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I stumbled across a nice looking domain name for sale landing page I want to share with you. When you have a moment, check out I am not sure who owns it due to its private registration, but I really like the appealing landing page.

The first thing I noticed is the full background image of a beautiful photograph of what appears to be a dessert or an appetizer (foodies are welcome to tell me exactly what it is). The second thing I noticed is a bright yellow banner across the top to announce the domain name is for sale. When I clicked the blue link, I was taken to a offer / purchase page where the domain name is listed for $100,000.

One thing I would suggest is to add .com to the keyword logo on the top left side of the page for branding purposes, but that is personal opinion. I think the selling point is that it is the keyword .com and that should be exhibited. A second suggestion is that it might be beneficial to have a contact form posted directly on the homepage below the logo to make sure interested parties submit their information. A contact form might also be helpful on the offer page if an interested prospective buyer doesn’t wish to sign up for a account or wants to ask questions about the domain name or listing.

I am not sure if offers landing pages like that for all listings, or if this one was created specifically for the domain name, but it looks pretty slick.

Separately but similarly, I posted about domain name for sale landing pages a while back, and you can see some other examples that might be of interest to you.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hi Elliot,

    Happy you liked the landing page, the thing is simply the domain looks more appealing to motivate possible viewers become potential buyers.

    For +4 years you can park your domain with simply updating the name servers to: – –

    Your domain will resolve to one of these web pages:

    Automatically redirect to the sale page located at

    Show the picture you want with at top a stripper indicating the domain is for sale or lease and at bottom left a short text, like a slogan.

    Show the video you want with a top pane indicating “This domain is for sale or lease” and at bottom left a short text, like a slogan.

    Show a framed page where the top frame show a “This domain is for sale or lease” link and the main frame the URL you want, often an affiliation page.

    Show your own web content simply indicating the HTML source code of the page (without forget to include a link to your sale page).

    You are right because it’s a descriptive domain name, this logo should shows the extension.

    We still not implement “make offer” despite the numerous demand all these years (but should come one day), so it is requierd to sign to can bid or buy at BIN.

  2. I use my own sales site script for sales pages as I like building my own database of names, companies, emails, ips etc… which can be valuable for repeat sales. If I was gonna use someone else I’d probably use DomainNameSales as the movement on their sales pages really grabs attention or grab a theme from themeforest to retain the lead database. Makes sense to point somewhere else for parking income but handing your database of leads generated from your own domains to someone else just for a sales page not so much as can easily create your own site or lander.

  3. What I want to know is why Go Daddy, Sedo, and Afternic don’t do the same thing? Obviously a better experience for the end user to get content and the option to see the pricing/buying info if they want to buy it. Wouldn’t be hard at all to make it so that every domain owner that’s parking their domain could easily post a video on there with just a few clicks. Cax has that option and I use it with most of my domains like and

    So why don’t they? In Go Daddy’s case they get a lot more promotion for their other services by defaulting to a LAME boring promo parked page like the one for Going to let that one expire but it’s an example. It’s self-serving corporate greed instead of doing what’s right and making it simple for the masses who aren’t that web savvy to get more domains put to use sharing videos and still have the option to sell them. Go Daddy, why not make it simple for everyone to do that? Wouldn’t cost them anything. Could be programmed in 1 day and simple for all their customers to use.

  4. I use my own custom landing pages ( Example ). Potential buyers can immediately buy/lease the domain from the landing page, a payment plan is also possible from the landing page. My landing pages are also “responsive” so they are optimized for mobile devices (iPhone, Android phones, …) as well.

  5. I love this domain and agree the page could be more appealing. The “make offer” feature Francois mentioned would be a nice addition. I wonder where one could procure the funds if the needed help? Francois?


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