NamesCon Price Increase Tomorrow


According to a tweet posted yesterday by NamesCon organizers, the price for a ticket to attend NamesCon will increase tomorrow, October 1:

The ticket cost right now is $499 plus the EventBrite fee. It looks like the price to attend the conference will increase to $699 tomorrow.

While ticket costs rise as the event draws closer, NamesCon sometimes posts flash sales or other special offers to knock the price back to its current range. I do not know whether conference organizers have plans to do that again this year.

NamesCon is moving to Austin, Texas after a long run in Las Vegas. The conference will be held January 29 – February 1. More details are available on the NamesCon website.


  1. *** What we are seeing is the SOS-same old shit- same old people stuffing their faces with food.
    The problem with these conferences is…what missing is…where are the buyers?? If you attend home shows, wedding expos, the CES, you meet the vendors and most importantly the BUYERS. So where are the buyers(the Public) ??
    It is all the same Domainers. DO Godaddy, SEDO, Icann promote these conferences for the public to attend?

    Domainers do not need anymore domain education, they need to reach out to the buyers aka the public.

  2. Bull, the domains are all about information exchange. For one it is not all same people, I been to names on 4 years and I met plenty of new people, some I invited from NYC. I learned a ton at each conference, if you going to names con to sell you not doing it right. If you doing it to learn and network, than you doing it right. For me it has been productive and I can say that indirectly it has resulted In a lot more sales and not making as many mistakes as I would have done otherwise.

    • Yes, I bought my NamesCon Global ticket on 6/24 for $319.66 (I had a discount because I bought my NamesCon Europe ticket). I don’t accept free passes because I don’t want to feel obligated to write articles.

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