Official Statement From Enom Regarding Outage

This morning, I noticed that some of my domain name for sale landing pages were not resolving. My corporate website was online, so I assumed it was an issue at Enom because I use Enom’s nameservers to forward the domain names to their respective listings on my website.

I did a bit of investigating, and I saw that The Register had published an article about a DNS outage at Enom earlier this morning. I reached out to a couple of contacts at Enom and its Rightside parent company to get an update on the outage, and they provided an official statement:

We experienced a DNS outage this morning that affected some of our customers. We have resolved this issue and are investigating the cause and ways, if possible, to avoid this happening in the future.

According to Mark Gross, Director of Corporate Communications at Rightside, “the outage appears to have affected about a third of the eNom customer base.

I can confirm that my domain names are now resolving as they should, and I hope others that were impacted by the outage are no longer impacted by this.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. So where is the “Official Statement From Enom”? There isn’t one, so you might want to create a more appropriate title.

    As far as I can see Enom have behaved with TOTAL disregard for its customers’ interests. Even now , when we have been down for the best part of a day, all they can muster is a tweet like this “It appears that there was a DNS outage this morning which affected some of our customers. It is resolved and we are investigating”


    The arrogance is sickening. No, ENOM, your services have been mashed for hours on end, and not a peep from you. Your customers, you know, those of us you feed off, have been left high and dry.

    If you are under-investing in infrastructure so much that your servives are failing so regularly, because you greedily taking out too much $$$, sell up, and get out of the industry. Most of the cowboys left a decade ago.

    • The official statement they released to me is included:

      “We experienced a DNS outage this morning that affected some of our customers. We have resolved this issue and are investigating the cause and ways, if possible, to avoid this happening in the future.“

    • John, you could not be more correct in this statement. eNom’s services were down hard for 6+ hours on end with no comment. Hours prior to the failure, I believe their DNS was messing up and causing resolution/bad “A” record cache for some ISPs. That is another issue entirely, but it has become more prevalent in recent months. The outage mentioned here has certainly not been the first for eNom’s DNS.

      All in all, this was a major disaster handled poorly and all they have to say is a very lame official statement. Affecting only “some” customers… to make it seem like it wasn’t as bad as it actually was. was out cold for much of the world.

      I’ve been a customer of eNom for 13 years but I’ll be leaving them soon. I pay around ~$22 a year for my domain with them, and although I could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else for a long time, the reliability of the DNS and the service was not worth changing. Goodbye to eNom, because there’s really no reason to use them over cheaper alternatives now.

  2. Curious, why would you use multiple companies for your domain landers? It seems like everyone really likes the Uniregistry system including yourself so why not have them all there.

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