Lowell.com Project: Affiliate Sites


On the Lowell.com Blog, I discuss how I am using affiliate websites to generate passive incremental revenue for Lowell.com. I am using affiliates for hotels, tickets, and jobs, although there were other verticals I chose not to use for various reasons. With the three affiliate companies, I am able to create customizable pages within my site, and then the traffic is forwarded to the affiliate sites to close the sale. I can basically set the sites up and almost forget about them (except for minor updates).
By using affiliates, I am able to create brand stickiness at Lowell.com, as visitors will presumably find what they are looking for, and they will return to find it again. The transition to the affiliate site for the purchase is fairly seamless, and since the site has the look and feel of Lowell.com, it will make visitors more confident tha they aren’t being taken to a shady website.
One of the most important things to remember is to choose trustworthy partners. By working with well known and respected brands, I am confident they will give visitors a good experience, helping to promote the Lowell.com brand. The affiliates need to have great customer services, be reliable and give exactly what they promise their customers.
On the Lowell.com blog, I discuss which affiliate companies I chose and why. Hope this helps you in your development projects.

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  1. Give us some hints for the other affiliate options, not all of us are as savvy for figuring it all out!

    Off the top of my head… Apartments.com, Cafe Press (kind of an affiliate), Amazon.com (I have a couple small things with them on the site), Foreclosure.com, USLegalForms.com, HRBlock.com….etc. I could find a way to tie most of those in, but some don’t offer white label products. As David mentioned, I want everything to look like my site.

  2. Get ready to live with the affiliate frustration…”I sent them 115 clicks and didn’t get any sales…wtf…they are full of it…”

  3. Gordon:
    Agreed. If you send 115 visitors and don’t get a dime it’s time to pull the plug on that affiliate. There is no “ramping up” between an affiliate and a Geodomain. You know right away if it’s a good relationship.

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