Names I’ve Recently Purchased

As I’ve done in the past, I want to share several of my recent domain purchases. The intent isn’t to show-off or sell these domain names, but rather to give you an idea of what types of names I have been buying. As you can see, I am still buying city/town .com domain names and product/service names, too.

Although I am sure some people will reply with comments to post their domain names (fine with me), I do recommend that some people who are here to learn about the business take the time to figure out why I buy certain names rather than use this as an opportunity to try and sell their names.

If you post names, keep in mind that others have the opportunity to offer comments and/or criticism. – private acquisition (already sold) – private acquisition (already sold) – private acquisition (already sold) – private acquisition – Namejet (already sold) – Snapnames (already sold) – Namejet – hand registration – forum acquisition – Snapnames – Snapnames – Snapnames – Snapnames – hand registration – Namejet – hand registration

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Great post and I appreciate that you are willing to share and help others

    Can you provide any general info about who bought the geo’s that you have already sold? Were they end-users? If so, were they realtors?

    The reason I ask is that I have a few small city/town geo’s and whenever I send emails out to realtors, I don’t get replies, not even a “thanks but no thanks”

    What other end-users should I be contacting with my geo’s?

  2. how is saying that you bought a name and sold it going to help anyone learn?

    why not say the thinking behind it? the price you were willing to pay for it? what you thought it could be sold for by you? what you did sell it for? and the thought process along the way.

    there’s no knowledge in this post, how could there be, it took you what, 2 minutes to write?

    • @ Tim

      The people who “get it” will do some research for themselves to see why I bought these names (like GAKT, RPC values, search results, advertisers…etc). I shouldn’t have to spell everything out detail by detail. I don’t see many other full time domain investors pulling back the curtains to show you what they’re up to, let alone explaining why.

      In addition to this, it also shows what someone who does this full time is focusing on in real time.

      BTW, sorry if I wasted your time… maybe you should focus on your “real” job though 😉

  3. @ Tim Davids

    Agree, makes the rest of us look bad and might confuse folks as to who is talking.

    IMO, if it’s your blog you can use just first name. Otherwise should use full name or at least what people know you buy. My two cents.

  4. That list of domains is a pleasure to read! I like, Sonoma Valley Tour – what will that look like when developed?

  5. I see a nice number of sales relative to acquisitions. Given they were recent purchases, that is a phenomenal turnaround. Congrats! Were those the result of direct email marketing to end users? Or did they find you?

  6. Interesting to see that some of your domains have only (very) small exact searches and similarly, a couple other metrics with low values. Still those domains do make sense or just sound good marketing wise.

    I haven’t been able to crack that part of the code obviously. There are some domains that i wouldn’t pay regfee for. Yet, you see value in these and are able to find an end user for it.

    Thanks for sharing Elliot.

  7. I have to agree with Jeroen. I see names I would’nt think had much value, yet you were able to sell them rather quickly.
    I’m sure most of us would really like to know how that is accompished. Its easy to sell, but im not sure about some on your list.

  8. – i am about to engage in free speech and take up mr silvers offer to comment on his blog while being acutely mindful that this comment of mine may never see the rarified pixels of the comment section. But here goes-

    Here they go again. another schwatzlike post. speaking in “domain god” language and following up with a statement about who “gets it”. If you are claiming to teach or impart knowledge you need to be more explicit and like the Tim guy said, give some reasoning behind your approach. I am willing to bet that most of the commenters here who claim to get it really dont and they are just stroking your ego b/c they are relative newbies and feel that because you have been around for a while you know what you are talking about. Maybe this is the only industry where ppl walk around stroking each others ego instead of really promoting the industry and teaching people about it. i am not saying you dont know your stuff sir. But it seems you are not cut out for teaching it. Stick to domaining, grandstanding and ego stroking. To all you newbs out there if you really want knowledge and insight and REAL VALUABLE info go read or The moment i found these sites i started 1) buying better names and 2) developing them into income generating properties. BTW i like the how much do you want for it??

