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Web Tool Company Featured in "Untraceable"

DNSStuff, LLC, an Internet firm that offers domain tools, IP tools, and hostname tools, is featured in the recently released movie “Untraceable.” According to the Boston Globe, the film’s producers contacted DNSStuff and asked the principals behind DNSStuff to provide feedback and input. The company happily responded, and they created a new computer forensics tool that appears in the movie and will soon debut online for consumers.
Prior to reading this article,

5 With… Rick Latona – Internet Entrepreneur


Rick LatonaRick Latona, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, has been making waves in the Internet business since there was one. In the mid to late 90s he was an executive at Interland, Inc (now web.com) a hosting company which he helped take public. He owns an outsourcing company (Offshoring.com) with offices in The Philippines and India which employs nearly 2,000 people and was the first person to loan money on domains when he launched DigiPawn.com in 2003.
Rick is now one of the largest portfolio holders of “trophy” domains which is constantly changing due to deals he is making. His email announcements of “daily domains” has been averaging $200,000 a week in sales. Many of Rick’s domain transactions have made DNJournal’s weekly sales report, several coming in at the top of the list.

Get Permission First

I am beginning to develop another geographic domain name that I just acquired. I plan to announce the acquisition in a few days – once the transfer is final, but since the agreement is signed and the money is in escrow, I began to develop the name today. I am building a very simple and basic site, which will allow me to monetize it more easily using Adsense. While this isn’t going to generate substantial revenue, it will help protect the name from falling out of the Google algorithm.
Long story short,

New York February Domainer Dinner


We will be getting together for our monthly New York Domainer Dinner on February 26th at 7pm at Naples 45. Last time we had a nice turnout of 12 people, and it was great to meet other likeminded people in the domain space. Naples 45 is a nice Italian and pizza restaurant in the vicinity of Grand Central Terminal. The restaurant is less busy during dinner, which should facilitate good conversation.
If you are not on my email list, please drop me a note and I will add you. Let me know if you can make it so I can be sure our reservation is accurate. See you on the 26th!

Lowell Project: Site Sponsorship


Just like professional sports teams allow corporate sponsorships of their stadiums and various elements of the stadium, Lowell.com will have many sections that can be sponsored by businesses in Lowell. By allowing local businesses to sponsor areas of Lowell.com, we are building great unique content while giving added value to visitors of the website.
There are many different areas that can be sponsored. By tailoring this to local business niches, we can generate revenue for Lowell.com while<!–more–> offering valuable brand marketing for the local businesses. These sponsors will be viewed as experts in the area they sponsor, which will help them attract visitors and hopefully convert them to paying customers.
There is more to read about this on the Lowell.com blog, and I hope you will check it out when you get an opportunity.

Dilemma of Selling a High Value Domain Name


Believe it or not, there are many people who struggle with the thought of selling one of their domain gems because of the difficulty in reinvesting in an equivalent or better name for the sales price. When the owner of a $1 million+ domain name receives an offer, he must evaluate the loss of revenue from the name, other potential offers he would miss out on by selling the name, and the tax implications of selling the name.
Additionally, he must evaluate the current market conditions to determine whether he will be able to smartly reinvest the proceeds from the sale into another domain name that will yield the same or better returns. More often than not,

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