nTLDStats Offering Great Data


Last month, I wrote an article about a website called NameStat.org, which offers quite a bit of information about new gTLD registrations. nTLDStats is another excellent resource that has an incredible amount of new gTLD data. I am sure others have written about and cited  nTLDStats already, but I have not been tracking the new gTLDs as much as others have been tracking them.

There are several ways to use nTLDStats to get data about the new domain names. Some of the information I looked at include the following:

  • Number of gTLD domain names registered
  • Number of registrations per gTLD extension
  • Where people are buying domain names
  • gTLD growth rate

nTLDStats has great sortable charts to help visitors dive more deeply into the numbers. In addition to seeing how many domain names are registered in a particular extension, you can also track how many names are registered in that extension on a daily basis. You are also able to track this by domain registrar. Perhaps this will give you an idea of where pricing is good or where special offers are being made to customers.

The most important thing I think you should consider is that the number of registrations and growth rates are not all that important, and the registration numbers certainly should not be used as a means to gauge popularity and/or value. From an observer’s point of view (my own), it’s interesting to monitor this data. I don’t consider myself a gTLD domain investor, but as someone who is heavily invested in domain names, I think it’s important to keep an eye on how things are going.


  1. I too have been a big fan of ntldstats.com. I am concerned about the manipulation by companies that try to “game” the numbers. Clearly I am biased as the CEO of .CLUB.

    Namestat.org did a great job featuring the actual numbers based on a fair adjustment for robo-registrations and premium registrations declared by the registries. It would be nice to see ntldstats rise to the moment here as well.


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