    • @ Ron

      According to the GAKT, 22k people search for the exact term “drapery hardware” each month. My family has been in the window treatment business for generations, so when I saw this was dropping I was all over it and knew what I could bid for it when it went to auction.

  9. @ Darien

    I operate and manage 3 websites in addition to this blog and in addition to my domain acquisition and sales business, so there are times when certain ideas, advice or information can not be fleshed out more fully by me. I just don’t have the time to do it. The reason I don’t do domain consulting is because I don’t have time for it anymore. Sometimes I can’t spend three hours writing a blog post that explains everything and gives as much insight as may be necessary or as much as I would like.

    I am not calling people idiots for not getting it. I don’t insult people for registering certain names that they think are good and I don’t. I am giving people insight into a business many others would prefer to keep quiet or just don’t give enough of a care about to share with others. I could certainly not write posts like this, but sometimes I think it’s better to write them and answer questions that come up (like Ron’s) than to just trash them because I don’t have the time to write them more fully.

    Where else have you seen me “grandstanding” and/or “egostroking” as you suggest? I’ve been blogging for 3 years or so and haven’t had many complaints about that despite an increase in traffic levels and readership.

  10. The domains without search volumes, CPC or advertiser competition are interesting when it comes to selling these to end-users. I am not sure how I would market them. Do these domains have traffic Elliot?

    ps @Darien,

    Teaching doesn’t have to be ‘knowledge served on a golden plate’. I would get lazy learning like this.

    • @ Jeroen

      Which domain names don’t have advertisers in Google? Maybe the geodomain names, but the advantage is that someone can build a site on the keyword name and rank well for the longer tail terms… For example, there might not be a lot of competition for the straight up term “Burbank” but there is a lot for Burbank Hotels, Lawyers, Restaurants….etc, and the generic name is helpful to ranking well there.

  11. That makes perfect sense, the longtail stuff can be very interesting.

    I made the mistake of entering east long meadow instead of east longmeadow. Make’s a big difference.


  12. Elliot,

    Great post! I completely see the logic in this post … thanks for sharing.

    After seeing your list (and the name, I was reminded of a name that I saw that is currently “Available Soon” on an auction
    with 3 bidders at $18,000.

    To make a long story short, I just registered a similar one word product name … that’s in the dictionary, and has an exact search of 5,400!

    @Tim Smith,

    “Agree, makes the rest of us look bad and might confuse folks as to who is talking.”

    I agree.

  13. @ Darien

    One more thing… I am almost always more than willing to answer questions on my blog, and the second Tim chose to be rude rather than asking a specific question – like what others have done. Had he asked a specific question, he may have learned. Instead, he opted to be a douche.

  14. @ Darien, you are mistaken. Come back and apologize. Admit you spoke in haste! Elliot’s post for the masses: Successful End User Sale From Start to Finish isn’t less than explicit, the way you specify it should be! The domain people are very nice, and that negative engergy isn’t warranted toward Elliot, so you need to “man up” and admit you are mistaken!

  15. Elliot, did I learn with SydneyMotorcycles.Com (hand reg after read your blog). If so, thanks to you, If not ; please teach me why.

    Apologies if my comment defies your statement on :

    “Although I am sure some people will reply with comments to post their domain names”

    I’m posting only to check whether I did learn or I’m still a stupid newbie.

    Anyway thanks for your daily posts.



  16. To all the haters out there, how much are you paying Elliot for this info?

    For the price he’s charging us to read the blog (i.e nothing) he can post anything he wants, hell he can even say he’s hired the World Cup octopus to pick his names for him for all I care

    He is under no obligation to satisfy anyone here so if you don’t like what he posts go somewhere else.

  17. LOL!!! Sorry! Major blond moment! I had visions of people sitting around trying to determine cloud types and shapes….Brahahahahahaahahaha!

