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NamePros: Back In 15 Minutes (Updated)


I was checking in on the important NameJet thread on NamePros this afternoon when I saw a maintenance message on the website. I visited from a couple of browsers, and I saw that the site was down and it wasn't a browser error on my end.

I reached out to NamePros CTO Paul Buonopane, and he let me know the site will be back in about 15 minutes - potentially sooner.

I am not a regular contributor on NamePros, but I am a regular reader. I shared some advice for NameJet a couple of days ago on my blog, and I strongly urge the company to have a third party audit that is shared with the public. In a press release last night, the company "confirmed that there was suspicious activity relating to certain names being sold on NameJet," and I think bidders and sellers deserve to know the extent of this with an audit conducted by a non-stakeholder.

Update: NamePros is back up. Here's what I am told happened: "Logs for our new backup system took up more storage than expected, and the database system shut down to prevent data loss. → Read More

Father’s Day Sunday Thoughts & Updates


We celebrate Father's Day here in the US. I will be celebrating by hosting a BBQ with my Dad and my kids. I am going to start out the day with a 50+/- bike ride. I am ramping up the distance in my PMC training. I now ride Saturday and Sunday and will continue to increase the distance until mid-July. If you're in the Boston MetroWest area and want to go for a 50+ mile ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning (somewhere between 15-16mph), let me know.

Here are some thoughts and updates for the week. You are welcome to share your own in the comment section:

GoDaddy shared an interesting article on its blog about how it helped Carter Wilkerson and his #NuggsForCarter campaign. When I saw the company tweeting about it as it happened, I thought it would be a nice PR win for them.

It was nice to see a mainstream business publication (CNBC) write about Snap Inc.'s failed attempt to (more…) → Read More

Kevin Fink Interviews Colin Campbell of .Club


I think the .Club registry is one of the most successful new gTLD registries. I want to share an interview NamePros conducted with Colin Campbell, CEO of the .Club registry. The interview took place at NamesCon last year, so it is interesting to watch it one year later. Kevin Fink conducted the interview.

The NamePros team conducted quite a few interviews with other industry executives, and you can catch them on its  YouTube channel. It's neat to witness the growth of NamePros over the last couple of years as it expands beyond a standard forum format and adds videos, interviews, auctions, and other features. I am not an active participant, but I enjoy visiting regularly.

→ Read More

NamesCon 2016 Sponsor Spotlight on NamePros


Excited about NamesCon? We are expecting 1,200 conference attendees at this year's conference. NamesCon 2016 runs from January 10-13 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Conference passes and hotel rooms are still available.

This morning's interview is with Edward Zeiden, Managing Director of the popular NamePros domain forum. You are welcome to ask Edward any questions you may have in the comment section.

Thank you to Edward for taking the time to do this interview!

What is your company's mandate, what sets you apart?

NamePros is the largest community of domainers in the world. Our company strategy and vision set us apart from the crowd with free resources for entrepreneurs.

Who benefits from your product or service?

We provide services to a (more…) → Read More

NamePros Giving Free Publicity to Domain Auctions


NamePros announced that it will be helping its members generate publicity for their NamePros domain auctions by promoting them at the top of the website. The promoted auction links will appear on a rotating basis above the large Uniregistry banner. This added promotion is free of charge for NamePros members.

When it comes to auctions, the first obstacle most people face is publicity. There are thousands of domain names that come up for auction each day, and getting the attention of buyers can be costly (both in terms of advertising dollars and business/personal capital). NamePros has a large following (I am told it is over 1 million pageviews a month), and being able to draw attention to an auction without a cost is beneficial to domain owners.

NamePros administrator Eric Lyon shared more about this promotion and how it will benefit NamePros members: (more…) → Read More

Close Your Forum Sales Threads


I don't list many domain names for sale on domain forums, but I think they can be good venues to sell domain names that are priced well. I've bought and sold on DNForum, NamePros, and Domain Boardroom, so I know first hand that all of the forums have active buyers and sellers. Sellers may outnumber buyers, but there are many buyers looking for deals on forums.

Sometimes, I'll list a domain name for sale and reduce the price once if the domain name isn't sold. On occasion, if I don't want to reduce the price, I'll simply edit the post and remove the information from the sale thread so nobody contacts me about it after. Oftentimes, I'll forget about the sale listing, and it will stay up indefinitely, and therein lies a problem.

If someone does a bit of (more…) → Read More

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