What Would You Like from Domain Companies in the New Year?

Most companies strive to make improvements and additions to their products and services. Many of them reach out to customers via surveys, private meetings, and feedback forms to seek out feedback directly from the people who use the company’s  products and services.

With the new year approaching, I thought it would be interesting to see what you’d like from domain industry companies.  Your suggestions and feedback can be related to a specific company / service (ie improved search functionality at X) or it can be a general request that any company might wish to implement (ie a lead generation tool that offers very targeted lead information).

I’ll kick it off and share a four new products, services and upgrades I’d like to see, and I welcome your comments as well:

  • A single NameJet Saved Search Alert email in the morning instead of one for each search term. If I could have this streamlined, I would most likely add more keywords.
  • I would like to stay logged into FreshDrop so I didn’t have to log in to my account every day and re-do my searches.
  • Embed-able screenshots from Screenshots.com (ie copy and paste code into my WordPress posts).
  • An easier to read mobile version of DomainInvesting.com (just kidding, but it is coming).
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Sedo – better domain verification (seems to be worst out of the pack)
    Afternic – domain management (to much on one screen )
    Domainnamesales – LIVE stats (like sedo)
    Godaddy – working webpage via ipad (terrible at the moment )

    Google analytics app would also be nice

    • Speaking of better domain verification, I think you meant Afternic.

      You have to contact Afternic Support and ask them to delete the domains from recent owner account while Sedo on the other hand will accept your submissions then verify it at their end. The only issue face Sedo in verification is when they can’t verify the whois info and to be honest it happens rarely over here.

    • Agree about godaddy, unable to do an account change via iphone on new platform they have designed, their mobile app options are so limited.

  2. 1. Parking companies should be more careful about feeding trademark ads onto generic domains that are parked on their systems. They seem to step back and leave it to the customer to sort out if there is a urdp. If they feed the ads they should assist in a urdp defense. imo.
    2. Customizable lander pages with no ppc ads at dns.
    All the best for 2014!!

    • Hi Ron. There are multiple scenarios related to locks. Registrars do not have control over the 60-day transfer lock from the date of a new registration. That rule is enforced by the registries. However, registrars are not required to lock domains from the 60-day mark from the date of previous transfer. That is allowed per ICANN rules, but is not required (although most registrars will lock domains in this scenario). Also, some registrars allow pushing domains to other accounts with the same registrar without any locks based upon registration/previous transfer. We have many customers who register domains and sell them shortly thereafter via this method.

    • Hi Mcihael. Thanks for the clarification. I thought about addressing this to ICANN instead of the registrars “after” I submitted the comment.

      But like Dave Z said above, shortening the 60 days down would be much more reasonable (I register and sell domains regularly, but most buyers prefer their registrar).

  3. First, Many thanks to every single company I’ll report an issue with it below because you are helping me to make money and I report these issues for the benefit of both of us. I don’t hate you but I want to like you even more!

    1. All registrars: provide an option to accept/decline transfer out. Most of them do but some don’t (Name.com and Moniker don’t).

    2. All registrars: an easy way to bulk transfer out. I already made the decision to transfer the domains out so making it harder wouldn’t stop the process, it will just make me hate you a little more and I wouldn’t recommend you to anyone.

    3. Register.com and now NetworkSolutions: a normal process just like any other registrar to unlock a domain and obtain auth code for transfer out.

    4. SnapNames: Please stop spreading my domains over a thousand registrars. I had many issues lately (at least with 5 domains I own) and I didn’t have control over the domains for a period between two weeks and a month and I had to contact you actually to let you know about it.

    5. Pool.com, Name.com, DynaDot.com, GoDaddy.com: Try to improve your backorder capture rate please. You are leaving so much money and new customers on the table because of this and I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard (especially for GoDaddy) since some new drop catchers are beating SnapNames & NameJet already.

    6. GoDaddy: Please shorten the period that we have to wait to have control over domains we won on your Auctions or just do like other Expired Domain Marketplaces and push the domains once we won it.

    7. Sedo: Please fix your Partner Stats because I’m sure it has been reporting bot visits for so long with huge amounts on daily basis. I already reported this issue at least 4 times this year.

    If I missed something I’ll come back and report it but that’s it for now.

    Also, many thanks to all domain bloggers who kept us updated with News, Sales and everything.

    Thanks Elliot for this great idea and I hope 2014 will be better for all of us.

  4. DomainNameSales:

    Share All Godaddy lead information.

    Please make the Godaddy buyer’s information available (ie: name/email/location/etc etc) in our dashboards/admin. section under each domain name.

    That’s great information to have….please link up if possible.


  5. DomainNameSales…..Looking forward to the update…thanks!

    Truly appreciate your platform and all the opportunities it has given me.

