NamePros Giving Free Publicity to Domain Auctions


NamePros announced that it will be helping its members generate publicity for their NamePros domain auctions by promoting them at the top of the website. The promoted auction links will appear on a rotating basis above the large Uniregistry banner. This added promotion is free of charge for NamePros members.

When it comes to auctions, the first obstacle most people face is publicity. There are thousands of domain names that come up for auction each day, and getting the attention of buyers can be costly (both in terms of advertising dollars and business/personal capital). NamePros has a large following (I am told it is over 1 million pageviews a month), and being able to draw attention to an auction without a cost is beneficial to domain owners.

NamePros administrator Eric Lyon shared more about this promotion and how it will benefit NamePros members:

“Our site has grown quite substantially over the last year and half, and we believe this free offering to be of great value to the industry. Not every domain is a five-figure domain and the fees of other marketplaces can really make it tough to profit on certain domains, so we hope this will be a nice alternative for the domain industry and provide more liquidity.”

It’s very easy for members to get their domain names listed in the header. They can visit the NamePros thread announcing the special promotion and post a reply with the domain name and link to the auction.

I don’t think there is anything that can be done to help sell a domain name that doesn’t make sense. However, giving publicity to good domain names at fair prices can help a domain owner sell a domain name. This is a low cost promotion for NamePros, but it’s a benefit that could prove to be invaluable to members who take advantage of it.


  1. I’m gong to look into my crystal ball and see Namepros becoming the next domain marketplace. it makes total sense, they already have the members so why not start a marketplace.

  2. I’m not surprised, NP is by far the most innovative, they have certainly evolved in recent years and are now the most popular Domain Forum in our industry.. I don’t say that based on # of sign-ups over a 14 year period (mostly inactive) or a rigged DNW contest, but based on HIGH member participation and interaction, as well as quality moderation and administrative management, NamePro’s simply does everything better and they don’t charge a dime to join, unlike the other forum that charges a membership fee and delivers a whole lot of advertisement.

    And now you can list your domains for Free, providing a valuable service to domainers WITH domainers in mind, rather than ones bottom line.

  3. That is very kind of Eric, great in did, the free offer will make some domainers have a good kickstart in selling their domains. Selling good domain names is not an eay task and I believe this will help me and othes sell some good domains.
    Thanks and cheers.

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