Not Just Newspapers, TV Suffering, Too


Most of the stories I’ve heard about the standard mainstream outlets losing ad revenue to the Internet seem to be focused on newspapers. An article in the Boston Globe this morning would indicate that television stations, even beloved and trusted stations, are losing out to the Internet as well.
To most Boston sports fans, the name Bob Lobel strikes a cord. I haven’t watched Boston news frequently over the past couple of years, but I can still hear Lobel’s voice in the back of my head, either doing to pre/post game for the Pats or Sox. Today’s Globe article announces that Lobel, who has been with arguably the most popular and well-known television station in Boston (WBZ TV 4), will be leaving as a result of a “workforce reduction.”
According to the article in the Boston Globe:

The station, like other media outlets across the country, is facing increasing pressure to cut costs as it grapples with declining ad revenues and viewership. On Monday, the station announced plans to reduce its overall workforce of 220 by 10 percent.

While I am sure Lobel will be scooped up by another local network because of his well-liked persona, his leaving WBZ shows that newspapers aren’t the only media outlet affected by the dominance of the Internet.


  1. I am sure that in the next 5 years all the mayor Tv and Newspaper Businesses will move their business online otherwise they will close up (go bust) since many people these days and in the future will go to the net to access the latest News and other stuff which is already available online.
    It will be a matter of change (go global online) or close the business.

  2. The internet is just a prelude to the interactive media center we will eventually all come to know. Static images will continue to lose out to interactive media. I think in 2020 kids will say “TV thats soooo 2000.”

  3. Friends from Norway watch television on their phones. I find myself bypassing the TiVO and watching LOST directly on the internet. Media is changing quickly, and the smart media companies are changing with the times.

  4. Here in this area (Los Angeles), two popular local, long-time (and highly-paid) anchors; plus several well-known beat reporters; with the area CBS affiliate are getting the door as well.

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