No Win Scenario with

5 is a domain name that has been owned by The Trump Organization since 2008. From what I can tell using, the domain name has not been used for an active website in that time, and instead, the domain name has either had nothing resolve or had the default GoDaddy landing page.

A few days ago, Salon published an article about the renewal of the domain name, Trump Organization renewed the domain name — this year:

Over the years, there have been other articles written about the renewal of this domain name, including a Politico article in 2017 and a Newsmax article, also in 2017. It is as if renewing is some sort of big deal.

In my opinion, it would be dumb of the company to let this domain name expire. If that were to happen, the domain name would almost certainly sell for thousands of dollars at GoDaddy Auctions where it would be bought by an investor hoping to resell the domain name or a political operative/organization hoping to use the domain name for political reasons.

A domain name costs approximately $10 to renew each year. The largest companies own thousands of domain names with their trademarks in them, and the majority of them aren’t even for the company to use. Defensive domain name registrations are a key aspect of intellectual property management. A trademark related domain name in the wrong hands can lead to all sorts of malicious activities. A particularly sensitive domain name like could be used by anyone from a political operative to make a point against President Trump and his business or even be used in some sort of phishing campaign.

Politics aside, I think The Trump Organization gets high marks when it comes to domain name and intellectual property management. The company, which owns thousands of Trump-related domain names, owns its most important domain names for its business and potential business units. It has also filed its share of UDRP proceedings to wrest control of potentially sensitive domain names.

Letting a potentially sensitive domain name like expire would be a dumb move for The Trump Organization. It seems like a new win scenario for the company.

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    • There is no legal requirement to release ones tax returns when running for office. Biden needs to explain how he became a multi millionaire by serving in government. He is as corrupt as they come. Trump is a businessman and hero. 🇺🇸

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