation.'”

In addition to emerging from stealth mode, the company also announced that the startup received $19 million in Series A funding.

In my opinion, getting the Pitch.com domain name to match the Pitch brand name was clearly smart. Acquiring the domain name prior to announcing the funding was also smart.

It will be interesting to see how Pitch grows in the presentation space. Having the Pitch.com domain name will certainly be helpful to the company.


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