  6. Thanks Elliot,
    Agree with Sameh in regards to the Godaddy delay in awarding ownership of successful winning bids.Don’t put it up for auction until it can immeadially be transferred to the winning bidders account upon payment while your pre-payment is earning interest In their bank account.Also auction houses should be held responsible for offering trademark related domain names not the buyer.And lastly domain sellers requesting offers for their domain names instead of posting their asking price.This amounts to nothing more than receiving free appraisals.Name another business that doesn’t post their prices on their goods and services.

  7. A simple one to change at NameJet: when you open the My Auctions page the closest columns to the right of the domain name column needs to be High Bid/My Proxy Bid/Time Left etc.

    Currently you’ve got to cast your eyes across to the very last column to see what the high bid is.

  8. I have sold many domains previously by using Sedo’s “Sales Lander” parking landing page. Unfortunately Sedo has removed this and many other parking layouts. Currently they don’t have a parking temples clearly shows “This Domain Is for Sale”

    I love Sedo and hope they will soon come up with a good landing page which clearly shows in the middle with bold letters “THIS DOMAIN IS FOR SALE”


  9. 1) Ability to transfer domains WITHOUT having to take off the privacy (we all know there are many sites yet collecting your data – or maybe receiving the data from someone….- during the period in which the privacy is off and release those data for free to all…)

    2)Displaying of all your backorders on NameJet on a single page

    3) Email from Snapnames days before a domain go for auction (no more “domain pushing”….)

    4)Leasing and financing features on parking platforms

    and thousands more….

    Automatic deletion of domains transferred out in your account area on all registrars

  10. A new section in all blogs for discussions about these Improvement Needs 🙂

    Anyway thanks Elliot for this opportunity (unfortunately few occasions like this are not enough. See what gTLDs army is doing: sometimes quantity is quality. These new implementations (and many many others) need to be discussed all the days on an army of blogs).

  11. for Microsoft (and Opera too and maybe other browsers):

    make you browsers working like Firefox and bring users to the websites when they type domain addresses directly in the bar address without the “www” instead of bringing them to Bing or, maybe other browsers, to Google.

    Stop this FRAUD: if I type name.tld the browser MUST bring me to the respective website, NOT to a search engine. Please start a class action for this fraud with all the others against search engines (serious companies, and all serious people can act as sponsors in this case, this is what they can do, since the post is about what they could do).

  12. I think we need a way on DNS to disabilitate parking without losing the ability to let prospects place their inquiries starting from the domain page. It seems to me that taking off the parking option will bring the visitors to land on a completely blank page where even the string on the top to place an inquire disappears.
    Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

  13. Not all but some….

    Stop charging my credit card for a service/email/privacy etc for a domain name that is no longer even registered with you. No warning of service stoppage just a here is your invoice for a service you cannot possibly want again or have a choice even to decide…cough NS.

    Stop trying to sell me crap along the way to check out, pump up the number of years to renew as well at a huge premium forcing me to edit or be screwed.

    Otherwise they do a decent job lol

  14. At the top of my head, and it’ll be nice:

    1. Registrars provide clear instructions (plus screenshots or videos) on how to transfer gTLDs (e.g. .com, .org) out of them.

    2. Registrars offer ability to see records of changes, log-ins, etc., although some do.

    • every transfer has to be managed like Eurid does: if you have problems, if your registrar makes tricks, you can ask the authcode directly to Eurid, by-passing completely and easily the incompetent and/or too much smart and/or fraudster registrar. The register, Eurid, send immediately the authcode directly to your email if, for any reason, you request it directly to them with the specific procedure. Immediate transfer and no problem at all even in case the domain is in quarantine.

  15. Addressing some of the lower level companies, who often times have no scruples.

    STOP offering obvious TM domains for sale, not only are you sending the wrong message to other domainers, your setting a bad example for our industry

    STOP Teaching domainers on the method of SPAMMING just so you can come off as some kind of expert on how to contact end user, Material like that is the reason we receive the degree of domain SPAM like we do.

    STOP advertising your domain sales withOUT the permission of the buyer, have some respect for the buyers PRIVACY.

    STOP being so arrogant, BE HUMBLE, Domainers will notice.

  16. Parking platforms have to stop publishing fake type-in statistics which, furthermore, has been clearly manipulating (diverting) for the last 2-3 years by great players…

  17. For DNS:
    PLEASE stop posting prices with .00. This causes sticker shock to potential buyers, particularly from other countries. “US $5000” vs “5000.00 USD” — there is a huge difference!

    Although the worst of it has been changed, the sales page still is full of distractions. If I am about to pay $$$$$ for a domain it should be the best – NOT just top 5%. It causes problems to tell a customer that you have hundreds of other domains when he has asked about a specific one. He becomes confused and will go away to consider, never to return.

    An option for a bigger “Click here to buy this domain” link on the PPC page and a second link at the page bottom would help.

    Overall, thanks for being there and have a great new year!


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