Good Time to Use Godaddy for New Domain Registrations

Godaddy LogoAlthough I have pretty much consolidated my domain portfolio at Moniker, I still use Godaddy from time to time when I buy newly registered domain names. I want to share an example of when and why I believe it’s smart to use Godaddy for new domain registrations.

On occasion, I buy hand registered domain names with the hopes of quickly re-selling them to other companies or domain investors. When domain names are newly registered, they aren’t able to be transferred out of the registrar until 60 days after registration due to ICANN policy.

Godaddy is the largest domain registrar by far with tens of millions of domain registrations under their control. Many businesses use Godaddy, and many domain investors also have accounts at Godaddy. If a company doesn’t have an account at Godaddy, it’s more likely they will have heard of Godaddy than another registrar (except maybe and Network Solutions).

When you make a sale of a newly registered domain name, it’s much easier to push it to another Godaddy account (which most people have) rather than having to explain that it can’t be transferred out from another registrar. Telling someone that a domain name that they are buying for $2,000 was registered in the last 60 days may be a deal breaker.

Using Godaddy to register new domain names can make a sale go more smoothly, and that’s a reason why I use them.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Elliot,

    Nice and informative post as always. I am new to this so I am little confused. Did you mean to say that one can push a domain to another account at Godaddy even within the 60 days of new registration? Does this apply to other registrars as well, for instance Moniker? Thank you and looking to hear your thoughts!

    • @ N

      Don’t quote me, but I am almost positive you can push newly registered domain names to other accounts within the same registrar, but you just can’t transfer them to other registrars.

  2. That is the same reason that I use for domains that I intend to flip. The transfer process is so easy. I love to transfer domains from my account in the first three days of buying them, it just makes the whole domain flipping thing seem so efficient=)

  3. @ Chef Patrick

    I assume you are asking me because they are an advertiser on my blog. I’ve been primarily using Godaddy and Moniker since I started, unless I win a name at auction and need to have another account. I don’t own enough domain names to make it worthwhile to have accounts at multiple registrars – even those that I like (, Fabulous, and Rebel to name three off the top of my head). It gets too confusing and difficult to manage.

  4. “…but I am almost positive you can push newly registered domain names to other accounts within the same registrar, but you just canโ€™t transfer them to other registrars.””

    Except for

    No push there.

  5. Related to this, I have noticed huge variations in the time it takes to transfer between registrars. Sometimes it seems to take the full 5, 7, or 10 days, as advertised, but sometimes it happens within hours.

    I haven’t transferred enough domains to determine a pattern, but sometimes it seems as if the delay is purely to make transfers more painful.

    Has anyone made any sense of this, or seen any data?

  6. “Related to this, I have noticed huge variations in the time it takes to transfer between registrars.”

    One thing GoDaddy does good is allowing you to Accept or Decline
    an external domain transfer.

    Thus ,if you are transferring a domain out to another Registrar;
    once you receive notice from GoDaddy regarding the transfer; you can log into your account and “Accept” the transfer.

    The domain will immediately be transferred to the other Registrar.

    This saves many days of waiting.

    You’ll find this “Accept/Decline button in the “My Accounts” section under “Domain Related” :

    Domain Related
    Domain Transfers
    Investor’s Edge Domains
    Domain Forwarding
    Domain Monitoring/Backordering

  7. I had to open a fab account and what a joke they are even if they attend domain conferences.

    29.95 to renew a .net retail price. I can see why you guys are on verge of going under. That being said I did transfer to and good thing about is the free privacy and they run good promo for first year. The transfer from fab to was very fast less then 24 hours

    Godadddy is a powerhouse.

    I do plan to consolidate and your right Elliot its tough to manage.

    No one can compete against moniker for customer care imo and hope to bring them more business in future. customer care sucks imo.

    Every place has there niche, promo codes and cherry picking works to our favor imo.

  8. I’ve noticed GoDaddy registers your domain for 2 years when you have your name on auto-renewal. Anyone else notice this? It’s kind of annoying when paying year-to-year is preferable.

    I know, I know – you should bundle your renewals at GoDaddy and use a promo code to save money, but sometimes it’s easy to forget and a name just auto-renews.

  9. My experience with Go Daddy and its affiliates leave me with absolutely nothing good to say about them.

    They are Lying Thieving Scum who through their greed will bring down the internet as we know it.

    Easy transfers ?

    What a sick joke, the only thing easy is the payment process after that they hunt your own domain and steal it on what at first appears a technicality but later transpires to have been a serious conflict of interest.

    Why would any honest company have to hide behind 8 registrars ?

    Why would any company deny ownership of an “Out of State” domain harvesting business and only admit ownership when forced to ?

    How many of the 40 million domains are in there own auction process ?

    Never Ever Trust Go Daddy !

  10. I totally agree that Go Daddy is the place to be for domain purchasing and portfolio consolidation. They make everything so easy and are constantly upgrading their systems to make it even easier. Transferring domains from one account to another couldn’t be more painless.

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