  18. OK. This is the way I see it: This is not a tutorial blog. It’s more of what Elliot is willing to share with the readers as a domainer; he is free to choose the extent to which he wants to elaborate a subject. I went through a similar situation when young webmasters kept pm’ing me in the forums asking for advices on how to start a web directory that “works”! You cant spoon feed readers. The importance of reading itself consists of making an effort to see “behind” what’s being said. I believe this is an essential part of following blogs and that’s how a blog differs from a news site or tutorial.

    The same can be said about a discussion thread on forums. It’s amazing what you can learn through a discussion! A little bit of research (and reflection) on what’s being bought will give you an idea of the why. At the same time, I wish to emphasize that as domainer (and I am certain that I am not the only one) I sometimes buy domains despite low search volume or insignificant CPC or related sales history…Sometimes, you buy simply because you “like” it…you follow your intuition…

  19. @Elliot,

    Nice list of domains. The domain was a nice pickup. I can see how that domain already sold. I recently hand registered several domains:

    (All are .com, except the ones with ().
    BX5 (.org)
    EE0 (.org)
    HikingTour (.net)

    …and a few dozen more. There are plenty of unregistered domains out there. The 1932 Quarter domains have low keyword searches but good popular monthly searches. I think those domains were good, as well as the hiking domains.

    Thanks for sharing your recent acquisitions and sales. I appreciate the end-user tips in the past. I made some adjustments, which has helped me to make a few good sales, and receive several replies with potential offers.

  20. .Com is the only way to do, well unless you find some awesome domain names in the lesser extensions. Every failed sale resulted in the end-user objecting to me not having the .com.

    From what I’ve experienced in the past few month, I’m glad that I owned the .com, or that I’m buying mainly .com domains. It seems that companies are much more willing to acquire the .com.

    There are a number of high priced .com sales where the other extensions are unregistered. One I make enough pushing the small domains, I plan to go after at least one premium domain name.


    You’re referenced as a site linking in to (in the seventh position).

  21. @Elliot

    Thanks for listing your recent acquisitions and hand registrations. Your article inspired me to hand register a few more donajns today. I invested 20% of what I made on a sale into buying a handful of domains.

    A few of the domains can easily be developed into websites. Since I had a recent experience, I wanted to make it easier for domainers. I registered one name that will help in that particular area.

    I feel really confident with domaining because this blog, other blogs and domain investors have helped me to develop a better buying and selling system. I think that when donajns are purchased to help a certain group, it makes me feel much more gratifying when I see results.

    Persistence does work. I would invest a $1000 in 140 .com hand registrations than purchase one domain for $1000. I have more flexibility and a greater chance at making a profit. There are many companies that complain about spending more than a $1000 on a domain name, even if the name is very valuable.

    Thanks for the advice.

  22. There are errors in the last post. I used my IPhone to type the message. Domain has a j instead of an i and rather was left out. I’m always on the run, so I depend on my IPhone to write messages. Thanks.

  23. @Mano seems like a cool hand registration. I think is along the lines of activities and tours. I hand registered BikeVenice today. Seems that it can be used to promote Italy’s Venice and their small motorized bikes and possibly bicycles at Venice Beach.

    Thats my perception that bike is a service like hike and hiking are in terms of tours and trips.

  24. @Elliot,

    I’m thinking more along the lines of Venice Beach. A shortener that’s easy to remember. I understand what you’re implying about Bike Sydney.

    Venice, Italy wouldn’t generate any interest for biking. However, I may find a buyer near Venice Beach. I have a year to move the domain with little to lose. If I went out and paid a $1000 for it, then I would be worried.

    My market would be Venice Beach. I’m going to wait a few months before trying to shop the domain.

  25. @Elliot,

    There’s a biking market in Venice, Italy. They have biking tours that start from Venice to Naples. Furthermore, there are biking vendors that rent bicycles there.

  26. @Elliot

    Hello…I am so excited. I’m a newbie, and got my very first offer to buy one of my domain name. Can you give me some pointers? What do you usually do when you get an offer? As a newbie, my #1 concern is whether this is legit or a spam/scam.

    I write a post with all the detail on my blog. It’d be great if you can drop by and give me some advice. Or on here works too. Thanks.


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