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Over the weekend, the business section of the New Zealand Herald featured an article about the growing business of Featuring some insight from CEO Matt Barrie, the article offered some insight into what does and how the company has grown into “almost a monopoly” in the domain name space. As you may recall, was acquired by for $7.5 million USD in 2016 (the deal was announced in 2015).

The article is a pretty quick read, and you should take the time to read it when you have a chance. Here are a few interesting facts about that were shared in the article:

  • has 72 employees located in 5 countries.
  • has processed $5.6 Billion AUD worth of transactions in total, which is approximately $4 Billion USD.
  • processed 33% more payments last year than in the prior year.
  • The company has 47 financial services licenses from around the world.
  • Some notable domain names that have sold using the services of and shared in the article include,,,,,, and

The article provides a nice bit of insight into what does and how big the company has grown. Domain investors might consider sharing this contemporary article with a counterparty to a domain name deal who hasn’t heard of and has some reticence to use an escrow service they do not know about. It could help show the company’s legitimacy and offer an additional level of assurance.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


    • You’re still in business with this idiot, really??
      I could never be in business or bring business to a shop headed by a radical right wing supporter like Rob. But that’s just me.

        • wow John, that was indeed a real ”eye opener“… Thank you for 10 minutes of Russian BS propaganda. And James Corbett, gosh that guy is as trustworthy as it gets I think. He and Rob will certainly go along just fine. You can also stick around and complete the trio. Then you can tell each other conspiracy theories and vote for the best one. Rob thinks the terror attack in Christchurch was a hoax and CGI. I think we already have a winner…

        • If you have domain names at Epik or use their services, you support websites like gab and guys like Rob with all his misguided ideologies. That must be clear to all of us as a community.

        • Well, you do seem like a regular fake and a troll, so I’m only replying for the sake of the greater cause and the readers, not for you.

          “Russian,” ay? And you’re the one supposedly playing the “conspiracy theories” trump card? LOL. Can’t help trying to show off what you really are, ay?

          James Corbett – like you ever even heard of him before this post? LOL. Personally I’d give him a few Nobel prizes myself.

          Rob – you just lied about him there. He’s already stated plainly that is not what he thinks about the NZ event at all, so I think we have a “winner” too. And – earth to anyone with an ounce of logic – addressing possible valid questions about a video is logically distinct from a position on the event itself (try hard or get help if you can’t understand that). Where would you like your Pinocchio prize sent?

          “If you have..or use…” – you’re trying too hard there after the lying and misrepresentation, spin doctor. And as a patriotic American who is simultaneously nonpartisan, bipartisan, independent, neither left nor right, both left and right, and some besides and in between – I love Rob and Epik’s “misguided ideology” about wild unimaginable principles and ideals like lawful free speech, individual rights and due process for all vs. the censorship, suppression and de-platforming of both the non-mainstream left and the right that has been sweeping the world and the US in particular.

        • Yes, because he deleted that post when the backlash got too heavy and his top execs threatened to walk… That might be enough to fool a nitwit like you but it certainly won’t fool the rest of us John.

        • Ah yes – the old imaginary “us” as in “the rest of us,” as if a great multitude and majority is standing with you, so anyone reading this better be on the right side of things too if they know what’s good for them.

          I was wondering how and why an aggressive troll like you gave up so easily, but I see you only took a break.

          Did you study up on all those RUSSIAN propaganda tactics while you were away? 😀

          Can’t imagine what your “Yes…” to me is about, but I’ll take it.

          Your latest comment is remarkably determined in distortion and deceitfulness. Guys like you sure love to double down even after being neutered, I’ll grant you that. Good thing I’m too old for it to fool a nitwit like me, however. I was even once paid by Uncle Sam for a while to be suspicious no less, and you just don’t pass the smell test. Rob and Epik, however, smell like what the USA is really about in the face of the tsunami of censorship and suppression of free speech now taking place against both the left and the right though.

    • For the record, btw, aside from my already high opinion of Epik services and their delightfully clean and appealing escrow UI specifically and in general, I certainly had a reason relating to itself for saying “I’d much rather use Epik escrow” above. After the switch from the original management and ownership, personally became a nightmare for me. I don’t want to go into the details now (or to be asked here by anyone posting from itself, with whom the matter was already well engaged), but it was pretty pathetic, compounded by the bizarre interaction when seeking a remedy. However, if comments are still intact then I certainly made numerous comments under some of the major blogs of a very “strenuous” nature. In fact, to my recollection I even finally used the strongest “safe for the whole family” language possible, actually making the extremely rare use of the word “hate” in referring to it. Pretty sure I even used all caps for some of that.

      So I have been strenuously avoiding using ever since and have managed not to. The last time I sold any domains we didn’t even use escrow, and the buyer just sent me a significant sum of Bitcoin on trust first. My first and only deal for crypto so far. Gotta love when someone gives you a vote of confidence like that, but I digress.


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